LeBron James coaching Bronny from the sideline

NBA on ESPN • 7 months ago   19.5K     1.5K  •  4.6M Views
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A look at LeBron James coaching Bronny from the sidelines.

(via DomContini/Twitter)

Posted 7 months ago in Sports
Jordan Magley
Jordan Magley7 months ago

Sad to see Bron with the gray in his beard. Grew up with him

Xizi Parker
Xizi Parker7 months ago

Love not hate.... enjoy Lebron while he's still playing and someday all of us will miss him on the court.. remember there will be no another MJ, another Kobe, and another Lebron... enjoy his game until it last... Peace...❤️❤️❤️

Karen Barry
Karen Barry7 months ago

Notice me notice me. If the rest of us did that at a high school school officials would come at this. If you have kids you know this is true

Bmani7 months ago

Why not let that young man grow his game naturally he's trying to take credit for every dribble/shot/pass his son make.....sit down dad and let me play "bronny jr"

Gary Matthew
Gary Matthew7 months ago

He's just enjoying watching his kid play like every other parent that has kids in sports.

John Keynes Honoridez
John Keynes Honoridez7 months ago

A great dad, a great individual, a great basketball player.

Derek Harris
Derek Harris7 months ago

How can you not respect ANYONE with that much grey in their beard and THAT MUCH game still!!! NOTHING but respect here....wish my dad would've helped me in high school instead of living at the bar lol!!! Grey beard and still one of the best currently in the league. That's AWESOME lol...makes me think my grey's aren't that bad anymore. Thx Bron

Nathaniel Shelton
Nathaniel Shelton7 months ago

So two things:

1: Glad he’s involved with his son, but he’s a helicopter parent. Other parents doing that would be asked to leave.

2. Lebron obviously dyes his beard during the season.

Danilo Flores
Danilo Flores7 months ago

This is one of the main reasons why I respect Lebron he’s a family man everything he’s done is the better for his kids

Gerald Junior
Gerald Junior7 months ago

I immediately felt older seeing Bron wit greys in the beard 😂😭