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In 2015 hundreds of Irish dancers descended on Castlebar in Mayo, all vying for one of Cumann Rince Náisiúnta's World Open Championship titles.
Welcome back to Mays Mays now Now Now in in in the the the program, program, program, program we're we're we're. we're gonna gonna gonna feature feature feature some. some some some fantastic fantastic fantastic young Irish dancers dancers because because recently recently we we we headed headed headed into into into the the. the hotel hotel hotel in in in in Cassa Cassa. Cassa Cassa for for for the common Rankin Rankin World World World Open Open Open dance dance dance dance championships championships championships. delighted to welcome the world Championships Championships in in here here here to to to Casta. casta. casta. it's. It's It's It's great great great for for for for our our our. our County County County and and and our town and and to to to people people people to to to come come come and and and and see. see see see me me me and and and. and to promote the counting counting itself itself to to promote promote promote it it it from from from from the the the the point. point point point of of of view view view of of of people people people. people to to to stay stay stay on on on for for for the holidays ET ET cetera. cetera. Well, Well, the the the Organization Organization Organization was. was was established established established in in in 1980, - one one so so we're we're in operation approximately. in in operation operation operation approximately approximately approximately 33 33 33 33. years now now and and as as an an Organization, Organization, we're we're continually continually growing, growing we're an open. We're an open back from. Which encourages and dancers from all different organizations and to participate in our competitions where they are competition. Russ. So our and championships care for all grades and all levels of dance, Where is the world championships care for our top dancers, which is our art and crays dancers, which is our open Championship level dancers so and the championships and of God Level attracts the top Lara in common and it's always everybody wishes to be here to compete for the to take, which is the world champion. I started Irish dancing before I can even remember because my sister was Irish dancers. so I came along to the classes when I was really young and just. Watched and so I was nearly dancing before I could walk so it's always been in my blood. I moved to the States from Carro and Shannon at the age of five and I danced over there for many years. and then when I decided to qualify as a teacher, I came upon coming and it was the best fit for me. We have a big class in Pennsylvania. I have about a hundred dancers in my school and we compete here in Ireland every year, the Open Championships and the world championships. From figures to teams and solos, we have like I said from the under nines on of the standard has been exceptional this weekend. The dancers and fairness put in huge work. They train the same as anybody involved in the sport, just like an athlete they attend classes three to four nights a week and outside the class. I ask them when they're dancers and we will be doing a lot of core work. Stam Tobin protection watching their foods to make sure the right foods coming in to the building of perfect competition, just like any other, at least from my own point of view, our girls have been very lucky. We've danced in at least seven or eight countries around the continent and America so they get to travel. I always meeting new people, They're gonna see new places and it's good. It's good. Sometimes it gets a negative vibe at times with sometimes with you know the glamour side, but that's only one side of it, and I think once people have their hearts and the actual dancing, that's where your your roots and that's where you were. Once the competition is over, everybody is good friends everybody. cheers everybody else on. We work hard and we treat each other the way we want to be treated. There's a great camaraderie among our dancers. They all cheer for each other and root for each other and support each other, even though they're competing against each other. It means so much because I've worked so hard since I can't even remember and then you just really aiming for this title and to have it now. it's just a Dream. come true. Please give a huge welcome to our winner of the World Open Championship 2014 on 11 number four. Anna Frio and the winning teachers Miss Tina Rockland and Miss Kim Woods. I hope. The dates of hosting this event such as this, we will increase our membership abroad because we can offer dancers and Organization and the teachers within the Organization and all other organizations working on a world stage. so we hope to promote that and push it to the future.

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