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How To Talk To Your Kids About Racism if You're a White Parent

Posted 1 year ago in Children & Parenting

BabyGaga 1 year ago

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Marissa Escobar 1 year ago

Not seeing someone’s color/race you are not seeing them for who they are and what they stand for. Their culture or their struggles. Their history. U can be a woman but to be a black woman, a Hispanic woman, a white woman shows appreciation for the history behind that woman and what she is made up of

Amanda Reisinger 1 year ago

You are an amazing lady. Thank you for this video. There needs to be more people like you in this world. <3

Janie Kindheart Houston 1 year ago

Mississippi a 4 and 6month old

Carrie Welch 1 year ago

Doesn't talking to your kids about racism keep it a thing? Cause honestly i dnt feel one race is any worse to the other.. Ppl are ppl and will act accordingly.. If your a sour puss, thats who you are its not what skin color you are.. As a white person, what can i do to prove im not racist? NOTHING... I shldnt have to anyways, im jst living life with my fellow americans, period..

Atharv Joshi 1 year ago

How are you

Lexiona Exotic-Sweetheart 1 year ago

My kids already know that racism can go all directions. My kids will not apologize for being white. Their lives matter too.

Brad Glover 1 year ago

Just stop. Worry about what you do not what i do.

Sarah Brady 1 year ago

This is bull.

Kimberly Anne Walsh-Barkhouse 1 year ago

Awesome....great job. I am an educator so this was very helpful. Thank you.