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Literally Me: Trying to Start a New Diet.
What today is a new day, a zero hey. What are you doing. I know what's up with all these fundraisers and my right now much just drinking a protein changes healthy anna it's, a new diet called the 10 10 10 calories, a day big. You know I started my diet this morning. I can fit into the pants that I wore before the baby love I'm basically the same sizes area rub. It in sprays. You recognize me with my new skinny jeans on good bessst, like I know I said it before But I seriously feel like this is it I'm ready for a change. Mommy. I don't have an attitude. People said that peanut butter is good for healthy fats, so I'm just putting a little bit of my over listen. I don't need to breathing down my neck the proven fact that when you combine peanut butter chocolate and yogurt, all in one the good carbs mix with the high protein and the fats the saturated models, saturated oils create peak, physical condition so how about you just let me do my science experiment dying. You just mind. Your business okay Protein we, I mean you can't go wrong with the corner. 30 messed up and had a corn dog with the House, a little fruit. Snack did you know baby is a honey. It it's Wednesday okay and I saw it today on Google that you're not supposed to start a diet on an uneven day. You have to start or mondays okay so not this one, coming up Monday, but next Monday I'm starting a diet and I'm already order to work out the amazon just in my life

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