Nigerian Teaching English Class Vocabulary

LADbible Australia • 2 months ago   5K     986  •  12.5M Views
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These 'English class vocabulary' lessons are brilliant - get your sound on for these 馃槀馃憦

Posted 2 months ago in Education & Learning
LADbible Australia
LADbible Australia2 months ago

Massive thanks to Jay kay kenny, make sure you check out his channel below -

Manuela Moraes
Manuela Moraes2 months ago

As a Brazilian English teacher I gotta say that this is exactly how it sounds like when someone - who has never ever had contact with English - tries to guess the pronunciation. English is away different from Portuguese: we separe every word by its syllables. However, some words in English are only one sound. Anyway, I'd rather learn English again than Portuguese. Portuguese is NOT easy at all!

Braydn Wall
Braydn Wall2 months ago

Daniel Burn it's bro ok Lyn all over again 馃ぃ

Anna Munro
Anna Munro2 months ago

This is how it feels teaching my 5 year old to read!!!

Michael Goedhart
Michael Goedhart2 months ago

Daniel Brink I'm doing well in English class. As you can see, I have a great teacher! :-)

M脿x Koome
M脿x Koome2 months ago

From now on I'll be pronouncing "cringe" as Siringii 馃槀馃槀

Chigozie Krudi Obaji
Chigozie Krudi Obaji2 months ago

Only in Africa 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀.. My people are really funny 馃榿

Billy Soh
Billy Soh2 months ago

No this isn't original. There's a Thai version.

Sally Sarkiss
Sally Sarkiss2 months ago

Sanam Kehl I think I鈥檝e been pronouncing words wrong my whole life!!

Rute Evangelista Ferreira
Rute Evangelista Ferreira2 months ago

Learning English is really fun!