Prince says he can play 1000 instruments

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When Prince said he could play 1000 instruments 馃槀
Something about the effect that you made a couple of demonstration and records when you were a teenager, you're barely more than that now are you nineteen Well, you got another year to go before you graduate how many years ago did you did you make these demos and then uh have offers on them. And why would you turn it down? um? It wouldn't let me introduce myself. You were fifteen at the time. Yeah, but they think you didn't know what you were doing. Don't know. were you ever disappointed that you didn't let them do that to you? No did you produce? did somebody tell me you played every instrument on this album is that correct? maybe no that's it. You're very shy modest. how many how many instruments do you play? Moments will be with thousands now literally do you play all the instruments um? A lot.

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