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Cardinal Copia - Ghost - Faith
Gonna miss you too much with the Tony can go to you where is my boobs. If you keep me just wanna say that we're just gonna look at that all I know the family jewels its core design returning the door and telling you saw all that food ability so how are you You know you do you think the opportunity to go out and buy some tiny to you. You do something is a good brews to you. It is very important that you take care of all the time you need to have a little bit because we're having everybody so we can rock for all the little bit longer You not gonna start doing things differently than others in the contribution We don't call me with any package training. What the guy that was not the matter of the world with functional you know. I am very quick to use to use, especially you guys who know what take a long cold shower before the show so half of the crowd will get front. I fucking love you guys and we're gonna use never one for the And I don't so you're welcome June first is coming and that is the Very, very, very good now, we're doing a song from that. Album so you won't ever hurt. You so Who's song is about something that I feel is very strong to

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