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On Monday's show, presidential hopeful Senator Cory Booker tells Wendy about his run for the White House and how he met his girlfriend, actress Rosario...
Alright, let's talk about her. Oh I'm afraid now by the way I talked to her in the Green room. Ah, she loved her father. She's not here to now her father is about to go into surgery. He loves you Oh, he said. this quote unquote that he thinks you're hot. Hi, mister Dawson. Yeah. I'm single now, Yes. yeah. and he said, you're single and fierce for his word. Oh yeah. He really has a lot of respect both of them. Do they're big fans here. Well, don't sit here and butter up. If you become President. Will I get a ticket to the White House for once look stop right now, Let's make a deal. Let's sincerely make a deal. I do not think you you value yourself. No. I do you do good but I don't beg like I don't think people you know what I'm saying. so how about you and you have a double date in the White House, Me and Rosario. And I got the perfect person. I'll tell you secretively okay good and he probably be a perfect person for you to entertain for something else. Okay. If you win, you know, yes, I am intrigued. Oh yes. I am intrigued. I'm out here. We should break some news tonight. Look look how did you meet her? Well? We met at a fundraiser for a guiding Ben Jealous who is running for President Van Ben Jealous was the same he's running for governor excuse me. Liz Benny. He's a great guy. He's a former head. A C P really special man, and but that was just we were both. I think not really looking at that point, but we met again. I have a lot of gratitude to Sarah Silverman. She held had a party and I like her. She's funny. She's just also a really righteous soul. She's special. Yeah and so we we met at a roof party that she had and she's on fire. The roof was on fire and so do you go up to her and say hi, I'm Senator Booker or do you just lock eyes for. Like how does that work? so I have a lot of confidence in a lot of areas, but I tell you I did not feel confidence when I asked for her phone number and what did she say? Did she look you up and down inside here? No no it was it was. I remember this very clearly I walked up to her. It was the end of the party. We had already talked a little bit and people were drifting out, but she she and I were kinda lingering and and I walk up to her and I said, well, how would I contact you if I wanted to get in touch with you and she goes. Oh, you're asking for my phone number here like shy when it comes to the women but really confident when. Politics I am I am very confident when it comes to fighting for people in my community. Whether it's new work or anything I will, I will I will stand up to any any on any issue. I have a lot of confidence when it comes to Justice and opportunities, but but with this was a shy moment for me definitely but she was merciful. We give me your phone number. I look I I have my. I have hope I have hope.

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