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This date in 1975 saw the U.S. release of FAME by DAVID BOWIE, (June 2nd, 1975).

The video here is Bowie performing FAME on the...

Posted 2 years ago in Music & Audio
Steven Reese
Steven Reese2 years ago

Amazing artist

Rhett Bishop
Rhett Bishop2 years ago

Brent Hunt I have this album on vinyl 👍

Geostationary Rabbitt
Geostationary Rabbitt2 years ago


Melinda Eberspacher
Melinda Eberspacher2 years ago

Thank you Paul.

Josephine Puckering
Josephine Puckering2 years ago


Carol Moore
Carol Moore2 years ago

Love this man and the song mr cool x

Joe Torres
Joe Torres2 years ago

Not a bowie fan. I dont understand how him saying a few lines between a prerrecorded fame line is interesting. But hey diff time.

Mark Byatte
Mark Byatte2 years ago

Boo Hall thought you might like this xx