Toddler-Dad Duo Falls Asleep on Couch While Watching Television

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Dad: Don't change the channel, I'm watching that 馃槾馃ケ

Posted 2 months ago in Children & Parenting

Michelle Marquez 2 months ago

I really don't know why dad's sleep first before the baby does. Same goes with my husband. 馃槀馃槀馃槄

Eboni Kelly 2 months ago

Still had that baby protected馃槍, new parent sleep deprivation syndrome. We all been through it. So cute

Mary Stroud-Sliwa 2 months ago

I know how these dads feel. Mom's go thru this too and grandma's 馃槄馃槄

Kevin Osiemo 2 months ago

This dude got a gazillion amount of sleep. I absolutely love this bond.

Dela Cruz Dela Cruz 2 months ago

his dad trying hard to care the baby until he tired and sleep.. I know her mom is watching there. God Bless.

Nana Afua Otu 2 months ago

Please can someone help me with the name of the song

Brianna Bosh 2 months ago

He was sleepy but the baby was calm and was always protected by dads body he was always concious of the baby under him.

Nicole Speakman 2 months ago

The struggle is real. Lol

Nana Neigh 2 months ago

People please be nice!!

Maria Francis 2 months ago

He wouldn't be my babysitter. Lol