Frederick Chiluba 1991 Speech At National Press Club Of Washington After Being Freshly Elected

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NEVER SEEN BEFORE! Frederick Chiluba had recently been elected as president in Zambia's first ever multi-party elections in almost 3 decades.
He spoke...

Posted 20 days ago in Politics

Nyamuwela Victor's 20 days ago

Well he spoke about prisons and look what he is cheap at times

Brian Munkondya 19 days ago

Natural eloquent public speaker our former President, if not the best speaker among all former Presidents, followed of by by encumbent Double H. He Had an opportunity to be One of the best presidents but towards the end of his rule corruption allegations and the third term bid messed up his reputation. However not all was bad, he democratized and liberalised the economy. May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

Prisca Sasha Miti 19 days ago

Zambia has great people but the painful part is that along the way the loose focus!

Petrel Whales 18 days ago

He sounds as if he is from this new generation 😂😆 Not these new politicians who pronounce “Yourself” ati “ Yowa self “ 😆

Mercy Kapiso Mwangonde 19 days ago

To me he was a great leader and l will forever be greatful to him for everything he did for mother Zambia.Yes he made a few mistakes but he is only human bound to error.No one is perfect.We are enjoying this democracy today because of this great man and many more other good things.Umuntu tatasha,and the saddest part is that we have forgotten all the good things this great man did for this nation and only focus on the mistakes he made.Any way such is life.But for me he will forever be my favourite.And M.h.b.s.c.t.r.i.e.p.You are one of my favourite sir and l still love and appreciate you even in death.

B Flow 20 days ago

Such an eloquent speaker! FTJ

Kaluba Chomba 20 days ago

This still remains our most sharp leader. Call him this and that— he was so awake

Bashi Mainza Moore 20 days ago

My President. We never had tribalism during your reign. Rip Fredrick Jacob Titus Mpundu Chiluba

Mutuna A Destine 19 days ago

We are still very far, what next after being a good speaker. Do we even get the meaning of what was being said. What was good for Zambia between those well-spoken words.

Kristin K Robinson 20 days ago

What a great leader and a breath of fresh air after 27 years of oppression! Yes he was not perfect just like Mwanawasa who made the fight against corruption a personal war against him as if he was perfect man himself. Africans never celebrate their own and for some shallow minds he never achieved anything.