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One reason why Prophetic people experience high levels of warfare!!!!
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Hello facebook family happy Saturday to you I'm ready to speak to all the prophetic people especially those who had been experiencing heightened levels of warfare warfare that's been trying to knock you out warfare that's been trying to discourage you warfare that's been trying to defeat you warfare that's been trying to get you to go backwards warfare that's been trying to halt your momentum I wanna talk to you today about one reason why I know that you're experiencing the height levels of warfare I wanna encourage you I wanna pour into And I want to strengthen you so let me know where you're joining me from everybody welcome if you're watching this on the replay I am so glad that you are joining me today on Saturday I'm not usually on saturdays but I felt very strongly to come on here I'm launching a brand new ebook that is for prophetic people and I wanna talk to you about it but I want a Minister to you because I believe the lord has given me a word for you today one reason why that profits are experiencing in this time and prophetic people are experiencing extraordinary levels of warfare and many of you have been facing You wondered why am I going through this what we're gonna talk about it today so please share this broadcast let me know where you're joining me from I see you logging up good to see everybody I wanna mention to you I am gonna be in the nashville tennessee this area this weekend the event is in my facebook events page I'm gonna be in the National area with aaron and amanda crab you don't wanna miss it I'm preaching good Friday night there two nights I'll be there go check it out it's listed in the events the month of may I am so excited about the month of may I'm gonna be in toledo Ohio I'm gonna be in muncie indiana and I'm gonna be in chattanooga tennessee on the Daniel revolution turf part part two the lord spoke to me when I finished the 21 day jerk he said this is not just the tour this is a movement we're gonna be stirring activating accelerating prophetic people I believe there are a lot of prophetic people that are being released in fact I believe that it is a season that god's releasing the prophetic people jennifer says I was just To the lord about this amen well I'm gonna share some things with you I'm gonna share some things with you that I believe will help you the lord has given me a word for you today and I'm excited that you join me hey let me know where join me from I see mount olive North Carolina good to see you I'm glad you're here I'm excited Daniel revolution term may the second I am going to be in toledo Ohio after that I'm going to be in muncie indiana the third and the fourth and then I'm gonna be in chattanooga tennessee April the Teeth and the nineteenth I'll be in hendersonville tennessee you can find this on my facebook page chattanooga Michigan that rouge Louisiana good to see you lord release your power yes lord I bought a robot chicken we thank you for the releasing of power in fact when I just read that I heard the lord say to me I'm a leasing prop profits of power I'm releasing prophetic power I releasing those are privacy my win and lose my win this season says lord jamaica good to see you Phoenix Arizona See you in Phoenix Arizona just share this broadcast you would trying to pull this up on my facebook page but it's not going to cooperate one reason why you are experiencing warfare if you are providing this hour this is the brand new book every prophetic person needs is an ebook revelatory combat month season in the House yes yes yes chesapeake Virginia good to see you go to the strange global dot shop as soon as this broadcast is over with strange global dot shop and get this We'll give you a prophetic person is gonna help you apostle grace good to see you from hawaii Holland come on somebody Holland in the House alright let's talk about this the chapter number one section one this little ebook is a profits portion why are you experiencing unusual warfare one reason there's more than one but I'm gonna give you right one reason arkansas Ronald I see you I see Daniel two verse number 20 to 22 God spoke to me the whole month of January about these verses I believe there's something Navigating these versus Daniel said let the name of God be blessed forever and ever now I tell profit you can't be a private and not bless the lord if you don't know how to bless the lord Kuwait in the House good to see you you don't know how to black to bless the lord you're not a functioning profit I see province and don't know how to worship I see province and don't know how to praise I see provides that don't know how to engage the heavens the mouth of a profit is an instrument of Mass destruction for the powers of health and my praise is a weapon someone needs to write in the comments my praise is a weapon often new Zealand I see you Daniel said Name of God be blessed forever never the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of jesus but included in the testimony is praise praise testifies of what the lord has done and what we believe the lord is going to do remember profits live out ahead of time so you don't just praise for I'm on seeking profits have to understand I mentioned you stand in one dimension physically but you stand in another dimension spiritually you stand outside of early time and you Beat that thing which was past present and future and you stand outside and separated from natural time that provides Mark and established times and seasons I'm getting there but one of the things profits have to do hello shock up they have to learn how to praise ahead of time we see ahead of time we know ahead of time but we got to learn to praise ahead of time as a profit and as a prophetic person when you're in the midst of the battle you've got to learn how to ascend to praise praise is a gift that brings ascension into your life Robins has got to be skilled in the area of ascension because profits are not mental and Mark to stand in physical spaces their mental and Mark to stand in physical spaces but to ascend up in the heavenly spaces and they speak them from their heavenly steers down into the earth's atmosphere and they open up an establish doorways and in rounds of the spirit to begin to shift things Roy pastor Roy church on the rock browning Montana God bless you I used to preach in my data I've not been there in years I love Montana by the way beautiful said Daniel said that the name of Be blessed forever never Daniel 220 for wisdom and power belong them Daniel was establishing that principal is writing wisdom and power because Daniel understood the matron of a profit includes wisdom and power you see profits have unusual wisdom one reason you're under attack of your prophetic is because God wants you to access is mind your access is mind you access this thought when you access this thought you ask as a solution when you access solutions you begin to undo the works the assignments and the Applauding other hell okay but he said wisdom and power belong then there's two dimensions that every prophet needs that be function in administrative capacity one is wisdom in the metro of a pass of a profit rather is wisdom in the metronome profit is also power you will remember elijah had healing power eli shop did a double portion of what elijah did profits are people of power because you cannot access the mind of God without accessing the power of God so then he said is he God who changes Times an equinox he removes Kings and establishes Kings he gives a wisdom to the wise men knowledge to the minimum understanding is he reveals the profound listen this the profound and the hidden things he knows what is in the darkness and light dwells with him one reason you're under attack let's go there you are prophetic let me tell you now one reason I'm speaking about a profits portion you are under attack because you've been raised u P at a critical time Daniel was raised at a critical time now there are teachings out there that people will teach I wanna not get deep into it because I wanna stay But people will teach certain things that discourage your purpose in the Earth they will teach gloomy doomy kind of things that a lot of profits online on social media that are always coming against people there always rebuke people they're always causing drama making ways but they don't have a lot of power they have a voice but they don't have power you need to have not only wisdom but power Daniel was raised at a critical time he was put in the Earth as a profit at a critical time the people of God were being on besieged by a wicked empire it strategically captured Daniel and other young people to Their identity anytime hell is working he's trying to steal identity you know why the profits are dangerous to help because profits identify province can look at a person and say this isn't who you are this is what God says about you and profits and prophetic people your mouth is under attack because within your mouth is the power of identification and satan understands that what is miss identified is misunderstood what is misunderstood misses the flub anointing is connected to purpose and then profit steak from the diamond Of God and they speak about the purposes of men and women in the Earth they alignment and win it with the purpose for which they were created before the foundation of the Earth and you have never created for a purpose without having access to the power of the purpose let me say it again you are never created for a purpose without having access to the power for the purpose an intercessor has power to intercept a helps Minister has power to help an entrepreneur has power to build an economy a private has power to prophesy side this is why the brothers can back Alive and still access their gifting because you're gifting is disconnected from your character that's a whole another subject debt so the wicked King never has a captured Daniel the wicked King caps shirt the young hebrews and begin to a rip away their identity but here's the thing about Daniel Daniel began to stand against the ethics of the King and then you'll refuse the partner with the culture that this on yahoo one of the things about province and prophetic people they won't go with the flow they won't do what everybody else does you know why you're under attack as a prophetic person because you have a deliverance mandate on Life prophetic people have a deliverance mandate upon their life they will not agree when everybody else is agree they will not say it's okay John the baptist was killed because he refused to compromise and I believe in this hour God is raising up profits God is raising up prophetic people that refused to compromise they say everybody else might do it be doing it but I'm not doing it everybody else might be acting crazy but I'm not acting crazy everybody else might be going down the wrong road but I'm not going to The wrong drug a profit in a prophetic person refuses to partner with false identity province and prophetic people tie you into the purpose and the identity for which you were born and I came here today to tell somebody there's a reason why you were born into the Earth for this hour you might sure they what's going on in the world you might survey what's going on in your nation and you might say it looks less so hopeless but a profits portion is to know the times and the season in many way We could look at the struggles of Daniel we can look at the victories of Daniel and we could say that Daniel and his friend chad rat me shaking up indigo were gang changing people why why why why because they did not submit to the evil culture of their day but they stood against that and they were thrown into the lions den and Daniel Brazil the shamrock shake and I have been to go were thrown in the fiery furnace and they came out why because prophetic people have the capacity of rumble tobias chicken To survive what has killed other people let me come on facebook live and preach this afternoon I just finished preaching the isa car conference it was annoying from start to finish and I still feel the overflow prophetic people have the capacity to endure and conquer and rule when other people are quitting giving up and being defeated and I wanna tell you one of the reasons you're under attack I'm gonna give you more than one really but there's one primary what I'm gonna get into one of the reasons why you're under attack in this season is a prophetic Is because you have the capacity not only to survive but to thrive and say that he's trying to put lines all around the people of God to say the church is in its worst hour the church is going under but I'm going to tell you we are living in a day we are living in a time we are living in a season that the apostle Paul would have loved to have him do you realize that the world is at our fingertips in a moment we can access thousands of people they are going to be people we've never heard of before many of you watching this you might be a candidate for this nobody knows your name but you've been laying in your floor Out in getting visions of Nations and we are living in a day when the miracles can go viral we are living in a day when the faceless and nameless can release a word of the lord and it can go like a boomerang and the spirit you used to have to have thousands of dollars and thousands of people to begin to ascend into media Ministry but we are living in a time when God is going to launch unknown people in a moment of time in Chicago and the prophetic anointing is a launch anointing the prophetic anointing is an anointing that when they throw you in the lions then you come out alive the prophetic anointing is an anointing when they throw In the fiery furnace the Fort man shows up why because profits are people of intimacy the reason why the fourth man shows up is the fourth man was with you before you went in a fire in furniture when they were playing games you are praying when they were acting fullness you were in the will of doc when they were going in the wrong direction you were standing and many of you have said God I don't understand why my road is so narrow and the lord says it's because of where I'm taking you you can't live on the broad road and get out of a fire first but there are some profits who's a Wall there Be their testimony people are gonna watch you be attacked and say my God they survived they gonna watch you go through and say my God they came out on the other side this is the testimony of profits the fourth man shows up there's a lion's mouth is shut why because you were born to know God you are born as a prophetic person to know God and your intimate yamada knowledge of God causes his manifest presence to a bound in your life as a prophetic Person you are a dealer that's the main mandate of a profit is to reveal and so Daniel and his friends thrived in the missile wicked times evil schemes God raises up profits hear me now God raises up profits God raises up prophetic people whom primarily long for the presence of God they're not longing for a platform they're not longing for opportunity they're not longing to be seen and to be heard they are longing for the presence of God and I feel this in my When God began to speak to me I was actually going to write a different ebook on aerial warfare I'm still gonna write it but I sat down at my desk when the lord said there are many prophetic people under attack and he said it's because they're unique role in the kingdom if the Sea and discern and declare and the enemy wants to attack them to keep them from them and so God said I want you to write an ebook to speak into the time and where my profits are at and so I wrote this one regulatory combat because I believe in For this season and I'm releasing them right now just being released now so in many ways when we look at the struggle of Daniel we look at the struggles friends we would see their game changing profits and the midst of the week of times evil schemes they survived because they were first and foremost lovers of God another key piece of the prophetic paradigm is a successful revelatory combat successful relevant regulatory combat the ability that prophetic people have to store about the plans and the purposes of health through intimacy insight and foresight for site the profits are ahead of time this is the portion of profits and prophetic people the prophetic anointing unlocks the Council Now the Council and the wisdom of God the prophetic anointing releases god's mind into the Earth concerning people places in situations people places and situations their cities in this nation America and in the nation's other representative here that God wants to establish his episodes but we need the voice of season profits to speak what is the will of God over those cities and that's one reason why profits are new warfare then the warfare because Profits released the will of God they release the word of God they release god's mind contained within the wisdom of God is the strategy of heaven to overcome the employees of the darkness in the in in business dictionary dot com toward strategies defined as this a method a plan shows them to bring a desired future such as the achievement of a goal solution or problem the art and the science of planning Marshall and resources for their efficient and effective use there are thick Did he use this charm strategy is derived from the Greek word for general ship or leading an army profits are specialist and strategists the one reason province and prophetic be bar under attack I'm gonna give it to you now Daniel two when we started reading it says he is he God changes the times and the box he removes a moves and establishes king's province under attack because profits have the ability to discern times and seasons is very critical if you go out To winter dress in your summer clothes you're going to get a call if you go into summer dress in your winter clothes you're going to sweat and be an effective if you have the wrong attire in the wrong season it's going to be ineffective and the prophetic anointing aligned you at the season of God the intent and the power and the wisdom for the season this is one reason this is the main purpose of this video this one reason profits are under attack Daniel understood the art of discerning times and seasons I believe on the mantle of apostles is open up dimensions places and spaces in the realm of the spirit I've written a whole book about this will be coming out Peter walks down the Street his shadow Hills people he's walking on the Street and shadows healing people and I said to God God why was Peter shadow healing people and God said to me he said he wasn't his shadow it was proximity I said what he said anytime people got around jesus the atmosphere change anytime people get around me the atmosphere changes he took me in the songs 91 he did 12 under shadow the most high God and then we read all the promises he said what happened to Peter is I invited Peter into dimension through sunshine and he walked into that dimension and he became a carroll ball show A terrier of another dimension and everywhere Peter went if you got close to him the proximity of the dimension he carry began to rub off on you let me say it this way you are sucked up into a diamond ship and Peter is an example of an apostolic anointing Smith the wheels with had a dimension of faith it was not a season of faith it was a diamond ship captain coleman had a dimension of the healing and the presence of the holy spirit that she could pack up auto toys apostolic leaders are dimensional leaders we open up that I mentioned to The people of God into dimensions places in space when we look at prop apostles in biblical history they carry a distinct ability when we look at them in the bible to impact and overwhelm the culture of their day with the manifestation of the kingdom each apostle carries their own unique revelation and met trump that means a sphere of influence they have insight and a portion of the kingdom the artist Stewart they bring believers to the fullness of the revelation and all its benefits but profits are different I believe provide Carry unusual wisdom with an ability to accurately navigate times and seasons they promised from a place of eternity but the prophetic utterance enters the earth's round with an effective measurement listen to me now and effective measurement of times and seasons profits frame generations with the word of God I used to read hebrews 11 three by faith they framed the generation of the word of God they're the world's reframe I'm sorry with the word of God and I used to think about planetary I used some vision genesis one the spirit of God hovering upon the face of the deep and you say okay this is speaking about call those things that be not as they were and then the lord said study the word world word world They're an agree it doesn't speak a planetary world but it speaks of generation by faith they framed their generation with the word of God by faith what was revealed for a generation which was manifest and when it was manifest it literally frame their generation think of a picture frame a picture frame frames and image God frames generations by prophetic decree he frames times and seasoned by prophetic decrease so profits have the potential to align us with the times and seasons as a powerful invite us Into a dimension let me say it again provide have the potential to frame us with a specific purpose for a time and a season while apostles bring us into dementia and when we have both of those working together it's powerful hebrews 11 three by faith it is the amplified that is within an inherent trust and enduring confidence and power wisdom and goodness of God we understand that the world the universe or the ages the ages were framed and created and form and put an order and equipped for their intended purposes by the word of God so that it was not what Scene was not made out of things which are visible by faith by faith we understand that the word of God frames generations by faith generation to frame you know why you're under attack as a problem preventing person because you hold a key you are the key for the time of the season that we're living in and the 37 says surely the lord would do nothing but he reveals his secret under his servants the prophets the hebrew word for secret is sad s o d it means an Assembly it means Council it means inward secret Council familiar conversation or a circle of friends It means men of intimate company see the prophetic medtronic is one of intimacy we can't frame at a time and a season of generation watch the staff we start off reading Daniel 21 reason province and prophetic people under attack because this revelation to frame a time and a season that will impact the generation there's revelation frame a time and a season that's why you're under tap to impact to generation you know why hell is shown up at your doorstep is a prophetic person because what God is about to reveal in you to you and through you has the potential to affect those around you because providers understand what worked in the last season won't work in this season provides understand that was Was effective in the last season is not as affected in this season provides understand that why had an intended for this last generation is not necessarily what haven't intended for this generation province understand they're invited to the intimate circle of friends the Assembly the company the word sad secret there it means the militia R conversation with God so God is saying I don't do anything in the Earth except I reveal if through the inward Council the familiar conversation My intimate circle my company until I reveal my secrets onto them you are under assault as a prophetic person because the secrets God wants to show you have the potential to frame your generation when the lord deals with us now missus where we missed his prophetic people we get a revelation but we don't handle it correctly I dell be but when you get a word of knowledge you need to press in for the word of wisdom wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge the word of knowledge is Specific details or information about a present situation person or place or sometimes a past one but the word of knowledge is the gateway many times I get healing words of knowledge this person's death I always stop and ask lord how do you want to hear them cuz I understand what God reveals he heals but lord how do you want to hear them why because there's a word of wisdom don't just stop at the word of knowledge but pressed him for a word of wisdom many times the way we missed it in the area we missed him is we don't press info a word of wisdom God has words of wisdom that he wants to give us the wisdom of God is within the metro of a profit prophetic person You have the capacity to see here and know the wisdom of God and the wisdom of God is the solution the answer for the situation we need the solution the answer for the situation that's the wisdom of God if you're a provider prophetic person you need to ask God every day for wisdom I love you so much kathy Kelly you are amazing it was my privilege to be with you two weekends in a row and I see you on now and I'm thankful that you are so this is one reason why prophetic people under attack because God has made you God is literally marked you you were literally born for this time in season and there is an absolute mandate on your Life to deserve the time and season enter at least counsel wisdom and instruction for people in this time and season so the word of knowledge the gateway understanding what God is saying this part one then you've got to ask lord how do we do what you're saying okay I know you wanna heal that person I know you wanna deliver that person but how do we do what you're saying Daniel was an answer profits and robotic bar answers to the problems of the time or a season I want you to see And the answers apostles will frame their generation with the word lord in manifestation and demonstration manifestation and demonstration they legislate and govern from the place of revelation that's the assignment of an apostle but profits on ravel secrets and mysteries of God this all from my new ebook regulatory combat I want you to go to a strange global dot shop and get it regulatory combat with strange global out shop I put the Web address in the title of this video and please share this with somebody a positive Generation with the word of God and manifestation demonstration every apostle has revelation God calls them to Stewart there are possible to prayer their primary revelation is studying prayer they may build churches they may build networks they may build media whatever but their primary revelations pray they'll preach on other things cuz it's an apostle you have to be diverse in your doctor and you can't just preach on one thing but there will be a particular revelation that's within their metro I don't have time to teach us but why do you think that Paul suffered such a tax he said because of the revelation that the abundance of revelation given to him there was a messenger Sent above him in the flesh the Greek word for messenger literally is the word from which we derive the word angel I believe the apostle Paul had a literal demon spirit that was sent to his Ministry to create calamity and offense everywhere he went I believe it was the reason he was stone and drug outside the city it was because of the abundance of revelation because true revelation accesses realms of power we never send into around the power without revelations so apostles we'll have I'm getting the Right after the life you bless your life Don pastor appliances are given revelation and so we've gotta preach to burst but there are particular revelations that are given to us as apostles to Stewart in the Earth and we frame our generation with that word in demonstration and in manifestation we legislate we govern that's what we're called but profits unravel secrets and mysteries of God prophets frame their generations by unraveling the secrets and mysteries so there is a partnership here and an overlapping This is my adhesions 220 says the foundation of the church is established on the apostles and the prophets there is a partnership established between the two of them apostles and prophets they overlap they labor alongside of other gifts in the bottom to equip to activate and mobilize province infused their day infuse their day if you ever had water that's infused when they put fruit in it the flavors infused profits are infused they infuse their day then fuse their time With the revealed word of the lord in Daniel two Daniel recognized the prophetic function of discerning times and seasons one reason you're under attack as a prophetic person because that function to discern times and seasons I love what happened in the 1950 's the healing movement mean it started a little bit before then really the healing a movement we've read robert's books god's generals about all these healing ministers then came I think the 70 s and that time there was the charismatic movement then there After the charismatic movement there came along to jesus limit these hippies started getting saved they started baptized them in the position of things were happening to the hippies the jesus movement going forward then you fast forward from that they came the word of faith movement God began to take the church back to school and teaching became the dominant gift is restoring the obstacle the teacher then came the prophetic movement and 90 s all of a sudden we saw prophetic classes prophetic seminars prophetic training seminars now there are province before the 90 's there's always been promised on Earth but a movement Warm it was a time and a season God was highlighting the profits then the province there is a car noise that's right that's why the devil age prophetic people cuz there is a car people you don't live in what was you live in what is and what is to come you live in what is and what is to come and so then there came the prophetic movement in the 1990 's the products began to save the apostles are coming your bosses got then the apostate movement came we're still in that god's restoring apostle but I believe we're coming into other movements I believe we're coming to some kind of a kingdom movement where we're gonna see on Earth as it is in heaven that the church is waking up to the reality we're not just a four Wall gathering place but we are a Ride of christ Center rule and rain on the Earth and I believe this is what the lord is saying now why does the devil hate profits because you Mark times and seasons you declare the intimate Council of God for times and seasons you begin to decree what God is saying the times and seasons there are whole regions locked up and they need the voice of a profit to come in and unlock them because profits come in and declare what is in the heavenly over places province come in and declare what is in the heavenly over region problems begin to come And declare what is in the heavens over individual people we need those gifts there are people today bound outside of destiny because the prophetic voice is diminished in their life God is man to profits to be the answer or times in season one of the things I've been spirit dies and then they just spirit fights profits because provides upgrade the church province and wait a minute you living over here but you need to be over here and you live in here but you need to be over I've been saying recently every church needs an annual reset they need a prophetic we set in January you know I'm not trying to be shy I'm not trying to be mean but Daniel didn't introduce in the book of Daniel a 21 day fast and everyone supposed to if you do it that's fine I've done the Daniel fast but I believe we need to get the mind of God what is God want us to do to reset this year it may not be always the Daniel fast it may not always be the same thing that we've done that's religion you just keep repetitively doing the same thing over and over it's religion and many of these people to do this there's no fresh revelation that comes out of it nobody is raising the dead after it so we've got Again to seek the lord even about these things God I know every January you need to reset my church I know every January I need to be reset what is your solution one year God told me to begin to fast one week one day every week and to pray and he told me what to pray for he told me how to do it from sundown one night the Sun up sundown the next time he began to say that I believe churches need resets groups of people need reset apostles need resets pastors need resets they need to get in line with the time Season well profits met metro is timing and seasons it is the is a car anointing Daniel was filled wisdom for the time in the season he was gifted with the ability he had a supernatural favor he had an excellent spirit he was a warrior he stood against the plans at all when you know the time the season and the purpose you're in you will stand against the plans of a hell this is why God wants promise province are activated warriors because they know what God is saying they know that you can throw em in the lions den they're gonna come out you can throw them in a fire they're gonna come out why because they know what God is saying If I could choose only one word they don't have to but I wrote this in this ebook if I could choose only one word to assign the function of profits and prophetic people only one word to give you I would choose the word reveal if the greatest attribute of a profit or prophetic person reveal and saved lives in darkness now understand their arounds of darkness there's a rounds of darkness that comes that hides demon powers but there are rounds of Is that a hide revelation I'm one of the revelations we need is many the revelation of the time in the season I moving I am sitting right now in Baltimore when I fly from Baltimore I'm flying to Atlanta on Monday I will be living full time in Atlanta because God has ended one season and launch me into a new season now I got there through a prophetic Dream and lots and lots of prophetic words because I don't make a move like that without prophetic revelation and so when you don't know where you're going when you don't know what God is saying when you don't know the word of the lord it's frustrating you sustain stock in a That is expired in your life or frustrate you one reason why prophetic people under attackers cuz you're the answer to somebody else's frustration when you release the word of the lord about the time in the season you release people from that assignment you release people from dead season you at least feel from dead works and you begin to move them by way of revelation into this present time and that was just to come and satan hates that there are rounds of darkness one round is blocking revelation of the times and the seasons and I believe him The movie so I could choose one word if I could say what is the pinnacle of the prophetic Ministry nonprofit does there's so many other profound words and adjectives I would use but one thing it all comes back to the simple description reveal and that's what satan is intimidated by the prophetic Ministry of everything else reveals it reveals according to new testament prophetic ministries primary revealing should be that of jesus christ revelation 19 verse 10 province boldly and unashamedly revealed jesus to the people why because that's Metro of a profit profits are revealed now I wanna end with this one of the words for time and the Greek there's cronos which is natural time somebody gave me a word a number of years ago they said when you turn 40 year old life's gonna ship a profit launch me in the expectation for my fortieth year when that private launching the expectation that Ford a few they revealed what was to come and I'm going to tell you when the promotion came money help somebody when the promotion came it wasn't a wonderful people that love me stop loving me people that were Made for years stop being with me why cuz I understood people liked the non promoted version better than the promoted version because the promoted version of me intimidate them the promoted version of me spoke to areas in their life that they were stuck in spoke to ears in their life they were freshmen never think that when you move into a promotion everybody's gonna be happy for you asked Joseph what happened when he began to share his revelation God was marking for a time in the season he began to share his revelation people got angry than his own brothers usually the people Fight your next season the most are not those outside of covenant with you but those in covenant with you because jojo dawson I love you my friend because they're uncomfortable with where you are going they're uncomfortable with where you're going because they're uncomfortable with where they're going but I have made a decision I have decided I refuse to be halted because of somebody else's insecurity if that means you gotta disconnect disconnect baby you didn't die from you that lead on the cross me you didn't shed your blood for me jesus dip and I made a commitment that I belong to him I'm gonna go where he goes Jesus was called upon to raise lazarus from the dead he stayed two additional days lazarus died lashes was Ron lazarus with stiff lazarus was wrapped in grave clothes jesus came on the fourth day after lazarus and dime and jesus came on the fourth day and called him forward he told martha if you believe you're gonna see the glory of God martha who is mad at jesus martha was offended offense always is a barrier between you and the breakthrough that's coming but you know what the breakthrough that's coming for you is not just gonna be a breakthrough for you when jesus unwrapped lashes well he didn't Physically unwrapped robot let's just go there for just a man I feel a preach now let's just go through a man profit speak and then it happens jesus call him forth and jesus spoke loosen and let him go jesus didn't do the losing jesus spoken provides and prophetic people in this season you gotta be careful about speaking your frustration don't announce your frustration because within your nap there is power I think we need a we need a class B rivaling the tongue why because his prophetic people we can't go around and voice every frustration we can't voice every irritation we can't buy Every offense we can't voice everything that's trying to get our way why because there's power amount and we are wrapping some people up there we should be unwrapping and we need to understand when we prophecy and speak from the dimension of obedience somebody's gonna be unwrapped you know why the devils fighting you because within your time in season only there's unwrapping annoying you going to unwrap people you're going to unveil people profits unveiled that which is previously hidden profits unveil that which is previously dead profits have a resurrection annoy they resurrect people within the time and the season of God for their life that's what Profits do and we need to be cautious about what we say as prophetic people one of the Greek word you overtime is Cairo it means opportunity or season of all time a right now time a limited period a limited limited a limited period of time there is a time stamp on every assignment commit can I help you you can miss your moment Can miss your moment true profits true prophetic people help others find their moments and when you find your moment you become unwrapped you become loose and your whole family everybody connected to you begin to receive the inheritance when somebody said to me on your fortieth year it's all when you shift I had no idea it wasn't just about me it was about my tribe that time I tried was as big as it is now it was about nation It was about people what if I had said I'm not ready at 40 I'm gonna sit wait time 40 - two I'm not because when the prophet of God spoke he was standing outside of time speaking in the time he was standing outside of time speaking at the time you need profits and prophetic people that stand outside of time and speak in the time why are you under attack one reason I'll just summarize it by saying this you're under attack and I'm going to pray for you because of the potential you carry by discerning It is learning the time you've got to get this ebook with strange global dot shop that's what I'm teaching a revelatory combat I believe it's a must read for every prophetic person I believe it will help you I'm gonna be doing broadcast on this I'm also going to be holding a class next month with a special guest I'll be announcing that this coming week on the word of knowledge and we're gonna really be training and activating in the area the prophetic so stay tuned for that announcement next week I'm gonna pray for you please don't go yet share this broadcast Buddy cuz they need it share it with somebody and I just wanna make mention of my events to you I wanna invite you I'm coming to the National area the greater nashville area hendersonville tennessee I'm coming there this coming weekend include not good Friday you can find the details on my facebook events page and then the month of may may may you don't wanna miss it made the second I'll be beacon church toledo Ohio for the Daniel revolution true that's myself jenny weaver now any rain may third to the fourth I'll be in muncie indiana at kingdom shifters and power Sarah may seventeenth through the nineteenth I'll be ramp church chattanooga pastor by my spiritual son profit and pastor Andrew towel so you don't wanna miss those things I wanna pray for you and then let you go on this Saturday I'm gonna try to talk one of my profit sons to come on here with me tomorrow evening and talk more about this so father I think you'll ride by the shit I thank you right now in the name of jesus father I thank you for those Sympathetic people that have been battling spirit of having as I heard the lord say many of you been balanced spirit of heaviness father I buying and break the spirit of heaviness in jesus name those people who felt like they missed their moment I just break regret the lord says you will not carry a spirit of regret in the name of jesus just just lose it to God right now that feeling of like what I missed my moment maybe God will bring you into a new moment father I think you're right I released the spirit of a regret right now we just released that in the authority of the name of jesus I just see somebody having really bad pain down your kidney areas right now as you're watching I speak healing to you right now In the authority of jesus thing there's one coming into that area of your body right now god's healing power is coming to you in the name of jesus sandal shit about somebody's having pain turn your neck I see warmth coming down god's healing you father in every area there's physical pain I loose ceiling right now I just say be healed in jesus then I want you to be able to just move something somebody showed right now just begin to move in father I thank you for the healing power of God over their shoulder right now in the name of jesus there was there is a young profit andrea I think it's your name andrea and Under eight like a salt type of leader that every time you start to move or federally they would really condemn him and it's put a fear in you father I break the spirit of fear of andrea God says andrea on redeeming the time for your life and you will no longer be fearful in jesus then I thank you for the power of God people are stunned about the disease if pain left you I want you to testify pain let you try to move that you could not do andrea I lose the power of God over you right now in jesus and I see somebody last name Rodriguez and I see the lord giving you a word of knowledge Ministry I don't know if there's someone out here named Rodriguez on the live view maybe later I don't see First thing but Rodriguez and I see the lord giving you a healing and a word of knowledge Ministry God says I'm opening your eyes to see us that's the last name Rodriguez I thank you for it now eagle Center eagle Center somebody is connected to administrate eagles Center it's a three words in the title of the Ministry but I don't see it's like a missing the I think it's eagles eagle Christian Center eagle Christian Center eagle Christian Center God says I've called eagle Christian Center to move into a greater prophetic annoy they've been known it's been known as a House of great teaching and healing but the lord saw Allowing you to begin to release a greater prophetic on eagle Christian Center if that's you comment in the comments father I think you are the power of God lord I think opening the eyes of your profits opening the eyes of prophetic people and I just bind up every kind of harassing spirit every kind of spirit of heaviness every kind of spirit of torment in jesus mighty name and I lose your glory right now I say arise and be healed I released all the pain and trauma yes yes yes mary says open my eyes and say yes yes yes I release your Lori and your power healed of left shoulder pain rachel says the comments lag way behind healed of left shoulder pain will father I thank you e C that's right apostle ostrich C someone from abc the eagle Christian Center sometimes people watch these things on the replay and these comments run so far behind so my neck feels better and my shoulder too alexis says I believe your heel terrence Turner I don't know you but I just see the lord so you're getting a second win and I really feel like the dreams and They're gonna come alive to the charlotte area and then you're preaching flow is going to be much stronger because it's gonna come from like revelatory preaching is what I'm hearing grace getting the ebook now amen thank you for the power of God sandra yes yes I believe this sickness has to go that's right father I thank you I thank you I thank you that you're unwrapping people that have been wrapped up lord says I'm unwrapping people been wrapped up in identities I'm unwrapping people then wrapped up and false proclamations I'm on wrapping people Up in condemnation I'm unwrapping you in this season I pray father God I speak and I promise to declare the unwrapping in jesus mighty name amen and a men you are blessed and God loves you I hope to be back on here tomorrow night please share this broadcast and have an amazing day for all prophetic people being courage you know the times and the seasons and that's why the devil hates you but jesus is greater God bless you everyone S

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