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This Why You Don't Ghost Hunt 馃槀
Number five there's, an app for that. This video was created by most any. They went to an old eighteenth century cemetery at three in the night to test an app that could apparently detect coasts. It work by detecting electrical fields and could even allow the ghost to speak to them the ghost hunters have visited the same cemetery on a different occasion and encounter the ghost name. Tom. This time they went back to tom's grave. This is what happened after Single oh, shit right behind you, it's right behind you right behind year during the third deserve this guys. There's, tom's great right there yeah look look, let it focus on there's tom's grave right here died in 19 35 at the age of eighty his wife, Elizabeth are you right by your grave ghosts, explore the client who is right on top of his grace he's right on top of his grave it's me it's me. I swear you literally just let me know way Tom is Alright You said it hurts. He just said it hurts dude just go shit behind you behind you. You know, I just saw with my own eyes. I don't. I don't freaking do not tell me something behind me man. Bro look at all these bugs jesus literally sound like something knocking at door and then it's right here go signal clamps right by the door. Well look, look, look that's coming out. He said get out. He said get out for you seriously. I wanna see what's going on this looks like a different go stuff. What's your name Talk about this job is that what is that that's an evil one eventual spirit hold and say what we go don't touch me. Don't touch me. Go what smells so freaking weird. It smells nasty go, get in the car get your car give us a car when they reach their car, they breathe a sigh of relief, but the danger was not over just yet. They nearly got into an accident While trying to avoid the speeding ghost, it felt like something touched me and it's not like death, like straight up to your running yeah, you don't go I'm so sorry jesus oh shit. He saw something like you something nice, something faint cut Come bro ice or something it was like of a nice ugly fate in the freaking. So you're, gonna flip the car over bro. Let me right across the road whole head holy shit number for playing with fire in this video the host of the show called vancouver's worst ghost hunters talks about their encounter at the River view, mental hospital the hospital was apparently haunted by the ghost of a former doctor the three presenters tried to communicate with the Coast using port throughout their time. They could hear many voices coming from other roots. However, they ignore them all and stayed focused soon. One of the three name tyler jokingly claims that the ghosts are going to show their presence by setting the building on fire, but they're joke becomes A little too real when the fire alarms in the building start ringing any sign whatsoever. So you can spend it on the border. You can Like the building on fun Not really believing any of these guys Came close oh man. This is gonna shine that sounds like the water man trying to win your vote again. Um it's got a neutral territory on this one. Yeah yeah, let's do that. Um there's. Anyone here did you could spell out the manner in which you died Yeah seriously what, if that's actually assign because we're all laughing about that noise in the other room. Yeah. But what, if that's actually, the side, wasps wanna, try them, flood. Yes, should we check it out now we'll be doing that could actually be assign well just like hearing noises and playing the week we're going to give us the sign and alot rolling down the wheat board stays here shit fuck. It okay, let's put it there and by the way right now would you board is exactly Okay, it moves haunted okay oh yeah Alright, lower back whoa. What the fuck that Rock the block to fire Check the record Uh the news that means we get the fuck outta here Uh let's get the fuck outta here yeah, but, like I said yeah I think everyone here is welcome to any sign whatsoever. So you can spend it on the border. You can like the building on fine number three unexpected encounter. These are exploring an old, abandoned House. They ignore the keep outside and make their way inside the House. They carefully make their way through the rubble the House is clearly in this repair and even dangerous in many places slowly, they reach the interior of the House and find the bathroom inside. however They're shocked when they found drops of blood on the floor, here's the rest of the video, some fact that We have prizes hole in the ground Nice couple of hours, all my diagnosis has come on quite Make this about what the fuck night is back. What the fuck What the fuck fuck that come here come here, fuck, that shit man that's. Fucked up on my days. Fucked up my mind that run come quick on we're going no one knows for sure where the blood came from the next scene shows the police arriving shortly Number 2 AM angry spirits. This video is from the horror investigation show called ghost adventures and features one of its host name. Nick, while investigating a ghostly presence in the House. He calls out to the ghost will also running a highly sensitive, sound recorder. He ask the spirit if it was invited there by the sounds seemingly the ghost answers positively than nick wants to confirm that the spirit did not originate in the House but came from somewhere else. This is what happened after Were you brought here through the sailings. Yes, you were actually at this House. You came from somewhere else, jesus. You weren't actually at this House. You came from somewhere else, jesus and I just felt that well, there's the cold massive here again and David just stab me in the leg like uh oh nice just Be right in the back of my leg like what's going on honestly it's we're picking up on what someone experienced while they were here. Who's here with us right now. Can you say it again so I can hear it. I didn't hear it Number one, demonic attack the Bobby mackey music world and kentucky happens to be one of the most haunted places in the country, while investigating him. They found out that they were under the risk of a demonic attack. Here's the video seven here it Here, let's start something extreme re safe up here uh No, why you hiding over here Oh, shit what was that was. It yeah say it again Come show your self it doesn't want me to order and Ice under the desk, your desk over there yeah that's under the desk yo it's family that you're hiding why you hiding come on come on, say, why. Well, you can do that said. Well, that what's the other well known by the world The Is it Hey guys You, like the book who's the owner of this building You look at the top Got me some don't miss it don't you want to turn it off We moved the investigation into the room that used to be used for satanic rituals, John was stricken with anger and begin to provoke the spirits. Daring them to do something moments later bill notice that he had three different scratches on his arm and what I have to turn around just get kinda flashlight for second confirm with bills on because he has his um three scratches on his arm. Like you can already see it's sold under picture. They are very to find um along and uh. I just wanna make sure he didn't do it himself, but if you look at his nails shellac nails there's, a Absolutely nothing has no nails dirt. All the way down there is nothing and these are like yeah that's in there and they were just provoking and uv started talking about bill are the bombs there you go bill began to feel sick so we stepped outside. He was blessed with holy water and we called it a night

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