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ان شاء الله من من الصورة الصورة الصورة الله الله السلام الناس سيناء بتاعه بتاعه بتاعه Who's having an effective gas be prayer? وحش وحش الو السلام السلام الو الله الى السلام Very uncomfortable. said if he had stayed in the NBA, that would never been a John Cena. الو وي الشعب Asking me screen Rochelle and ask him. اليوم اليوم يسدد يسدد Unless it's not letting go. He's had enough and that's why the needs to step in the main event. That's a 15 -pound world world champion. champion. You You gotta gotta gotta take take take care care care of of of of he he he he is is is is gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna get get get get get hurt. hurt hurt hurt hurt again. الى John This was the last gas by John Cena. There was no giving up John Sina still had a little bit of fight left. Watch with the reversal and then back to Hammer in the head of John Cena. This was a merciless assault and I think brought event earlier he just didn't want to. I I never never never dreamed dreamed. dreamed. dreamed. I I I I would would would would see see. see see this this this happen happen happen to to to. John John Cena. Cena. WWE Universe You said it that may be the most dominant performance in a Championship match at WWE History.

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