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Love is literally in the air! Relive Katy Perry's engagement with us. 馃グ Happy #ValentinesDay! 馃拲
This actual rooftop. yeah, right here in Downtown Los Angeles. Yeah, This is where Orlando and I gotta give you no. He asks me to marry him in a helicopter and we landed the helicopter actually on this rooftop. Did he have a Katie Perry logo here instead of American Hallelujah. We have a Red carpet that he knew what he was doing. He's giving give him props. look at this photo. This is actually the helicopter right here. Yeah, I mean right here you're kidding around and then we went a lot of magic and can you believe that American Idol decided to pick this building. Well, you know the phone in a I did it. I just I'm feeling all the feelings. Lightning could strike twice. Yeah. I like that.

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