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Things got real cheesy in the last episode…
Can give you any word and you can freeze all from it. Cheese. You best believe you best believe bars for DC cuz you need to work them out already do it. Minister and I actually met in a bar. We started texting and we're just kinda get into the moment. This is the first time that he's gonna cook me a male definitely a big test for him. We'll see if he lives up to my expectations. How are you good good? Do you wanna help me the best way I can yeah. I got this little earpiece here. I'll be there guiding you through it. The best of luck. Yeah, you got this. can this simple gesture of cooking someone a meal bring you closer together. So today is the first time that Matt has ever cooked for Melissa. They're both 20. She's a branding consultant and he runs music nights and also manages a football team on a weekends apart from competing for his attention with this Saturday League team, the only thing that stands in the way of true love for these two is a plate, mac and cheese. What could go wrong? She's gonna find out what a terrible cook it could be make or break. Oh hey by the way you look amazing. Thank you. let me ask if you like a drink. Would you like a drink? A loved one? Yeah. There we go, you can see I got this say cheers to how good my hair is looking right now. Cheers cheers to how good my hair is. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And she saw that right, let's start cooking. We are cooking, yucky, mac and cheese. It's very finely slice up the panchetta front in the frying pan. tell her that you've actually got hidden talent. I thought she got a hidden talent gone. You're actually really good freestyling. I'm actually really good at freestyling. It's been like rapping. She can give you any word and you can freeze all from it. There's some bars on the million making cheese cheese you best believe you best believe you know. yeah. Husband Okay, you need to welcome it wasn't even a good effort wasn't really nice cheese is it me let's start making the cheese sauce First things first. It was great. We're taking a pinches and put it in the kitchen. Then you're gonna melt some butter into the source fan. When that's melted. you're gonna put the flower in. we're gonna put the flour in. let's make a room. Yes exactly not your first rodeo Rubio. I'm gonna try the flower in the roof milk I feel. Front of it sleepy it's fine. It's gonna be fun. I'll tell you a great. check up on the chopping board. You go find it. We'll wait to use it is fat like that, but most people great it like this well I was about to do it wrong here We go cuz it falls through. Yeah. it's all connected. It's great tack big things for me guys a day. It's like they have some interests. so I'm really passionate about music. I also play guitar say he used a lot of heavy River. I actually do listen to a lot of heavy rock as well. Really, you should love. I really love to fly going up. That's not heavy rock. That's like that's like heavy rock and busted as well. Don't forget wasted anyway the cheddar to the source. Yeah, you can never have too much cheese right now. You're gonna have two teaspoons of mustard in and they're gonna feel the black panel to turn it up to nine. You're a teacher again. he used to play gonna teach you a game. I used to play God, you're gonna make a sound with any ingredient. That's in front of. And she has to recreate that sound using our mouth and you're gonna recreate that sound of your mouth to add to the water in your face. This is the sound you do. It's like yeah. Okay you better put the whole bag. Look at that right. We're gonna do one more sound. you have feeling she's gonna nail this one. I have a feeling you're gonna be great. Oh that's good. Whoa. Sounds like a train. Yeah. I've no idea hold on to the cheese sauce and now you're gonna add the panchetta you go give that good stuff and you're gonna pull the mixture into the baking dish. That's great. This is like a Nigel Christmas special Next thing you do is make the breadcrumb mix just turn this up and now advance the food processor, add half the battle and in one garlic clove. Negative great and some Parmesan, Oh, you can do your registration. We done this before. Yeah. we'll keep that for the next summer pastor not being presumption sterile altogether and sprinkle that over the top and then you're gonna Chuck it in the oven. I'll open the door and you get after well. Congrats why well that's in the oven. I'm just gonna get another bottle from the seller. do you mind clearing up? He throw. Do you mind clearing up? Wow well first along the state with you. Alright good. How is it going? Yeah? No, you know what it's actually kind of pretty well. I'm not sure I'm telling you to clean it was the best way to leave this is true. I don't think that's how it really food in the blower when she was gonna forget every negative thing that I made you do. it's gonna show every day If I got like I am so sorry. Thank you very much for tuning the kitchen. you're welcome. so I'm just gonna make some finishing touches to the dish. Make yourself comfortable over there and I'll bring it over to your cool. I'm gonna go nice lovely. Maybe the food will save this trunk taking nicely and just sprinkle. Wonderful Voila. I'm not gonna lie. I'm kind of nervous about this one. Yeah looks good. doesn't it. Yeah. That's really great. I'm excited to do this. Chris that's not saying it will get there. I wanna say impressed right well. I think you should take a bite. I'm gonna choose guys. Yeah, it's really good. That's amazing today. Would you do this again? I think you should do it next time, but you can definitely do the washing out this time. I think that's very right now. we're getting lost in the seller had salad. I do have a set of name which I'm convinced is wanted it. I do have a confession for you. I do have a confession for you. Come on. Oh God what are you gonna say there's no ghost in my seller. There is no ghost in my seller, but there was someone down there and they basically been a person on this date. Hello, How are you loving to me? Okay there. He is. yeah. this is gonna be a date for that extra. Yeah. It's a quite surprised you're talking about going on another day with me. Also I made you wash up. Yeah, but unless submit that was just because I had to go down the speed corner. So with that in mind, I think we have to do this again. Sure okay. I think it was a massive risk was near in the end. I think it actually played out already. It is great company was great last laugh and Giggles. As if you're not same again well, we've done it again. Two more people bound by law force together in the fire of a hot oven full of gorgeous mac and cheese. I've been kinda Maynard and I'll see you next time.

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