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I feel bad for girls 馃槀馃槄
Saved So nothing been in here for an hour I love girls with the great smile Yeah Oh I think you have a little bit Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I'm so annoyed anyone in there Hey there's a line There's like 20 people Yeah We all have to wait line. Isn't this long Alright I'll talk to you later Can you put this in your pocket? Please Yeah. Of course. Thank you Oh what's going on You're falling on pocket I don't think I'm real pants with robots Where are you going right here Here we go Oh what do you watching basketball Yes. I love bath Yes So that orange sphere has to be moved down the court and score points I know what basketball is your booty today Is it that time of the month or something Oh okay What What What's wrong My hair Oh my God It's fine. It looks literally the same as yesterday and basically ball Hey Hey Oh my God Are you sick No You look a little different I'm fine Well What is it that make you look so different today I'm not wearing any makeup today. Okay Oh I mean you look just as beautiful without makeup Yeah It's it's too late I look good today Finishing touch Oh okay Oh just want the gold one time I just love one necklace Oh hey girl Let's see the new shorts The website look like they were gonna fit but they are so died Should I call my man Oh I'm so tired that we can go to bed right now I have to take my makeup off so lucky Get the bit to myself Oh it's so nice out today Oh wait a minute That's human my hair She's gonna break that I get my hair up in your head hurt my cramps are killing me today Oh I'm sorry Oh you better get out while you can Okay Okay What's the matter we ponytails like way too tight Okay. Well then just loosen it hard God That was do lose it No, I can't just make the perfect place to hold us back too loose That's inside It's mister right wax Spring of rubber are flight leaves in 10 minutes. Let's go Wait Wait I'm stuck Court. Don't leave me Don't leave me. I wanna go to Hawaii What's the new dinner ballot This broken me again Oh so I thought we agreed on a new sugar diet and cravings. Okay if you chief and I cheat with you Where's our food What's happening Oh my God. What's going on? Are you okay I'm having a heart attack Oh no No. No What are you doing We are who's my bra The wire just kinda like pop right there on my chest How long do I have to do this for two more seconds Okay Oh hurry up I think you have a little bit of Yeah Thank you guys so much for watching Make sure you follow us on Instagram right here and tag your annoying girlfriends Well okay this is not annoying tag your normal friends who are annoying Well no that girls who face his annoying Yes Oh that's it Okay. Yes Not all girls are annoying Yeah Yeah Yeah What's the annoying thing that girls have to face oh there was so many The pockets The hair the humidity Hey, I faced that struggle too. Sometimes okay. Like that's a University like the one that I'm most grateful for being guy in the bathroom lines Oh yeah Oh and the periods like that Oh yeah Oh that's a thank you. God to be nice We'll see you guys next video Bye

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