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Fans were heartbroken to learn earlier this week that Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart had split after three years, but all thanks to his brother Dylan, we...
Fans Fans were were heartbroken heartbroken heart. to learn earlier earlier this this week week that that Cole Cole Cole sprouts Sprouts Sprouts and and and and Lily Lily Lily Reinhart Reinhart Reinhart Reinhart had had had had. split split split up three three years years, but but all all all thanks thanks thanks to to to his his his brother, brother. brother. brother, Dylan. Dylan. Dylan. Dylan we We we we now now now now. have have have an update on how coy's coy's coping coping with with with his his his new new new normal. normal. normal. normal. What? What What What is is is up up up to to to you you you you guys? guys? guys? guys Happy happy Happy Friday. It's Susana Susana here here with with with clew clew clew clew. and and and breakups breakups breakups are are are are so so so so. much much much easier when you have your your friends friends to to lean lean on on on and and and lucky lucky lucky for. for for for all, all, all, he's he's he's got got got all all all all the. the the the support support support he needs needs after after months months of of of speculation speculation speculation, the the the the news. news news news that that. that Buckhead Buckhead Buckhead fans fans fans had had had been dreading for a a long long time time came came true. true true, couls Couls couls sprouts sprouts sprouts sprouts and and. and and lilli Lilli Lilli Reinhart have broken broken up up after after almost almost three three years years of of dating. dating after being on and off. Relationship at the time of this split, a source revealed in news that both Lily and Cole were in a good place when production on Riverdale was shut down, but that they isolated separately and distance has never been a good thing for their relationship. The source went on to add quote when Colin Lily are around each other. often things are very good. The relationship is very intimate and affectionate, but things become much more complicated when they're apart, although sources confirmed that Lillian Cole remain on good terms, anyone who is anyone. To the fact that mending a breakup is never an easy fit and takes a lot of time to fully heal, But with the help of some of his closest friends, it seems that Cole is doing just fine just yesterday, his twin brother Dylan Sprouts caught up with entertainment tonight and shared an update on how coy's doing and revealed that KJ Apa has taken him in for the time being when asked by ET how cole's doing as he was going through a lot right now on top of a global pandemic, he revealed revealed this this living. living him and KJ. The very beginning of quarantine ended up staying together in cages place in LA, so they're isolating together, which is very cute. He went on to detail with the guys have been up to lately. I've heard a lot of cute stories I've heard they're just lifting weights and eating cheese. I think that's what they do. Cole's good. He's getting healthy. He's relaxing and I talk to him every day. We still FaceTime every day for every year of my life. Okay. I'm not crying you are the sprouts Brom is alive and well you guys. This is the only thing getting us through the bug hit breakup last week, Cole's Riverdale Costa and on screen father Ski Aldrich seemed to first confirmed the news before anyone had known for sure during a live stream with his girlfriend, Meghan Owen, a fan asked if he thinks Colin Lily are cute couple to which he responded in the past tense, which was even more so emphasized by Meghan. Do you think the call for us and Lily Rinehart a cute cute couple? couple? couple? I I I think think. think they they were were a a very. very few couple they. A very cute couple fans basically lost it and the news was confirmed by sources just days later, but it seems that colly is focusing on himself and getting into a mentally healthy mindset following the split, including some good old healthy competition, facial hair competition. that is one obvious change in both Colin Dillon is a new addition to their face, AKA the mustaches. Many fans have commented on their new look, look, claiming claiming that that they they look look look more more more alike alike alike now now now than than than ever. ever ever before. before, but, according to Dylan. Actually an intense competition going down, he joked about their violent facial hair competition, saying that the world can be the judge. They're the judge and the gods right. I mean, really just look at this, Dylan said, as he pointed to his killer mustache he went on to add after this anyone who is watching this, please just Google call sprouts mustache right and do a side by side, then you'll be the judge. Dylan didn't forget to add in his typical brotherly roast, adding that quote this entire encounter. Really highlights for the public who really is the evil twin right? I mean, take that on its own merit, but it looks like a guy who ties people on train tracks right. He needs a top hat and a Monocle. Okay. I look like the Paladin Warrior who upholds the law. I mean he's not wrong above all else. We're just glad to see that Colly is doing well and that both Cole and Lily seems to be on good terms and are taking time to focus on themselves.

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