Tailor Jae in The Lab LDN

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UKG, funky, drum 'n' bass + more heavy flavours from Tailor Jae in The Lab LDN.

Recorded in February 2018.
Yes, this is the love London. Mix and Coors Light teamed up for DJ Quest to find the UK's best new DJs. This is one of our three finalists. Please make some noise for Taylor Jaye. 20. Rapper Rapper You niggas Ashford raindrop your. We. Music music music and the music and the music. I ain't gonna do that. Me-I Make a move. Bring it. It. That you know. That's why when I'm done, let me know. I'm When I say. I say. When I say Bob. To buy When we dance with us. So, My highly-trained Stratton nights. Highly trained Stratton Knights. Ratt Knights. I highly trained Stratton. Get it. It's the dragon. I love you. I'm Fashion This way. Oh, You'll get me. I will find me. Silver Light-green To me, That I'm TC 44. Ladies. You'll get. For me, I lost everything keep falling. Real There's no gas gas gas. Patrice Mesquites You told me I said I I I'm told me I said my soul. I'm 123 and four chilling in the Corey. I see him. Finishs With most, With you. The top they get you, We turn it on with Myst. We're in. it's gonna be a fight. Okay. I had a good time. Tell world. The But I just can't. With that as soon as that what numbers to you're gonna be. Up next And the way to the. A T-bone steak You. Grab your phone. What you got. In the In the Got to put your cigarette cigarette ready for the project. They give me that. Gucci's A six -figure music baby. Hold up hold up No more no less than 10 blinging in your hand to the right and we got my eye on my lips. I need to pick up my eur. It was a troops and any place my face on my back. Give. I tell you. Don't stop keep going. Why not it's gonna? When you was born with it, at least we got the. Bitches My

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