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Latex fans describe why they love wearing rubber at the German Fetish Ball Weekend.

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Oh, I love latex. I love how it feels I love, and I'm dressed in heavy Robert. How it feels like a second skin It's nice cuttings to the Cubs it Yeah this is it feels good when it warms up I wear it a lot so far in big very energetic in it as well I love everything about latex. I love the Shane I love the feel of a vet and I love the attention I get off normal people they shine would way long This looks amazing. You can go everywhere The people goes like it so much It is not sticky non sticky from mask for shields for everything and the shine thing and it's sort of like silk but even better and Love the feeling of having it on my skin and just makes me feel sexy and comfortable about everything about me It's all about the touch and sensation Yeah, the sensation and that's your skin gets way more sensitive when you have sin latex over I like to my outfits we all work and want to be seen. I want someone to walk into a room and people look at them. Make a statement and to be confidence and I think with latex Everyone looks fabulous in it. So why not I love everything about it especially to really high gloss look and also the way it feels on a body of work related as you can So many different things with it. The colors the the the flexibility of using them cereal It's It's nice to work with and the way that you can cut. It can just transform how people look spending more eyewear people. Don't recognize me even if I'm in latex If I mean something that I wouldn't normally wear I've had people. I've chatted with our customers that I've sold to not recognize manageable What do I like about life I love wearing my things because It's like so shiny and makes me feel more confident And unlike normal clothes It's already comfortable for me and I like latex on the photo So That's. Why I love live thanks so much

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