Hollyoaks: Bruised and Broken

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Posted 3 months ago in TV & Movies

Kimberly Liz Benítez 3 months ago

I know people keep thinking about all the horrible things she's done but I can tell that she's really hurt. Romeo is probably the only person who ever made her feel what love is besides her dad. I can imagine how difficult it must be to finally hear that he only stayed with her because he felt sorry for her. I honestly hope Cher gets the help that she needs and maybe become a better person. Help others just likee her, find a good boyfriend who loves her no matter what. Sometimes we have to give people a chance to do better. I mean just look at Toby. He killed Lisa sent Mitchell away but he is happy with his family and has a good girlfriend.

Stacey Bowles 3 months ago

Have I missed something 🤔🤔.... who is Jade? 🤣 xx

Brooke Steel 3 months ago

Chelsea Robertson 😢

Anne Beswick 3 months ago

Makes me laugh y did u cheat on me she said y did u do all the things u did u didn't think of all the people u was destroying

Sarah Thornton 3 months ago

You okay romeo I m here for you it me Sarah Thornton it sill be okay jade is John Paul that is the truth right

Janet F Mcguinness 3 months ago


Daniel Adamson 3 months ago

thought sylver died?