Mmmm mwana uyu😳

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Mmmmm mwana uyu😳

Josephine Liwena
Josephine Liwena2 years ago

The stupid ones are the parents who are laughing and feeling proud of it you should be ashamed has a parent to post that

WJ Banda
WJ Banda2 years ago

This is evil

Mel De Zi
Mel De Zi2 years ago


Mannixy Mwanza
Mannixy Mwanza2 years ago

The mother is stupid..,elo cha mu sharbeen not

Lee Jere
Lee Jere2 years ago

Imwe nibakulu aba iyeee..plz don't show my boyfriend this kid napapata🙆🙊

Charity Nandazi Chikatula
Charity Nandazi Chikatula2 years ago

Showing this is wrong on so many levels...after we watch then what...smh..
Mothers protect yo girl child please ninshi u don't read the news..awe mwe

Georgina Nzuwa Lubasi
Georgina Nzuwa Lubasi2 years ago

Certain moves are not meant for children 🙄not ifyo.

Prisca Chipi
Prisca Chipi2 years ago

let children be children why make them so things above their age

Febby Hamalala
Febby Hamalala2 years ago

Not good at all 😪

Ezolina Asus
Ezolina Asus2 years ago