Much of U.S. under hazy sky as smoke spreads from Western wildfires

ABC News • 6 months ago   731     229  •  73.8K Views
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LIVE: We're looking at the New York City skyline as smoke spreads from the massive wildfires in the West.

At least 40 million Americans are experiencing...

Posted 6 months ago in Crime & Tragedy
Joseph James Diaz
Joseph James Diaz6 months ago

And Jeff Bozo decided it’s a great day to add to more carbon emissions.

Paulette Angele
Paulette Angele6 months ago

So bad in Orange County NY and the smell is awful so hard to breathe 😢

Patricia Olver
Patricia Olver6 months ago

Some of it is coming down from the fires in Manitoba and Ontario, rather than the US western states.

Kevin Forster Wilicki
Kevin Forster Wilicki6 months ago

If you believe that crap I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell ya'll. 🤣🤣🤣

Bright n sunny in Pittsburgh

I lived in NY for 25 years... that's a common thing...

Marlee Ostrow
Marlee Ostrow6 months ago

wildfires are not just a western problem. Climate change is everyone's problem.

Cathy L Levis
Cathy L Levis6 months ago

that"s what it looks like here in Chester California close to the fires waiting for orders to evacuate if they come

Kaylee Ruiz
Kaylee Ruiz6 months ago

I live in Maryland and all I see is clear skies… maybe that means it coming this way? 😧

Dawn Leo
Dawn Leo6 months ago

Just moved from Maryland to Reno Nevada. Feeling the effects of the smoke. Sorry that it’s now back east. We must do something right now to combat climate change!!!!!

Cathy Jensen
Cathy Jensen6 months ago

Yeah well we’re used to this in Australia sadly. There will be some windows and cars to clean after this! Horrible for the humans and wildlife that have lost homes and lives.

Mary Ann Saechow
Mary Ann Saechow6 months ago

In Oregon here.. we need rain so bad.