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you. You need to know thank you for making us as you are, you know love you We are live who wanna learn to yourself. Have you your life? God bless you guys who is he? You've got others. Tell them my life. Welcome to our Sunday service. Father Adventure. Father in the name of Jesus, we bless your name. Thank you for joining us this opportunity to thank you that and preacher in Jesus name Pray in the name of Jesus. Amen we are alive. I have come here. Today To preach Thank you, the only thing that is to church. Your vision. I want to church. That way you think. I did realize that you are what you see lot of kind of us. I'm going to change your thinking today. you we're preaching last night. About the power of self assumption, do you see that most? You invite us to tell them and also his life. Everyone has been given an assignment. Everyone of us. An assignment to accomplish. Assignment. And your assignments has to do with no one is given an assignment without the involvement of people know what is given us. All of us. One by one. We are the solution for some people in the most we are all being created with a purpose and no Myer. I want to help someone out there to cover yourself and annoy your soulmate because results. I'll give you assignments. We just move from to Moses, It is a sign that you're not yet discover our assignments Jesus. As of the gospel, we cannot all the same message, we can all the Christmas message That is a specific message that God has given you a lot of God in line with your assignment. That when not beneath, it's like, I'm just saying what I believe to be loyal, you can take you to the care. We teach you how to be loyal. When you speak of all the money on his spirit, that is only one man of God will come up in your mind. I'm coming to that explosion of the Kingdom of Darkness, There will be names that all of us even as Minister of the gospel we've been given a specific assignment to accomplish. What do you like it or not you cannot just be everything that comes to your mind. You do yours. I'm out there. US to live this. I want us to do this. I want us to go. you're assignment comes with a price. Your assignment, it's a price tag on it as much as it has been what it is also has a price tag. I want to do this. There's also have some youma the color of. goes with the that are coming. cannot receive the same attack. With the kind of an assignment you are doing. In your assignment as you do your assignments, there will be cast. Jesus the messiah he was he loves scars. Party Some of the assignment that shows that you are stronger than what you're going through. You are stronger than you when face. And some of these costs I've you might also the price of your brain. That is a place where every week. That is plus for the assignment that you're doing. If you have to play to the price Mark, my words, you will pay the price. Why are you been prophesied? Why do you have been told you I'm give that why you've been taught you are in a prosperity of the prophet in the right there is a place for. And there will be costs if you do your assignment. What what they want to meet Jesus? I just want to see this. Not here it appears appear Hess to. He is alive with us. It's a looks like things are falling down. It looks like things are not moving that to me. I'll show you you this but you need is a lot with those tasks and those cast as reminder of what you've gone through. I will never forget what I have gone through. I'm telling. Kellys It comes with our assignments. Of course, do you know your assignment? Let me help you why don't you is to tell the history of your family. One of your assignments is to wipe away the tears of your parents and you all these things that I'm telling you there will be right you don't cast that will be enemies and if we assign it to enemies, he doesn't. Every assignment the enemy. I understood this. I want the students to this, let's go to the book. Chapter one verse five, We know this good. Guys, we are just one hour to yourself to save your life. Connect yourself let yourself We love the scripture, but I want to explain it. That's what he is. I started all. On the outside, know that's. If you are business, there is a price to pay. Successful business people my children of that have paid the price. The Bible says to before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you walk, I say to fight you Ida you a prophet to the Nations. 12. Let's go to the next level the side eye. Love you I cannot speak for I am a youth. Let's go to this fight. Before I formed you in the loop, I knew you before you were born, I sanctified you ida pros to the Nations. Then, I said that's eye are lost God to behold I cannot speak for all of you. Do you remember the quote that is the God of signs and wonders? But the Lord said to me do not say I am a youth. For you shall go. To whom I sent you and what am I at You shall speak whatever I command you shall speak. I'm telling you speak what God has commanded you to speak you are telling your commands speak in the sense that God has given you. Know your assignment. You'll need in your assignment and is a White in your House in the everything that we're doing we are going to have to discuss our assignment. our divine element what God has given me, which must such a specific I am supposed to my salmon. I must preach. I am here to chase Witt and give me a bring that person I am yet to enter Myer to power to do what I know is my assignment is the power with the power and we understand the power that's my before we can speak to other things. My assignment is on every every principality from the of the power every each and every results I cannot to remind them to follow. I cannot fight the force that's my assignment. hoess, but that said to me. Remember, I said you are has to do with you assignment disconnected to people. That is why. You want to destroy someone's assignments that make sure you're going to be with a lot of other people. To honor the people and wish you energy for nothing. In the Was' Uss Amon, the world will make sure he decides to meet with the doctor. Thank you for that Eia unity. Think about sort of Think about the Beach? Think of somewhere else. People that you have to accomplish your and some of them are collectors that specific designed by God. just for you. not for me just message me for you to read. So Father's. I love Fett. that's with this. But the Lord said to me. Do not say I am a youth. For you shall go to all to my son you in other words the don't you people. That's school be signed by God. You shall go to all to I sent you go to people who go to your voice and preach his message. Your assignment is your Africa. Vai caçar The state of I am a blessing to many lives. Welcome to you. So why are you will celebrated in line with your assignment? Let's look at this the Lord, said to me. To say, I am a youth for you shall go for all to whom I sent you. And what I command you shall speak. Check. Want to be a slave of the faces? So I am with you deliver you, says the Lord. I love this to be afraid of your faces you will Are you are gooden an assignment, not only means to believe even if your family that is a divine assignment delighted with your weak family that you must accomplish where they were only will not know your assignment that I am loved to unite and unite my family. I am. To change the history of my family don't be afraid of people's faces. faces we will. That's why. Happy Uplifting that equation are you to say I'm treat you like a disguise. If you want to show me that you're not feeling well, like for you that I don't see. If you want to show me that they help me with me, You swear I'm going to show you that I don't see. That the Lord has put for the verse says. Don't want to be a afraid of their faces. you are you saying the road why do you know that is with you going to be afraid to take their life of fear I am not living a love for fear other living for fear I don't go this with me I don't come to the that I Fear you to my Potion. Fears from supposed to be a potion, What if you don't know what you do? what do you know that the great is that is in you? This is supposed to be a potion where the fear there is no fear and faith to the politics exist. Yourself. Let yourself connect yourself. I see you, I see you. I see you. I see you God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you my son, God bless you and see my daughter. God bless you Let's see don't be afraid of the faces for you to deliver you say. Alone. Let the love he said, and it touched my mouth. Has four touch your mouth. What does your mouth speaks? What the stas your mouth? God will be who you are What I'm gorgeous touch you mouth. I'm going to come down your faith. That's what touch your mouth as long as your mouth. How are you the same motherfuckers Beto my heart to to go with the same power that has been touched by God, the Bible says in the same way the world cannot produce to the kite was produce different types of what. In the water, the water is not to in the same time. That the Lord put forth, he said and touched my mouth that the Lord said to me you ought, I have put My words in your mouth. I put to my words in my House you have. Wess of your Lord, God has put words in your mouth, but just put in your mouth. God has put you on in your mouth. God has put you off fluids in your mouth. You can't they shall come to punch for God put it in your mouth. That's what said it shall come to us. The says. I have this day set you I have set this day. set you over the Nations over the kingdoms. I am upset you. Over the Nations. I have this day that's all. I have said this day. This sent you over the nation all the kingdoms to root out and to pull down. I have sent to you. You have been accepted by God. you have been accepted by God. you have been set by what you have been inside of a God is over the Nations and over the keys. To root out and to pull it out to destroy the draw down to build to last. I have something. To close the see I am set this day set you over the Nations and over the kingdoms to root out and to pull it down your job is to root out exporter to out and to pull down. I have something you have to look out over the Nations and all the kingdoms to root out and to pull down to destroy to put down and to build and to plant what have sent you to do. God has positioned you in your family. What is position you in your family. God has positioned you in in your family's position your business. assignment in to family my God for a specific assignment to write out I have schedule over the nations and over the To others, there is a servant that God has given there is a specific assignment that God has given. The problem is when we try to do everything everything you must keep on the value your message value value. don't know what are you preaching? So what is your message that God has given you and to all the great men and women of God that Jess Uss that what I heard of us all of them that were killing a specific assignment list, a symbol. I'm saving a specific assignment. Dear Katherine Koma. You named Them' Smithers, the father of faith the assignment. way telling us. It's a hossa was an assignment for you know your assignment. child of God know your assignment men of God, the Bible says. See I have this day. Thank you all the Nations over the kingdoms to root out and to pull it down to destroy and to throw a dollar to build and to plo. Sometimes we think why do we look very soft, very smart? That's Holiness. We don't come a mess. We don't come a flight in a practice to be lost. Yes, the Bible says righteousness is of God. Sometimes we think on you to be polite Very soft and you you put this out. It shows start to go out the same to of a man of God he's alive. The child Do it don't like it, though I love some of them are taking these actions because they don't want to throw down in the pool down There is a time when we go down and Pluto, That is a time of God. Jesus appears as the land of the slave, but that is a time where it's the light of the tribe of Judah. May God help us in the name of Jesus May God help us in Jesus name. Let yourself yourself all the way you will feel the blood cells. I think that they did. To be that is a kind of a character that would be different in line with your assignment. I used to say whatever you're doing demanding is supporting character. The excitement goes with the someone's character. It's not easy to say that you know of God's Bible and the take it by force. so we think every pastor of us here is so of the greatest of the Saar to talk to like this. I'm not like that. I have no God says am I am who I am. I love this day such you over the nation over the out through this car and throw down to build a plant can we go More over the word of the Lord came to me saying what do you see and I said I see a tree. I want to help you this let's meet let's to the side. Let's make your life. Before I formed you in the loop, I knew you before you were born. I set you, I will tell you a prophet to the Nations. let's go to the. Let's go to verse 19 of the same. The Bible says they will fight against you, but they shall not prevail against you. so I am with you remember to say, don't be afraid of their faces. You are assignment come with the challenges that will be challenges in line with what you're doing you see language with your duty is in line with your assignment. There's a price to pay. it's not going to be a solution. Even though you've been prophesied, it's not going to be easy, but there is a price to pay the Bible says they will fight against you but the against you. But against you for all with you, says the Lord to let me help your child of God. your assignment is to do with people and in your assignments that the enemies. That is a price to pay you know assignments that will be cast. One thing for sure. Thank you is with you that is a specific assignments that will carry. Your eyes open and discover that assignment you will know your enemies That's Not morelos in life. There is nothing like a new solid ground, even when you're loved by God, no matter how much you are anointed the powerful you are and spiritual you preaching man of God that will always be enemies. There is no other God. Assignments to do has to do people in your assignment is the right you know your assignment. No you are assignments know your ascends then will you fight I against you that will fight you even though I have told you why you are still in your ass that will fight against you. They shall not prevail. You for I am with you, says the Lord to deliver you. Try it. That would be in your assignment. That would be cast in your assignment there will be cast you know Assesment Moser in assignment now we are here on assignment to accomplish, Moses said that assignment and all of us who have assignments. I want us to read this. I understood this I aur this. I wonder who this let's go to the of a three percent. Bye. So chapter so now God I am saying to you to Pedro. Go, I am something you to travel to bring my people that used to the life out of Egypt, Moses that assignment I am sending you to it's to be my people. there lights out of Egypt. You have been signed by God Jesus. Why don't you tell me what you're supposed to do You will know your enemies I repeat why you just cover what you are supposed to do You will know your enemies is why you why are you supposed to do you know your enemies? I'm telling you ammi rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. It is this is that. the cover of Jesus love to have it so now go, I am saying to you to follow to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt. What's Your Center? He was set to Moses was sent to so now I go. I'm sending you to follow up to pay my people the Israelites out of Egypt. It is a that is a message that will be given by God, we have been sent so you've been sending in your faith. You've been sad with your Ministry Ministry to go and save the country is free that will be challenges. There will be a touch that will be discussed, but let me show you God is with you. The one we started a good you shall finish it here. Good in you, it's going to feel that way unless if what you're doing is of you, man or vision, but even what we are starting that he would have said to you finish it, you will accomplished because he's the author and finisher of your faith. He's the author and the finisher of our faith as. I will send you to hell to work from Messiah. I will send you to hell. I'm Tori. And so that chapter three I'll see you guys. ICBC. God bless you and now the now the God of the Israelites hasle to me. Know the on the East Israelites has listening and I have seen the way that Egyptians are pussy there now the client. Use the lights has reached me Moses assignment has to do with people man of God you assignments has to do with people is your son. I have never seen that So where you do is just to describe it. Other men of God are you never seen that kind of an assignment? What? what is this You specific assignment that God has given you. Now the that is the life of me and I have seen the way that Egyptians pussy there the same. So now, God I am sending you to to play my Dearborn. There is no lights out of Egypt. God has sent your family situation. God has seen the situation that's in the body you fromm Andra you, you are like a Londoner in your family. you can't you don't like your shoes and that is amazing from the heart. Bala to explode, That's the word that we are going to tell you you are you are carrying a specific assignment. Do you have decay all the struggles in your family to chase in your family to bring peace and joy in your family, A family not only for me. It's the only who are the child of God. There's an assignment that God is. You listen to what you will go through what you're going through. you see a lot with your assignments. Bunches Are in line with what you are. I say you're a bunches and in line with what's your you assignment with youma you're back, you're will need to tonight yours. You're assignments is going to determine your buttons The fathers not gonna I'm not going to be the best of my siblings will face because he's a son that I'm coming the person that you will face are not going to be with the purchase of your siblings and everywhere because there is a specific assignment that you are carrying. So now, I am saying to you to to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt out of Egypt out of Egypt child of God, lot of thought not to be help you you are the solution to something. You are the solution to something your assignments in the Lord your enemies may God bless you and yourself connect yourself. I see you I see you. I see you. I see what God see my son my partners along with the words of my siblings. Yes my back. for this purpose I can said and the food is assignment yes you are we are being created for purpose there is a kind of a church Eh in the book of whether Apostles and prophets they were praying they were the apostles and prophets they were praying they were praying they were great in the book of Acts That's the one. I see you God bless you. I'll see you love my daughter. I see you my son, I see you. I'll see you. We are here You church the church of the village. I see you I see you. I see you and a job. What up together and our prayer in the nine hour? The Bible says I want the way you say now in the church there was there were the there was in the answers that were prophets and they teach us in the church. There were prophets the church and Was' teach us the prophets. can we ever cut that out of the church today? Can we have that coming today? They're telling you wess if I have a product, they must there must be of the world. the time we have today of the say that will profit you with all of us who just be the person that teach them about the problems that are also prosper us. So that's it teach of the world That is the non-pros the same prophets So now. Jesus of the world in the cities are, of course, it's true for every faith. there is a original we can always have faith why. That you uno's of prophets and teach us and the Holy Spirit, the Holy see behind me the people for this watch the Holocaust is among teach us and the prophets and a similar to this one for the specific work that I have assigned them to do child. Thoughts Let me help you are assignment to receive behind you. You assignments is going to see you. What are you like you to launch the Weis you assignments is going to you are a servant. That's similar to me is the way the spirit of speech to eat. Let them go to the work that I have given me, let them go and to watch that I have given that to. You're assignment is gonna bless separation whether you are you like it or not what you're doing is going to see if that's not separation. you have not yet to start. A mãe tinha sempre cê, entendeu ou se parei bico, principalmente. alimentos, se falei Abraham assign from you or you are assigned to see what do you like it or not is going to see you. Encore. dix Me-I assignments was to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. The Bible says to me. And for the work. The Bible Acts Chapter 13, verse one and 730 this one now next Chapter 30 verse one. now the wickets and in the church to us that profit and teach us that was and money on the first of brother of that and solve the another wishes Bye. I'm the prophecy of the church. It's your with the. No one does you can't find this kind of a church? Why we are prophets to teach us. at the same roof. Among the pros and teach us of the church, it's at your will see you when teachers teach they say you are just going to churches for Prophecy. Do you want to tell me that's not promise Now I amro of the prophecy. I am pretty prophesied I Amro the prophecy I have been prophesied, I have been prophesied. Be prophesied. But you know the man of God. That's why I'm not bitching. I'm I know my assignments. I know what tomorrow holds I know where I'm going, the Bible says. I'm the prophecy and teach us of the church and to answer of Syria where Bala. The props and teaches you just quite challenging, especially for Africa to find the man of God under the same roof you cannot find it out. There's too much insecurity out there and the challenge is one we are not we are producing Roberts. We are actually producing think believers we are producing weapons. Are you telling people you are free to go to any survivor? I cannot stop you everyone is free to attend any someone I don't stop. I can't remember the start of the people and say, but don't go to that. I'm not. I'm not here to produce robots. I want to produce people who are independent thinking who can think on themselves. We're busy. Robles May God bless you as you watch this telecast Tell yourself and the truth to be a robot kind of a believer that don't is another one of the yellow letts. That's what I'm looking to produce a kind of if there's a revival You everywhere all of my churches that. Don't care what the process when they say we don't want this. We don't know what what ever I don't care? Don't tell me that and let's go live with the water of what I don't want to produce the kind of people who can think for themselves. We must produce think tanks. I want Ministries and this kind of Christians who kind of thing on the on what kind of think what they want. What that what kind of a person of people will see you on and off switch on and off, we'll give you will give you direction. Don't go there go there. you will be given in the direction you will be proud, don't be a problem to kind of a believer wait to put the revelation of the Lord. You must be Spirit-led kind of a believer. Bye. Tell yourself. I just choose to be a believer my joy to people in life and I have this love of people are Hobbs. You can't eat yours. Hearts and refuse to be problems and if you to be problem, I used to tell people there was a teacher I was attending the only thing that I love with you will be stuck. are you for it? because yes and independence spirit. you always speaks his mind. I used to tell people about it. That's the only thing that I love with this man. You always speaks his mind. He you say things his own way. You cannot challenge you to see to see things the way you want to down to be or the way you see that you choose today to be a kind of a believer. Some of you have missed opportunities because you've been a program like robot. I love this kind of the church. I'm the prophets and teaches of the church. Ando Syria, where Burnaby put the black man Luci Maia companion to anti Uss and so can read it I see I see you I see my son. One thing is the man who should be remember these are pros and teach us. Prophets and T-shirts. I'm in a I'm not perfect. My father is a prophet I can prophesy and I'm not ashamed of what I am doing. One day this man were worshiping the Lord fasting, the Holy Spirit said. The Holy Spirit. To the special to which I have called them, there's a little bit of us, too, which I'm gonna. I see you yes, but the spirit of my St. and shortly will direct us where we belong. Yes, don't be a believer people ask for the attendance to your program. I mean people and don't let anyone to all of my stuff. That's why there is someone someone you may after job you feel good. My son don't report and give a testimony on the purpose of this. No. They Minister to the Lord. The Holy Spirit said now see me for the work to which I refer to them. God is for the tendency of people you can see the parade and his cousins see of Heian people. Like I used to say some of the situations are not some of the separations and for the two parties to grow not for me only for you also to know it's not a separation that we encounter in your life that is orchestrated from the pit of hell some of the separations or castrated by God himself some of the see. Even though some batches and planted by God, everything has been pretty pretty for the fulfillment of our assignments in line with your assignments that backs that you will encounter align with your assignments that will be enemies on your way and it will come with this cash. Yourself. To be I'm a pru of prophecy. I'm not saying, don't be a color as a believer. I see UAE का god bless you god bless you god bless you that's true papa charity god bless you nature god bless tender people he should move by the crowd god bless you my son John when we see your friends god bless you got to others are God bless you God bless you God bless you my son my son, Please keep us safe as you do out there. God has suitland. I see you. I see you my PC. I see you my team. I need you to indeed some separations are what you want but for Cain. For fulfillment of our assignment, That's true my son, that's truly Libya separation is painful, but proffitt. that's through my. that's what some of the other people we think some of the revelations and the challenges that we encounter in the general of your life. That is the of the separations are meant for our growth. Bye. If they need us to the and then comes the Holy Spirit. I saw the God who speaks I saw the God who gets direction. The Holy Spirit now she wanted to me for the right, which I have called them. That is a specific one specific assignment that is meant for you and that's going to separate you from others. There's a divine assignment that you are coming and that is whether you like to. It's going to see it's win. I used to tell people the congregation about this one day as we were praying and fasting expect the Holy Spirit Lucan leave me alone to bring to my church. I wanna see you you're gonna with people who like most there was no faith. There was nothing there was no there was no lu's. And it's smooth we were we were breaking at the monro today in in one of the building and I stop people and say, God says it's good to see me even with people that I like most they were there were no challenges in the history. There was nothing there were no fights the the way there was no story at all, but I said, God says, I will see you even the people you like most child of God. Let me help you assignment to even with people you like the most is going to separate you whether you like it or not that is why the Bible says the end of the Lord pick me up in the midst of the clouds, the head of the Lord pick me up in the peace of the car and took me to the of dry bones and tag me to the. It is Jerusalem, the head of the Lord is gonna pick you up in the midst of the cloud. will pick up in the Middle of the clouds. Go Int tendency of people in the midst of the cloud. The end of the Lord is going to pick you up in the midst of the crowd and assure you your assignment. the hand of the Lord pick me up in the midst of the crowd. Moses Assignment Syd from his own. From the police in which he grew up, you grew up in parce, but he was carrying A- one assignments that isolated evil from the palace you grow up in the parce. He came to be a young, but he was telling it to byer night to release from the head of to take this out of his assignments. take him out of the place you of are carrying with you right now. Sundays that you are assignment with sympathy. I see to myself, I'm gonna do I see you I see you Geneva. Ah si Papa Approche-toi Cinc nine months into it the health of the mother, the baby in the mother's womb is meant to be there for a gestation period of nine months. You can get all the overstayed more than nightmares and exceed those Mark the health of the President is going to be yours if you start to turn their heads, the color of the President woman of the skin will show that she's. Everything has been said has been said that is has been fully in particular people. Step by step please night after night day After day, we are growing from glory to glory from power to another power from Grace Grace from favor to favor one step after another. That is in line with your assignments as they Minister to the Lord and fasted the Holy Spirit now, the Holy Spirit says. Now it connects me and for the which I'm informed that. Has to be my latex from others in line with the assignment. For the work for the work that God has given them and has to be as they Minister to the Lord and the Holy Spirit now sign up now to be Bangor for the work to which I have called them give us with another. Christian let's read another version. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you eternity. Why do we need them to the Lord and trust the Holy Spirit set apart from me to the world to which important to them? Let's go to the mission. Going to set you up with a certain that don't don't be set apart. why there was something the Lord and trust, the Holy Spirit said to them set apart for me, Barnabas and so to do the work to which I have always done there is a specific assignment that God has called you to do you created just for the purposes you are. For the purposes can we eat why do we worship with the Lord of the Holy Spirit? said now for me, one of us for the world, which I am for them. I see him I see my son I see you I go to my God bless you. God bless you one day is that we will be going. There will also Estee as the way they wait for guidance. The Holy Spirit spoke take advantage of us And Soul and a Commission of them for the week. I have called the. To do there is a specific assignment in the Rose's Commission you to do. Assignment that the Lord is Commission you to do there is a specific assignment that God has commissioned you to do. You are to receive what do you like it or not you are assignment is going to see to you last this last week like I said to the head of the the end of the Lord pick me up in the Middle of the cloud, the head of the Lord, the head of the Lord, came upon me and brought me out in the spirit of the Lord and set me down in the Middle of the divine and it was full of Burge. That I'm gonna have to handle the pick me up in the Middle of the couch and took me to the in Jerusalem. Can we leave this to this? Let's go to the book. Let's go to the book. Off Xs Chapter nine verse. Bye. Let me help you turn the book. People who would be will be assigned by him to to to discourage to delay assignment that people will be signed by him to spark to late to this College and to your assignment. I want to read this. But the Lord said to him. So, he said of man to be number one to prepare my name before Gentiles kids and the children of Israel, but the Lord said to him God for his and chosen vessel of mine to bear my name before the Gentiles Kings and the children of Israel. Your ass is. You got your assignments to the location. Can we get you assigned to tell them what kind of assignment today and know your purposes? you are the solution this assignment and know your enemies. But the Lord is my chosen instrument to take my message to the gentiles and to change as well as to the people of Israel. There are some specifications in your assignments. There are some specifications in your assignments. You are born for certain people. The Bible says that we have given me I've been in placed in my hand in the palm of my hands. To those who have given me and great in the palm of my hand. Those who have given me out for signs and wonders. I'm not gonna be able to follow me. I'm not controversy. I'm not able to do to make Georges I have never seen anyone this message and said, Come in for a shoot with me. I'll pray with you. No. I'm not doing that. I'm not only in the recruitment to campaign. Those who God has given me that will follow me. there will be my sheep. hear my voice. They've been in the palm of my hands. Of the children of God who has given me those who have who are for and mothers. I don't put that by moving around in the recruiting and the recruiting and the good of people, including the people I have seen the people that are collapse Ministries, people not only recruit them very deadly and dangerous than my great are the kind of the believer. From one to another one of God don't include the people you will disappointed by the same people that you've reported. Don't go out to the people to come and join me. I'm good. This one is better to come and join me. I'm going to the good. I'm good. I'm good any Ministry we recruits are given in my God if you love me, take care of the shoes that I have given we do talk to him coming for you with me. Coming to this with me, no, I'm not doing that I don't know. I trusted the God will have to be. I have you, I have been called by God. There are specific people that they must preach for them that I will father that I will raise that we raise as my son and a Georges, and it is a great I don't recruit. She's cannot be stolen can be stored in This-we're want to put in We're not a political Organization. Maybe it's time to get food puzzles in-group Bross. I have seen a lot of people in Ministry trying to help people who are in the Ministry later on it was a recruitment they will be put in them so that they they must each other their decisions They want to think on their behalf later on, they say no. this was right. You must follow me because I've been helping you to help the people in order to challenge their thinking. Are you are you tell people? A-plenty of people and I was down so that they come from with Me-I iming people who are going to be us you do in this 90. I'm helping people in my village. I send a message you have people who are struggling. I'm ready to give the food. I'm the I don't because I don't doubt to what I'm calling. I don't what what is the upon my life recruited the people of two was'. you must let me tell that to recruitment. It doesn't allow you to pull people have been recruitment. Don't do what they don't like the sacrifice to fight you. Have you on the palm of my hands? You're also gonna be for me to with this with this chapter. I have something you assignment to come with this cast every assignment hasse even if Jesus Christ we are not with us. These are selected will discuss. But you are going to out you are I like to discuss my side, you will like to discuss my brother. you are down but not out. I see this election coming your way, but it is right with the cast and those casts shall serve as a point of reference and say you might die of what you've gone through. But never forget what you're going through. That's why I like the people that say, put this book of floor on the Joshua, let him know and he has it Forman and know all the badges that is right is going to let you know all the battles the journey that he is thus far in glory is more deadly than Morelos, too jealous. I know where I am coming from. I know the values that I am. I got a garage, but I don't forget what I've gone through. I don't know all the answers I am at peace with my sins, but I have scars that balance of what I'm going through the Bible, says one thing the other toward the Moses That was the use of our lives were complaining put them into my balance. He reminded them what I've done and to the King of a.m., See. balance is an excellent coming to spiritual Yourself I'll see you soon. I see you, I see you I will decide to discuss yes if Jesus tells us in his letter with you and decide to win cash we have died to those who are redeemed. You will is a life with this cast and be able to show people. These are these are the things that people have done unto me. These are discussed that I have these are the kind of things that people. And my but I have imagined victorious. These are the things these are the these are the things these are the people that were in grace the we're waiting to my orbit for this, you will need a light to just ask you right with this as my daughter, you are the of in the warfare with the cast to prove that you are doing that every situation that you're going through. It's time is like a courage that is. Remind you that you are bigger than what you have gone through my my daughter man of God Child of God. You are bigger than what you're going through the point that you have is bigger than yours. I say all right with the cast, let them you down, but will have to win this cash, let them. Alu you let them celebrate touch you and you decided to do this. You are electing with the cast. I see you money. I am bigger than my challenges yes I see you on bigger than what I have gone through all select this I see you my daughter here God bless you oh yes god bless you god bless you my scars as a testimony God bless you I am bigger than what Going through yes, I see you I will be right with God bless you. I saw results from the ashes of defeat. God bless you baptize the end of everything. God will bless you. God bless us. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. Audra God bless you God bless you my daughter. I'm not giving up. I'm determine of the father that I have been designed for the particular purposes. Yes, it's true and my daughter, God bless you and God bless you keep the word I am the resurrection power we are. We children. God bless you. God bless you God bless you. Thank you. You are a blessing. more grace my brother, some of my father from me. Liberia. God bless you my brother, God bless you. We are just waiting for the Lord and come to Liberia. God bless you God refugee you have been selected with cash and allow them to celebrate your and allow them to celebrate your touch and allow that to celebrate. Your link you are selective with this cast along to celebrate to what you're going through, allow them to celebrate the colins. I have told you last night. that is the last thing that produce the good is the turbulence up there that will produce the best of I don't know how to celebrate what you're going through. You are victorious badge with this cast to proof that you are right. challenge The of the father. I see you, I see you. I see you God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. I see you I will I want to discuss. I see you see you challenges that. That I used to look है welcome to justice every summer very important while king to assignment enemies important because friends your friends will give you comfort your enemy promotion your friends this you comfort but your gives you You're friends with you but your enemies come with promotion. That is why there is no time to have to go yet. Not to have to go yet no tell you to without no Jess without the wild when. For assignment and destiny fulfillment enemies of great importance, it is your enemies that make all. It's your enemies that make you to focus so come to play every step that will change. How old are you? I'm gonna say to my life when I come to you for free. I'm coming to accomplishment of assignments Destin enemies of great importance. Bye. I please why is this friends provide comfort enemies provide a promotion. That is why the fatal all about God no enemy. no table the size of your enemy against the level of your promotion and you've been teaching about this for so many years. What can I do for women of enemies? you live a full life That is why you need the Bible says. let obedience through what he has gone through Jesus Christ has to level Aed through what is going. True Can pray you cannot have to-night to prayers you need to be with you. Some of you you want to be today if they need to be with you and I attack you and to show you that the power that you have coming is very small. Some of you you wanna be today. thanks god that is why you are alive today thanks god your enemies and make you a no how to use how to how to play and say that how to speak in Your enemies Thank your enemies when coming to Destiny fulfillment enemies of great importance you cannot speak a hundred Jesus Christ You cannot be in this election you cannot speak the without the man in the name of Judds Georges on those parts of the plan. I see you. For the of my life. Yes, my daughter. I see you I see you Hebrew Chapter, five says. Even though Jesus was born, he let the obedience from the things he said I repeat I see my son George. That's where the truth by enemies who make you to be wise yes, but don't sit down or what's in there, but don't say I want to know that Oh, she fussy years old while I'm in the challenge you are wise today because of the way you're going through you are. Today May God bless you as you are because of your enemies when I'm coming to Justice, our enemies are really important. are you to tell people that I aquire because the Brutus Tori I was one position but after after I've lived the place where I will respect of the time for the should be at one place and I was telling people We must move. we cannot be we must move as some of the things are not demonic. That's my. When it comes the things that I have achieved within the space of time. There are honored to fight for 10 years. That's why you're gonna Elijah the brus right. Let me help you turn some of the enemies in your life are therefore the fulfillment of your assignment. There is no Jesus without the soul. I mean Judas. O episódio pode faça sua. Even though no Herman, My what the promotion came through Hamman, the same old the same place where your thoughts what should be will be hand. That was the same point where Hamman was'. You're gonna be a haunted without mentioning the name of so when it comes to fulfillment of your assignment, you enemies out of great importance. They help you to focus even Jesus. let's read this Hebrew. We are about Hebrews Chapter five verse eight, even though Jesus was born What a good to me and you even. Jesus was he led obedience from the things he suffered He let from the things he sets. I see I saw the post of my brother because I agree with that in the school of life. In the school of life. We love through what you're going through. In the school of life, we encounter the problems in late from what you've gone through, but in the classroom situation, we must first and give you a program that's solve this after I have told you. But in the school of life, you will encounter problems and then out of what you're going through, But in the trust situation, I must teach you first and give you a program and say it. What I want to do God bless you. Moning salt in the school of life. You want to even Jesus Christ, the Bible says obedience from the things in what about you are you? Oh, yes, Are we exceptional you are never going to and refuse to be free of you. Are you supposed to be full of I need to be afraid of you. I need to be with you or to be canceled by gurus. Can I mean it's when you come to me, you know you have just released a book of your life. You don't have to experience what I'm going through. You will just keep telling me the things that you think you have read from soy sauce soy sauce. No sir. I do not agree with that. I want to be for people who have gone through those who are past the stage that we are past where I live. That's why I married. To meet with the Elizabeth because she was six months playing into the head of her, she's passed, she knew what is one sick. She has passed to the pregnancy. She has passed two months pregnancy. She knew that she talks of woman's pregnancy. She knew the symptoms of pregnancy. Sometimes it is the best teacher don't be full of the things that you don't know There are what you call organic realities. Are you telling the church that is not us? We are full of fur. That's why many times we are so much in the building castles in the skies we are full of yours. I say even though we are under Jesus was God's Son obedience from the things he suffered hees from the things he saw. Let me help you. I repeat again when I'm coming to treatment of destiny your enemies and put the same jesus' talking about you are wounded. He was bruised for our trans. You are wounded, he was he was bruised for our translation. It is specific assignment to accomplish in line with the accomplishment of your assignment. There will be a side by side. there will be a tax my brother align with the fulfillment and accomplishment of the despite assignment that God has given you there will be a touch. you are not in your to attach unless if you don't know your ass unless if you're hurt, you need in one 's life, there will be a I am a Jesus. I mean which. I know that assignment. Even though Jesus was good obedience from the things he suffered. Junte-se é na de lei Totti You're going to keep us. Symptoms They're not happy with your price, then we're gonna celebrate you that will remind you about your past That is why I used to say I'm gonna say Andrew to preach Conde because the Bible said there's no condemnation for those that are in Christ. Jesus no condemnation for them that are in Christ Jesus. I I used to say I agree, I mean what my guy and some of the Lord that I used to do to all in the open and bring them to the attention. What we don't have to of assignment how to let one with everyone across the board. How can we try to their lives if we have the attitudes? You cannot change my life if you want my attitude. You have to help your child of God inclusion. it's time to move forward. I It is time to move forward. It's time to leave your today focus on your tomorrow. You're apostates over waiting for some people who are made to you about your past. If they don't know about your personal situation, they will speak about your past if they don't put out, they will speak about your past. Focus on you today and leave you today and focus on your tomorrow. I consider my past. I sit down. I'm looking forward to the Mark of how AI has a.m. a calling comes with a price. Live here today and focus on leave you today by focusing on tomorrow. I see you Lucie, I'm an upward and forward to what I see you let me on my pussy over God bless you. God bless you all. God bless you God bless you. you not be called that there is no condemnation for them I mean I am not here to definition there will be afraid that you will be treating you will be pretty all that will be hearing is about to be spending in air we have because faith is the of things for He is destroyed you will continue to live a defeated life. don't allow the damage to destroy your hope. I allow the enemy to kill you hope. I have to. I count on my Aed philipines. we're about to conclude. We are about to do. Never allow anyone to take you in your yesterday. Let you down never allow anyone to take you in your yesterday now. In you now, I know anyone to tell you in your yesterday. Never allow the opinions of your enemies to be your realities. I hope you're ready. I want to do when we re-open the churches No-I lot of opinion of your enemies to be your realities. Now I know of your enemies to become your realities. Never allow the devil to chase you in your yesterday. your past is over you are moving forward. You are moving from glory to glory. you will take over know your assignments and discover your enemies. Everything was moving well until the I'm not there desire to the walls of Jerusalem and. And necessity and necessity was laid before you even Jesus Christ in necessity Bela before me chapter of God, a necessity as Bela before you that you must change the history of your family and necessity has been laid before you that you must be a blessing to your kingsland and necessity. Mais elle a pas. son machin. Do we meet again? Thank you for being part of this service. My last message to you is this never allow the opinions of your enemies to become your reality. You can buy Tds in your in your House now all of your enemies to become your realities. Your past is over. Don't let the devil kill you in your yesterday. Don't let the devil take you in your in your yesterday and lastly you are assignments that you will encounter you assignments with determines the kind of attacks you will encounter the attachments Joseph have encountered on the same with the attach that this is. Please in concert May God bless you till we meet again. God bless you stay connected to remain protected. Tell your assignment and I accomplished it in Jesus name. Don't we we refuse to be a kind of a believer? Be it be a think tank. God bless you in Jesus name. Shalom God bless you.

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