Ceramic Pro 9H coating with unique 3D matrix moleculor structure

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Wondering the advantages of #CeramicPro® coating? Now you can watch all the advantages in this 1 minute video clip compilation! The world's leading #Ceramic #Nanotechnology protective coating with unique #MultiLayered formulation proven by #SGS with lab report & certification. Drop us a line for quotation --> http://m.me/ceramicpromy

Tested ● Inspected ● Verified ● Certified by SGS | REACH

Ceramic Pro 9H [Multi-Layering Ceramic Technology]
Ceramic Pro Light [Painted surfaces]
Ceramic Pro Rain [Window glasses trims]
Ceramic Pro Plastic/Rubber [Plastic & Rubber trims]
Ceramic Pro Leather [Leather trims]
Ceramic Pro Textile [Fabric trims]
Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper [Rims]
Ceramic Pro Nano Polish [Primer bonding]


Hardness above 9H | Permanent Bond | Super Hydrophobic | Anti-Graffiti | Advanced Chemical Resistance | Oxidation and Corrosion Resistant | Temperature resistance | UV protection | High Gloss | Self Cleaning Effect

✔ Technology : Ceramic Pro 9H is aint typical 'glass coating/sealant/wax' available in the market. It's based on Ceramic Nanotechnology with advanced R&D centre. Thus, not all the coating system are created equal and to be benchmark with Ceramic Pro

Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x9RRkJdlfM&feature=youtu.be

✔ Durability - Some perceptions that in our humid tropical weather, no coating systems will effectively last longer than a year. Ceramic Pro 9H has proven it durability with not just a year or two but permanently. Look for a quality coating system that would be permanent in our environment

Link : https://www.facebook.com/ceramicpromy/videos/vb.241877996005659/386876211505836/?type=2&theater

✔ Multi-Layered Coating System - Don’t buy into the marketing hype that their coating system able to achieve multi-layer properties without any certification. It doesn’t. Ceramic Pro 9H unique formulation on Multi-Layered coating system are proven by SGS and able to achieve Thicker coating, Stronger protection against environmental fallouts & Higher gloss level

Link : https://www.facebook.com/ceramicpromy/photos/pcb.390879984438792/390870451106412/?type=1&theater

✔ Certification : Look for one which has recognized certification (SGS) & publicized lab test report . All Ceramic Pro's product are tested, inspected, verified & cerfitied by SGS (World's Largest Inspection Body)

Link : http://www.ceramicpro.com.my/sgs-certification/

✔ Spray coating is a contactless coating process to ensure that the coating is applied evenly & uniform to the substrate on uneven surfaces/tight areas, a contour coat can be applied; a closed film can be achieved. The lack of a metering coating gap leads to a decreased sensitivity for coating defects and this could result in an improvement of quality

Link : https://www.facebook.com/ceramicpromy/photos/a.256858624507596.1073741828.241877996005659/382179368642187/?type=1&theater

Kindly watch the video link below for the entire process of Ceramic Pro coating : https://www.facebook.com/ceramicpromy/videos/vb.241877996005659/426983124161811/?type=2&theater

The benefits of Ceramic Pro 9H : https://www.facebook.com/ceramicpromy/videos/vb.241877996005659/427097110817079/?type=2&theater

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