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AAP councillor #TahirHussain under fire over #DelhiRiots
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Mr Sahi the role of the police were going institution by institution today accountability of the police the police I let you respond later mister Sinha just a minute the fact is Mr Sahai the police goes to the court today yesterday goes to court and said we haven't seen the videos of the hate speech today they say we need four or five weeks we will only file FIRs have necessary and an appropriate time what is the police trying to do as it is the polices role is coming under the scanner accusations of parties and ship accusations of not acting swiftly enough and now now says says I I need need five five weeks weeks weeks five five five weeks weeks weeks to to to decide decide decide on on on a a a hate hate hate speech speech speech FIR FIR so so if if you you can can book Tahir and he should be booked why not book a Kapil Mishra as well I tend to agree with you so whatever on this because its a classic case of use CIC police can't see I mean in a in a in a situation like this where he has made a statement what stops police to raise the case as much I mean they should have registered a case in case of Anurag Thakur they should have registered a case in case of so what stops them is it that the masters will not allow it to the police today is basically spineless and is linked to the political masters I think the week leadership the week leadership of the police okay those are strong words let's come one by one to the institution then I come to the home ministry Pawan Khera your party has gone today to the President of India and called for Amit Shah resignation the BJP says this is an attempt to politicise the entire issue that this is the Congress party playing politics by asking for Amit Shah resignation no should be asked for the prime minister's resignation I mean obviously the Delhi police reports to the minister and we saw how yesterday suddenly ah Mr Doval comes on to the streets of Delhi and some of his friendly channel saying प्रधानमंत्री के James Bond उतर आए हैं सड़कों पर हम and what's happening there there is a week leadership I agree with Mr Uday Sai as far as the police is concerned but there is also a weak political leadership ever since the so called Chanakya has has taken taken charge charge of of the the home home department department home home ministry ministry you you see see what happened today we hear the Pulwama accused getting bail because the NIA could not complete east investigations could not file a charge sheet the home minister I am afraid to say is the weakest is the most inefficient Home Minister this country has seen now this has to be accepted therefore if we are if we are raising a political point obviously obviously as as a a political political party party we we need need to to give give political political voice voice to and switch a lot of people have about the home minister home minister Amit Shah are you going to hold Home Minister Amit Shah doesn't need him are you going to hold Amit Shah responsible do you believe he has constructive responsibility for what happens in the right or should the Delhi Police Commissioner be held responsible Rajdeep who does the Delhi Police Commissioner report to who does the Delhi police report to obviously the political responsibility lies at the door step of Mr Amit Shah okay believe you me the country can do without mister Amit Shah maybe the BJP cannot do without him Rajdeep the country has had enough already last eight months and the country is playing a huge prices okay of the inefficiency of this home minister okay yes I am am responsible responsible responsible for for for these these these rights rights rights because because the the one one there was none on ground all those who instigated those you know nobody lost his citizenship ah as far as CA is concerned but thirty-five people have lost their lives who is responsible okay those who have instigated these people wrongly who have provoke these people to you know indulge into all these right Soniya Gandhi just three days after passage of CA held a meeting in in Ramlila Ramlila ground ground to to say say that that this this is is fight fight to to finish finish our our Park parking उन्होंने बोला and there this is what is what is being happening on streets okay let's I'm giving everyone I want to give you people like okay and Sonia Gandhi who had been prescribing

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