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She brought in a housemaid to sleep with her husband because she didn't want to be pregnant.. Haaa

Tiltle: Homeless Home
So, So, So Suna Suna Sunni. said you can do this job. job. I I have have done done it it it in in. on on several several several several. occasions occasions. occasions. I just don't like like being being treated treated differently. differently. differently. I I I I mean. mean mean mean some some some women women women women who who who who bring bring bring bring. you you you in in. in. I still see you as a a driver. driver. I I don't don't don't like like like such. such such no. no. no. it's it's it's fine fine. fine. let let let me me me make make make something clear to you that that Gibson Gibson Gibson Gibson. is is is my my my husband. husband husband husband and and and not our husband. husband husband right. right. right. so so so I'm I'm I'm I'm just just just bringing you in in so so so you you you can can can help help help us us us us with with with with. children. children children children and and and all all all because I can't do do myself. myself. I I think think it's it's a a day business. to. Yeah. so that's it. No problem at all, I have no good my money yet I'm in the upfront. That's when I took up before the end of the day. Okay. So let me show you around. Hi. Welcome. Yeah, Who's the young dancers? that's that's causing and what is she doing here? You don't cheat she she. she normally comes to Solis to help with some things and it's so unfortunate that this time around to her mom and dad and siblings in the room and the House is full. so it's not a big for her to be here until they leave so the baby should have consulted before bringing the stranger into our House. Yes, I'm sorry you you happened happened happened so so so fast. fast. fast I I I was was was gonna. gonna gonna call call you you, but. but she's a nice girl. I know her. She's a very nice girl. Well, I hope she is Oh she is and I hope the House clears up soon so she can go back. Don't want to yes I hope so cuz I have all these kind of thing. I don't I'm sorry about that baby. Sylvia What is the meaning of this? Oh and say that should help with the making the bed so to me and so what so because you're going to be. That's why we're dressed like this. I get better what don't realize as a man in this House, Sir-I but you know what please. Right now and remove this from the decent, sorry for yourself just go. With what exactly is going on in this House. Anyway, Where's my wife she's in the kitchen? Oh yes, she is. You're ready for breakfast is ready No-I I have a meeting with Chris before going to the office and I'm already running late. Oh, I'll be fast about. It's okay. I'll be first just 23. You know how things are run in this House, so I'm suppose that all these acting of years is for the sake of your friends. don't worry darling. you're gonna keep it for me. I eat it when I come back. Jesus. That's your husband husband is is how do you think this this might might seduction seduction will will will work work work for for for him? him? him? Why Why Why Why would would would would his his? his? his work work work look? look? look? He's not how she's just just not not happy happy you you need need need to to to see see see the the the way way way he's he's he's he's quoted quoted quoted. quoted me me me to to to to go go go. go change change change this clothes and put him him on on huh. huh. huh. Are Are Are you you you serious serious? serious serious? We've just do do what what you you have have to to do. do. do. you you you know know know why why why you're you're you're you're here here. here here right? right? We're already nett. nett. nett. I I I just just just hope hope hope hope it it it it works works. works works why why why this this this this is is. is is what what what I I I pray for you so it has to work. Jesus. That's how you do What are you doing in my bathroom? Sir-I think what is running in my room with the pipe is blocked. Why didn't you report to me? so I can be repaired or use any other bathrooms downstairs. I don't know. hey. it's okay. It's alright Just go. go. Get out of here. I'm sorry sorry. Which you said you did not bring enough clothes or anything when you come so I bought you some yesterday. it is 00. Thank you so much that God bless you. God bless you good morning and thank you for thanking me. Alright. Thank you. Man this one is a failure. Oh, you know, I'm I'm I'm very good. I mean this guy is too hot. Yeah. So you spoke to him and he agreed. I want you to know that you're saving your brother's life or not. While I'll talk to you a little bit. Where is my wife? Oh, that room? Hi babe if you're back. How's your day? I'm about to move back move back. I want you to be good and to see what I want to show you everything. okay. It is not where you can look at your friends. What's wrong with her what is wrong with her do not see anything Are you okay? Yes? No. she's not okay. She's not okay. She used her to hit the ground. She's not she's not with a mask and in fact, hey, Auntie please answer me. this question is this in your village and your family Don't drive Claud. What What is is the the day come day come come on on on this this this is is is just. just just a a normal normal House. House. No matter how what yes I know it's not matter and then why do you do it? Yes now, Trust me a kind of blessing God God of of videodrome. videoing videoing to to to style. style. style. style. Why Why Why Why? don't don't don't you you you dress like that is is not not not how how how in in in the. the the the dresser take take. take that that that that that that that that that. batts. batts batts, If if if you're on go go and and go go go go go go go go. go go go and and and and some some some. dolo dolo. dolo look look look see see see see see see see see see. I I will will will be be be looking at her and says I can't look at her. What. This is go I can't watch you having problems visually does does look in a half talking about I can't say because why can't you see why would you see look let me tell you something is like you are not understanding that's why In this family by having this this this this House you do not understand why I'm in this okay? You know. I need you to tell me what exactly is Sylvia mission in this House. I don't want to lie to me. I want you to tell me the truth. I want to know. Keeps keeps saying you know I love you and I I really want to make you happy eh. Please please that is not the answer to the question. I'm asking what is our mission in this House? What do you think? Because of the love I have for you Gibson. Okay, prot up, I brought her children and keeps you guys doing this for you and I just don't wanna lose you. It's if I heard you correctly. Brought another woman. If like this one is my woman, you brought another wife for me into my House without my consent. No, I'm I'm paying her. She's on contracts. I paid her to give us just two children and I'm not she gets that she can go. she can leave while I bring up a nanny to take care of of the children. Children. You know. You shock me back to my bone marrow. Jesus as in. You realize that I could never ever contemplate on you. It has never even crossed my mind. I have one now introducing it to me by yourself just because I'm so selfish reason, which would you call it would justify. I mean how do you explain this? Maybe you just don't just going to. I just can't have pregnant soon as you can keep us safe. What I can't do that please now if she is a woman can get pregnant and have children the country. but why can't you Now? let me tell you something I am not going to cheat or have children, but another woman okay, so the better that they have the hair out of my House get out of my House nonsense. In fact, I'm not gonna boost this, I'd I can't even I'm not get up get out of my House. Get out of better. you don't. I'm joking. I'm joking. Okay. Alright tell me what was I was coming this one step seventies one Stop five inches. I will tell you that's wrong. What is what you want me to one that I suspect? On contract to if it does what you want to and get one free nonsense, what we do now. I'm just as confused as you are. I can't think of any other way of talking to my husband about this. I think he loves you, Yes. Emmanuel does not want to cheat on you. He's a nice man. You should reverse your decision and give children. I just cannot stand keeps and bringing in another woman because he finds me on the attractive. I can't you don't know how and we just don't be in the House turning into a baby factory and they go out looking for younger bloods forgetting the fact that you were once like the girls are falling outside, I can understand. The Gibson I know and I have tested will not do that if you cannot do it in this kind of predicament. What do you think you'll do it when he has responsibilities? Look you can always keep your money if you're treating him better than any other woman, he has met so I say the same thing for me. I do not trust me and I'm not ready to make mistakes you know better. But as far as I'm concerned, I think you should change your decision. I just need time to think of other means of talking to him about this. Hey baby. Oh, it's been 24 hours since we talked about Sylvia living this House and yet she's still here Why my foots you change your mind too right? Yes and have you changed your mind about going to them for me as a wife that I married, I don't do this today. not today. What's what if I don't you know you don't know what you're doing. I don't know. If you do not know what you have done that was' to Agm about this matter. You don't know right. There's a This one just likes to this no to that. No. What do you want to kill myself for I beg. Give somebody a KD.

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