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On VP Harris’ message to migrants seeking refuge in the U.S., America Ferrera says she felt “extreme disappointment.”
“As somebody who campaigned for,...

Posted 6 months ago in Politics

Denise Stamper 6 months ago

Biden and Harris promised many things that they had no intention of following through with and now they are being exposed for the hypocrites that they are. Sad thing is how much damage are they going to do before they are voted out.

Janet Noia Verderosa 6 months ago

So blame their country and it’s really a sad situation but you just don’t walk into a country you just don’t do it it’s not part of our constitution… So the words coming out of your mouth are so caring but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way

Bosede Alegbegi 6 months ago

Must everybody from Mexico enter the Country, they should also create space for other people who still want to come to US. If she is sincere to herself she will not be disappointed because there are other people from different countries that voted for them too. Thanks

Ellen Bohm Weber 6 months ago

Vice President Harris was trying to state a simple truth. Our borders are already overwhelmed and the trek is long and dangerous. She was trying to prevent more suffering while still showing sympathy. It is very difficult and she shouldn't be getting backlash for it. No US president or vice president would say to everyone, "Just come on in! no matter how much empathy they had.

Victor Johnson 6 months ago

Ya'll want the whole country over here? We have to limit, we have enough immigration problems already. So sensitive to words but their better than the last administration HE wanted to send all y'all back and build the Wall . She didn't say anything wrong.🤬😡

Carrie Record 6 months ago

I am a liberal, however we cannot just keep letting people into the United states. We should close the borders. People to the south of us have taken advantage and it must end.

Sandra Keller 6 months ago

What we should do is send a bill to each and every country that these people are fleeing hold their government accountable

Millie Firstborn 6 months ago

What was wrong with advising them not to come? We have not completed settling the immigration problems we have now. Plus the virus pandemic hasn't ended. Biden and Harris has to prioritize the problems in the United States first before adding on.
So what did America Ferraro vote for? Was it the immigrants here in the United States already or immigrants not yet here?

Intrepid Asiatico 6 months ago

Of course every country has it’s own issues Poverty is the issue!!! But also their presidents need to take care of their people. We have a huge issue with homeless and many other issues. To get settle in a place as an emigrant takes time and it’s a long process . Unless all the doors are open for their benefits which is rare ???

Elsa Velasco Wilkes 6 months ago

Democrats this is what you voted for a president who isn’t qualified to run the country. Illegals coming to your neighborhoods soon.