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Jay-Z BETRAYS Kaepernick With NFL Partnership
This is a success right? This is the next thing by cuz there's two parts of protesting action to sit Listen to taking a knee Gosh you protest and then the company or the individual say I hear you What do we do next We have tops that are murdering people. We have cops in the S P D that are blatantly racist and those issues need to be addressed for me. It was for me this He was like action actionable item. What are we gonna do with it Believe in something Even if it means sacrificing everything what are we gonna do you know what I'm saying? So we should millions of millions of people and all we get stuck on calling not having a job Jay partnered with the National Football League, the same mega Corporation that employs those involved in murder, domestic violence and countless other offenses, but sees a disproportion of issue at hand with silently taking a knee on the sidelines. What struck me was this without? Okay I think we passed kneeling This is early similar to what Malcolm Jenkins Coleader of the players Coalition and hijacker of Caps movement set I really wanna get this conversation to move away from the anthem I think it has served its purpose which I have to ask Do we saw police brutality another component as Kiara Kelly Road I really didn't like Jay Z said. We are beyond kneeling and we need some actionable items First actionable item You shouldn't lose your job For exercising your First Amendment right, still what change for Hope a viewer. His sports agent Jay Z is a sports agent for Colin Kaepernick and before this all happened, he came to you and said I wanna do this would you said Do it? Don't do it? What would you counsel the brother 100 percent do it He said this to Van Jones, Sienna and anchor also under the Rock Nation umbrella on Saturday night. Live Jay Warranty Limited edition I stand with cap Nike Jersey at a Miami concert in 2017, he told the audience. I want you all to understand when people are kneeling and putting their fists up in the air and Doing what they're doing It's not about the flag It's about Justice It's about injustice and that's not a black or White thing. It's a human issue I don't know what he's doing and hopefully he doesn't knock when I'm doing I didn't talk to him We gotta come see us pause here There has been no one more forthright and helping serve the people than cap and the first lady of the movement necessary So when necessary is Cohen never spoke to Jay ahead of that big deal being done and they never included in any discussion then on top of which caps attorney Mark Geragos reaffirmed mz Jay's team tried putting out the fire but your meal Hill wrote a source close to Kaepernick, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity, the topic told me it was not a good conversation Another portion struck a nerve I think everyone knows what the issue is and we we done with that. Look at this smug smart and not from the guy who makes over 30 - one million year and help exile Colin Kaepernick. That's who you're shaking hands with we everyone knows what we you know what the You know I would nearly okay Do you know what issue you know the issue Yes we all know what the issue was but what hope is about to do is unjust how we gonna stop cuz the kneeling was not about a job. It was about injustice. Let me bring attention to injustice Everyone's saying how you going forward and cap doesn't have a job. This wasn't about him having a job to split the entire movement into as Jay does here when the face of the entire movement was kicked out isn't injustice This is what Jay Z fails directed style with if a commander leads his army into battle and inside wins the war. But the commander gets captured Does the army give up on the commander and leaving behind does another general rise to power wash away the commanders ropes No If Jay Z decides to collaborate with the and use the strong arm of the to impact communities disenfranchised communities throughout our nation in a very, very positive Way then excuse me it wasn't that the goal that Colin Kaepernick cat. This is the talking points Remember them memorize them These are the naysayers to the broker deal and it's a shame. Stephen, a Smith is at this forefront as Eric Reed writes. We never advocated for Collin to lose his job while we fought against systemic oppression that's unjust and where the inserted itself into this Now, the championing social Justice to cover their own systemic oppression and black bowling Colin so we will fight to get Collins job back as well Jay Z knowingly made a money move with the very people who have committed and injustice against Collin and is using social Justice to smooth it over with the Black community Jamaica Hill Road. It doesn't matter whom the partners with or how much money it pours into social Justice causes The league's actions come off as disingenuous because Catherine's unemployed as a result of a peaceful protest How can the be taken seriously as a social Justice champion when a black ball, the player who stood up for equality Jay Z has given the Exactly what it wanted guilt, free access to black audiences culture entertainers and influencers It should be noted Jay has done so many great things It is okay to take matters like this on a case by case basis in my view, it is truly disheartening to see the sign up someone like Shawn Carter who represents so much to countless quantities of people yet turn their back on the leader of the movement He is straight capitalizing on If Jay wants to enter into T I welcome him to a discussion with open arms I, along with many others have questions Jackie Robinson and icon had one great flaw He was used as a pawn against Paul Robson Joe Lewis was used before the expungement of the Whites only rule in golf and how our Bryan's book the heritage Bryant pens Robinson new now in the case of Paul Robeson that he was used to play the role he feared. Then the worst role a black man could ever play in America the safe establishment black alternative to counter a legit black demand for fairness As Malcolm Max, one charge he had been pitted against his own reminiscent of what took place with hope and the an unjust conclusion to what should have never been

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