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Virginity - Still a cause?

Posted 1 year ago

Apurv Singh 2 months ago

I agree with you bro but there's a question
If I'm virgin then i will definitely expext same thing from my partner
If i put the efforts then my partner should also if they want
But still people says that this thing is wrong
I'm asking from everyone
Is that wrong ??

Utsav Prajapati 4 months ago

I agree with u bro ! But u missing some lines bro A virginity is not depend only on physical relationships many other reasons to loose

Bikash Biswal Manti 11 months ago

Can you marry a girl whose virgnity is lost, Yes I agree with you that when a girl is raped, we shouldn't focus on her virginity, but when a boy or girl losing his/her virginity for the temporary satisfaction, how guarantee that they again for their satisfaction not cheat you, so virginity is the most important thing in Indian culture, this words may support them to lose their virginity I think .........

Santosh Gahatraj 11 months ago

Totally disagree..... Sorry sir all people are not same thinking....if ur choice is different then also other person choice is definitely different....but not all person their expectations...frm their future partner

Ganesh Gawali 11 months ago

Yes sir you are right , but If someone can't loose his or her virginity for future life partner because they only having trust or love and they want live his or her life with future life partner , in that case if your future life partner loose his or her virginity with some other person , then in that case it's one tyape of cheat , for those persons who never loose his or her virginity for future life partner .
Because life is not happily complete by one person for that we need to someone other person also.

Anuradha Kuntal 1 year ago

I absolute agree with u sir but my question is if your sister loose its verginity before marriage then ur feelings remains same for her ??

Sheetal Palkar 12 months ago

Seriously I agree with u. virgin or not it doesn't matter. the person nd his heart it should matter. We r no one 2 judge any one on dat base. I like your vedios. Really heart touching. Sometimes tears also ...❤️.

Neeraj Kumar Jha 1 year ago

Bhai baat bhrose ki Hoti hai we boys r not judging about verginity ..just want that the parson that came in our life will always stuck to us ...but it doesn't happens ....u r choosing a wrong country and platform for speaking about this .. bro....go deep and then think again ...this is India ..and we have to follow the tradition and culture 🙏...

Zeba Abedin 7 months ago

This is wonderful. First time i hear something like this. And i just love it. I hear your voice every day and I Just love it.

Ashi Khaire 1 year ago

Absolutely ryt sir and i agree with you sir
Loved all ur videos, it's very Amazing ❤️