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Chloe’s in labor, and her family isn’t too impressed with Max’s attitude so far. See what happens tonight at 10/9c on a brand-new #Unexpected!

Posted 3 years ago in TV & Movies

Jennifer Iannitelli-gesuele 3 years ago

These mom's are unbelievable. Let the child and her boyfriend take charge of their own lives. They want to play house there are consequences

Maddison Vann 3 years ago

He’s probably starting to get fed up with how her family treats him, they shut down EVERYTHING he does. They literally didn’t want him going to his own child’s baby shower.

Micaela Pugh 3 years ago

My husband watched a football game and slept while I was in labor. I mean what the heck are they supposed to do? They can't push the baby out themself and 99% of labor is just waiting and breathing through contractions anyway.

Martha Gamez 3 years ago

Maybe the reason why he acts like he doesn't care is because her family is always on his back, if they can I least give him the benefit of the doubt probably he'll start taking charge.

Maria Spallees 3 years ago

He’s like my husband was during my labors, useless. But maybe there’s another side to this story. Looking forward to seeing this episode.

Drew Tobasco 3 years ago

The people having kids are more often then not the people who shouldn't be having kids. It's sad that as a single 30 year old man I have to pay taxes for these people who will undoubtedly be collecting welfare free housing free medical all while they act superior for having a child they can't even take care of

Taylor Amelia Horrocks 3 years ago

Who does this make you think of Tracy Brown Szabo Katherine Rose

Anyone sleeps while I’m going through contractions I swear I’ll throat punch them 😂😂 love you all tho

Mandy Mercado Barreras 3 years ago

SMH. This is why kids shouldn't be having kids. I blame the parents. We not put your Daughter's on reliable birth control. These boys need to also start being more accountable.

Shawnta Smith 3 years ago

A lot of people want to say it The Mother it the Mother did anyone hear when Max said "when Chloe turns 18 they will never see her again" I can bet he is threatened that before so I'm all with the mother because if some thing happens to my daughter after he said this we have a whole Nother problem team Chloe's parents watch out for your child

Summer Drye Newton 3 years ago

Weakling. Yes I know it’s painful to have a baby, I’ve had 5 myself but seriously suck it up this is what happens when you try to play adult games as a child.