Jaythan Bosch gives Julian Newman a lesson in HUMILITY at the Gym 🔥💥💣

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Jaythan Bosch gives Julian Newman a lesson in HUMILITY at the Gym 🔥💥💣

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🏀Julian Newman
🏀Jaythan Bosch

Posted 3 years ago in Sports

Terrence D Flowers 3 years ago

I was rooting for the lil white boy

Mark Pauly 3 years ago

Just wondering- is this a one on one tournament? Would of loved to be their teammates! Not

Brett West 3 years ago

Some of the basketball purists got it right. These two kids are the best players on the court. Yes, the one kid is being overly boastful, but he does remind me of Westbrook. Playing with a lot of passion and pride. The other kid doesn't so much remind me of Steph, but he is humble. They both have great talent and it will be great to see them both grow.

Richard Plant 3 years ago

I got RESPECT for both! Some play with a chip, and some with a lip... But they both brought it!!! Good on the two of you!!! That is the future!!!

Paul Douglas 3 years ago

God still opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble 😇

Jagga Singh 3 years ago

What’s the song in the background?

Wayne L Anderson 3 years ago

I love it. The kid in blue has a cocky confidence and will be a Alpha on the court. While the kid in white. Said less...but did more. Straight quiet assassin in the making.

Daniel Aquilina 3 years ago

People are there cheering this shit? If I was 404’s coach he’d be sitting next to me on the bench, that’s if he even made my team.

Bryan Orjalesa 3 years ago

If you're not sure about the trials in life but you keep humble, God will surely raise you from uncertainties. I salute you 413 for keeping yourself composed all throughout while 404 is giving you pressure.

Noel G Ignacio 3 years ago

no defense, no team offense, lol, fundamentally zero, and basketball IQ zero and soft