🚨 Top Trump official goes OFF THE DEEP END on national TV over outbreak 🚨

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🚨 BREAKING: OMG! A top Trump official just went off the deep end on national TV over the outbreak. 🚨

Demand White House officials stop wasting time...

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Fight Trump 1 year ago

Demand White House officials stop wasting time defending Trump's lies, sign here 👉 http://odaction.com/btcwhlies

Dawn Burchett 1 year ago

These people r totally batshit crazy! And they’re running the country. It gets scarier & scarier every day! ☮️

Suzn Petersen 1 year ago

“The Chinese communist regime is responsible for every bad thing we are experiencing.” Really? 😬 Is it also their fault that we cannot control it?

Bilkis Ramji 1 year ago

Stop trying to protect trump this all trump. So this guy knew about what was going in China then why didn’t he tell trump not to allow Chinese from coming here stop your bullshit

Jeanne Brock 1 year ago

Haha let’s be clear, you forgot to wear your tinfoil hat

Elsie Hay Cook 1 year ago

For god’s sake, get the hook! I was watching this and wondering why MSNBC allowed it to go on so long!

Harold Brunstad 1 year ago

Looney tunes. We have these people in charge. Vote them out

Sharon Rankin 1 year ago

More blame and more spinning lies. They spew out this lunacy, but are never able to back it up with any proof. Nothing but propaganda for the cult.

Linda Jennings 1 year ago

This guy is full-on nuts! How have we sunk so low as to have these crazies in our government, supposedly making decisions that affect all of us?

JoAnn Knight 1 year ago

Please oh lord please!!!! Get rid of this administration! It is not just embarrassing but oh so damn dangerous !!! This is a ticking time bomb. It can set off before november and that would end us all!