For Anyone Who Feels Like They Have Nothing Left To Give

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Some of you are going through the hardest thing you've ever been through. Keep on going. Don't give up. God will give you what you need.

Posted 4 months ago in Religion & Spirituality

Steven Furtick 4 months ago

It's hard to "keep pouring" when you feel like you have nothing left to give. This comes from the sermon, "Running On Empty."

For more from Holly Furtick , check out her YouTube channel. Here's a link to a longer clip from this sermon. ^SF Team

Abby Mendoza 4 months ago

Well golly gee here you are my beautiful friend on point again and again. I will be straight and forward this morning. In a matter of seconds last night, I allowed just this thought to push me in to a black thought: "when is her birthday? What does it matter, you cannot even remember her face." ABBA GOD YAHWEH.please allow me to absorb what THOU hath for me this very morning. Ty sister. I appreciate your servic unto our ABBA.

Linah Mashigo 4 months ago

Thanks God my spirit is connected to this amazing women

Carrie Lee Griffith 4 months ago

I just said last night I didn't think I had enough to give another year ( just celebrated a desperate lonely birthday) and then this shows up. 馃挍

Jenny Hesed 4 months ago

I need this. That k you for this message. I've been going through divorce. It's definitely not easy and it is truly one of the hardest things I've gone through, but I know God will fight for me and walk me through it all. He has this far.

Biti Biti Biti 4 months ago

Pray for me am a single mother with two children one in campus ongoing another one 12 years whom the dad supports when school calls him for fees. Am trusting God for a job. Its been 10 months since I was forced to resign September last year by my boss following an accident I suffered in February 2020. It's tough not knowing where your next meal comes from. Shalom

Gabriela Meza 4 months ago

Beautifully said.... I'm glad that we can keep pouring but when it gets filled. Don't give up.... God has a huge plan for everyone. Helping others is a part of god's plan. We don't brush the ones we love to the side. Ur words right now hit the spot. Thank u both if u. I hope u realize how important it is never to stop reaching out to people because their falling into the things of Christ and it's beautiful to see one god captures another brother or sister. God bless all

Ayanda Mcosana 4 months ago

So powerful. I can testify to that. I was looking for work, I kept pouring to encourage and assist others find work. I could not get work. I met a lady who said she saw me and something told her there is hope she must keep looking for work as she was about to give up. I looked at her knowing I'm also looking for work. I told she will get work in Jesus name. I prayed with her when she sent me text she had an interview. I congratulated her when she told me she attended an interview and they employed her right there and then. I praised God. And guess what withing two weeks I got employed. Keep pouring....never get tired of pouring

Olga Castelli 4 months ago

Yes Holly this is a lesson in increase. Even though we feel we don't have anything left there is always God's increase that He promises. How ironic it seems. It's like using God's Credit Card to release increase!

Lisa Pamela Gabrielle 4 months ago

Hallelujiah! Thank you, God bless you. I needed to hear this. Praying to get an apartment and be secure again. I had a beautiful apartment and had to move out due to safety and living in a motel that is too expensive.Also can't afford my car and working two jobs. I have faith and believe God can and will help me as I share my testimonies and having moved several times to share Gods word. I will keep moving forward with faith. Prayers to get an apartment to be secure again. With God I can and will be Ok. God shall supply riches and glory in christ Jesus