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He paid the price for you!
One of these days, the trumpet is going to sound and we're going to a land where there is no more death, no more crying, no more sign. No more pain for the former things will be passed away and I wanna remind Satan that one angel is going to chain him and throw him in a bottomless pit. and ultimately he's gonna burn in the Lake of fire that I'll never go to because Jesus. Alive. It's Sunday, but Jesus is coming. Give him a praise if you believe it, give him a mighty praise right now. Hallelujah. When they put Jesus in that tomb, all the demons in hell and death itself said, you can't get out of here, but I promise you. he did. He did it from me. He did it for you. He paid the price. He conquered death, hell and the grave tell somebody beside you. He did it.

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