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Justice for George Floyd! #blacklivesmatter #blm
It It took took me me me a a a while while while. while to to to say say say something about all of this this that's that's going going on, on, but but but I'm I'm I'm tired tired tired Y'all. y'all Y'all the the the entire entire entire world. world world just just saw this man murdered in in the the DA DA said said They they don't don't don't have have have enough enough enough evidence evidence evidence evidence to to to to lock lock. lock lock these these these these cops cops cops cops and and are. and you you you wonder why the people are are going going crazy. crazy. crazy. Americas Americas Americas just just just witnessed witnessed witnessed witnessed another. another another another blatant blatant blatant murder murder murder murder. at at at the the the hands hands hands of the very people who are are supposed supposed to to protect protect protect us us us and and and people people people are are are are still still. still still silent. silent silent. That that That situation situation situation was well under under control. control. The The big Big Floyd Floyd Floyd was was was your your your family family family family or or or or your your. your your loved loved loved one one one and and and and he he he he was. was was was cuffed cuffed thrown to the ground ground and and had had knees knees knees in in in his his his back back back and and and and a a a the knee. knee knee knee in in in his his his neck neck neck and and and and was was was. was strangled to death death to to literally literally pissed pissed himself. himself then. Then would you react? See this time? To do it in the wrong city cuz in Minnesota, they're very integrated. So now, these rights are not just filled with people of color. You have angry White people too. It's for the first time in history. we see in all races come together and rebel against this harsh reality that people of my skin tone have to face every day so to my White brothers and sisters on the front lines that understand that black lives matter I applaud this is more than a race issue. This is a human rights issue, and if you're sitting there in silence you're part of the problem, the police, a civil servant that not to judge the jury or the. Was a White supremacist walk into a place of worship and killed nine people. He not only was taken in the custody with no altercations, but he saw it in court. George Floyd was accused not convicted of sign in a false check and he was executed in front of the world. This affects my livelihood, my mental state. I wake up every morning and I can't even create. I'm stressed when something like this occurs because I see myself under that racist man's me even even as as a a a successful successful successful black. black. black millionaire living in the suburbs of. I received the same treatment in 2013, I was thrown to the ground with five or six guns drawn on me for shooting a goddamn sketch. My wife, neighbor said. I had a weapon. I guess I felt to mention it was an orange toy, bow and arrow beyond that. the cops didn't ask questions. There was no visual threat and the toy bow and arrow was put away way before the cops around not knowing what was going on. I'm like what seems to be the problem Officer that shit don't work for this Complexion a chopper above my head around me, the cops draw their guns approached them threw me on the PA. And all this in front of my son who is 12 at the time still confused, so many commands are being thrown at me. Get on the ground. Don't move shut up. Let me ask you a question. How can you keep still with easing your back in your face being burned on the ground in A hundred -degree pavement, and it's three men hold one cuffed man down who's squirming for comfort. He's didn't labeled as resisting arrest, and although he was screaming shut the fuck up. the one thing that was going through my head was before before I I die. die. I'm I'm gonna gonna speak speak cuz cuz I I gotta gotta make sure. make sure my son is safe so. Going in the House and they apply more pressure and luckily for me, a good cop showed up and called the dogs off well, I would have been another hashtag. you see not all cops are bad. He's just the ones that get behind that bad, so they can attack people that look like me. It's belittling to be helpless. There's a grown-ass man apostles to be nonviolent creatures, but never forget they have more than any other mammal. So if you corner of them, they're gonna fight back so rest in peace, George Floyd and to all the people people in in my my comment comment section section section and and and make make make make America. America America America great great great again. again. again. That's That's That's one one one one of of. of of the the the most racist terms. I've I've heard heard today. today, let's Let's let's just just just look look look at at at the the. the the American American American history history. history. history. Timeline Timeline. Timeline Timeline Okay. Okay Okay from from 1619. 1619 when people are. And to this country as slaves and treated worse than animals are treated today when it was illegal to read up to 1860 - five, we were led by you gonna bring up flavor. Okay so from the 18 seventies to the 19 fifties segregation to the Jim Crow laws where we wasn't even good enough to drink from the same fountains we were lynched. I was the fifties come on. okay, so how about the sixties when we marched and fought for our civil rights and all of our leaders were for Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. The Peter Tsh. We were ledt cares about. You're right, but what about Mass in conservation on the crack epidemic that put our fathers in jail in our mothers on welfare and black on black crime from the seventies to the nineties. We were led not to mention the Rodney King riots due to more police brutality. I mean, come on that was 30 years ago. You're right my bad, my bad. I'm fuck up, but then can't stop and Fritz with millions of people of color were stopped even if they didn't commit a crime. Most of them didn't have records at all but was given out Landes sentences for little things like ounces of wheat, which is by the way. A lot of these days, but those people are still locked up. We were okay. You got a point, but you had Obama. the White supremacist hated him. Obama did one percent of some of the things Trump is doing he will be out of office. Let's be honest. We can't dwell on the past. Oh so stupid of me you're right, but today, people of color still being murdered and L and broad daylight this country has never let up off our necks. Literally. this country has never been great for us. so I'm just curious when you say, Make America great again, which era you. Go back to I'm asking for a friend.

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