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Freeski highlights from X Games Aspen 2020!
It's nightfall here in the Rockies as the fans are piling into the corral for X Games. Aspen 2020 Brand new one here for 2020. It is the ski knucklehead the X Games Rookie Colby Stevenson, sending a little deep on the landing right there deep there you go. He walks out of here and he takes a goal. A picture perfect night two here at X Games Aspen, as we welcome you to the women's ski Big Air Tesla who. Take this thing the distance. I'm so impressed with Texas game tonight. Switch left 12, Whoa Dang, there's the told with the forward double Cork 1260 you saw her do this earlier this year in Atlanta, she is pumped to put that down right now. So again nothing official yet the now it is women's ski bigger Tesla with the gold medal. As we fire up the lights, the action is Gill here for X Games. Men's ski Big Air final as we roll through this out here tonight at least here in round number three stops that one court going for a grab variation. I have not seen him do that. Henry Harlow back On course, let's bring DC back into the mix. Alright guys. Hendrick taken off here. Take it off switch and we just saw prior there. Henner Carlo with that left 16, something you never see. If you guys can read some lips. Who is going to take home the goal tonight? Triple Misty Andre Regatta just landed something we have never seen before X-Games Aspen history he was looking for redemption. After that last attempt, he's been bumped all the way down to six. I think Hendrick's got something left for us here, though, let's take a look. Absolutely massive double Cork 1620 with the tail grab I don't think there was any landing left the bottom. Oh my God. I'm about to walk out of here. This is insane. look at that was on the bubble right there sitting in a bronze medal position, and then it says he's done it. He chokes up is gonna get a silver Henry Carlo winning a six X Games gold medal taking over the top spot from Tanner Hall. The winning is. Dear and X-Games history What a heater of a contest we got lined up for us for today. Alright while sitting in that top gold medal position, the Brookie Colby Stevenson is absolutely blowing me away with his consistency. This is a full new rail run. There's the big 1260 with the tail grab shark fin features switch with the double court. Oh my gosh, you're gold medalist out here as the Sun. Said by in the mountains, we fire up the lights as we get set to kick off women's ski Super Bowl. The 2019 bronze medalist silver medal position at as of right now I'm trying to. A little bit a big straight air there the right side 900. There's 29 hundreds in there just looking to maybe improve on the crabs Kelly into the pipe last chance to make an impact of the judges going with the left side, 900 and the right side 900. So we're seeing some improvement already see the big switch 900 Yes, three different nine hundreds in that row. Silver is gonna take the gold medal. Hope out here tonight at Ski Superbike. The women's ski slope style final this afternoon that quite call this a victory lap was these rankings aren't official until the very end of the contest, but I feel like Kelly sitting in a pretty good spot right now, you know, I mean she's probably destined for it. Let's give away an impressive record right there for Kelly Silver Switch left 12. Kelly Silver has done it again taking home yet another gold medal. We are ready for the men's ski Super pipe Final Erin Blank sitting in the bronze medal position right now got ready for this X-Games by going oh getting 1440. Yeah right off the bat and this run is off to a heater start 1440 into the switch double courts into the left side double. Into the right side, 12, a full entire run of double cork. Wow, five hits average of 11 feet out and a new leader Aaron Block popping up into the top spot on the top spot, but you're defending gold medalist in hometown hero Alex Ferrera as a chance to answer back. he's been in first all night. Aaron Turn over the top spot like Alex Ferrera bring home the gold with one final run down the pipe flats been there. There's the big left double court 1440. Into the switch, double court 1080 another huge run for Alex Ferrera and it's going to be Alex does it back to back?

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