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Following a janazah from the Haram to the Baqi graveyard - the most blessed graveyard in the world. There is a brief showing of some prominent graves inside Baqi as well.

The purpose of this video is to remind all of us of this inevitable stage of our life-journey: the Prophet (SAW) said, “Visit the graveyards, for it reminds you of death”.

Out of respect to the family of the deceased and since I don’t know them nor asked their permission, I did not record the lowering of the body into the grave. However I encourage you to watch any video on YouTube that shows an Islamic burial so that we can see what will happen to all of us.

May Allah grant me a death in Madinah and a burial in Baqi; and all those who say ‘Ameen’ to this Dua, may they get the same!! Ameen.

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