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Chillin until go time!

Beta Begins Sept.12 1pm EST and runs until Sept.16 1pm EST! Then starts back up again on the 19th!

Yeah Hey babe What's up 00 man. It feels good Okay Okay My own Ah Alright let's get into it Let's hop into it Good morning Good afternoon Good evening. Whatever it may be for you man Whatever may be for you I hope I hope and I pray that you guys are having a crowd today. Put a smile on your face. Tell yourself you love you Love yourself Take care of yourself then take care of the people around you take care of the world Take care of the world Love yourself Take care of the people around you and love the world. Let me say it One more time. Take care of yourself Take care of the people around you and take care of the world Alright good morning Good afternoon Good evening. What's good everybody? How you doing man It's a beautiful day A beautiful day man put out some genuine positive energy into the world today man so somebody some love show somebody some love. Alright What's good man How are you guys doing How are you doing We're back We got Beta in 30 minutes. Imma say what up everybody. We're just gonna chill. We're not gonna do anything where we're gonna stay here and chill talk and you know if you're here for some game play if you're here for some blackouts for I'm sorry because we're not playing blackouts for today Okay we're gonna be playing the beta and for the next 30 minutes we're gonna be chilling. We're gonna be chilling and we're not we're not gonna play a game of the bed and we're not gonna do that I'm sorry. We're not gonna play a game of a blackout or anything like that. We're just gonna sit here and it looks like we're playing box for but it's not it's not the right screen. So we're gonna sit here Boom We're waiting on this as soon as that clock hits you know One PM Eastern Standard Time I'm Preston Retry I'm President Retro 500 times Alright and we're getting in these services are gonna be some of the first people in this service Alright just saying just saying I'm really really excited to get going with this who knows how long we play who knows how long we're gonna play You know depending on how good this game is if the game is really good, there's a lot of stuff. We can do a lot of customization. There's a lot of fun being had who knows how long we play all right Who knows So let me say what up everybody. Imma say what up everybody real quick and then I'm gonna go down to the bottom so we can catch up in the comments and stuff like that One thing one thing I do wanna do is I want to I want Y'all to fix my lights I wanna try to fix my life. I'm trying to fix them the other day before the stream but they were having I was having With with the WiFi so Imma try Imma try to fix those while we're sitting here chilling and talking. So like I said, we got 30 minutes so let me catch up here. We got Tony with a first comment of the day Tanya it says hi What's good Tanya How are you doing I love you I love you Tony with that fake Top fan again. You know all she's got that familiar face What do you know nothing I said fake talk fan Tanya Yo Casey Casey Chris, Stephen Evans Ricky Curtis Eric Greg Anthony Trevon is it Patrick Patrick Hillary Francis Daniel Sophie Shawn Stevens, Stanley M Logan Danny O Johnny Casey James. Mister Vickers Queen B Kyle Josh Josh Stevens, Josh Rogan We got John. We got Hillary again We got Greg Jeffrey Trump Tron Tron Okay And then we got we got Troy We got Tyler. We got John. We got Danny We got Chuck Austin. Michael James Anthony Richard Corey Drey Drey What is wrong with you bro Waiting to see your name in here. $50 Are you kidding me Don't do that Don't do that Shout out Drane man Pope with a $50 donation. I think he already left yesterday when I when I was shouting them out but $50 donation on cash at man my God Maybe I just got sweaty all of a sudden I'm talking about that We got Isaac. Stephen John Chad Alex Danny Craig Michael Tom Floyd Annual Dylan's father Chuck Triana Triana Triana tries I always say it's Triana Triana Tree Alright Scott Karen Tom Laurie and Anthony Anthony. I should say Victor Joshua again Alright, Imma scroll down to the bottom. If I miss you. I didn't say what up Damn man make sure you say what up make sure you say what up Yo. What's up Will how you doing I know what I want to say are you talking to play the game here we go Here we go with the with the winky face too Oh my God Yo what's up Matthew? How you doing? Let's go Well. How you doing brother Wassup I think I said that but we'll stop again. What's up caller How you doing How you doing man? How are you doing what's up Shawn? How you doing What's going on brother What's up Nick watching from the tractor right now. I need some entertainment Hey you know I wish I could give you some game play right now but like I said, we're gonna be sitting here at this screen for the next like 3020 - five minutes or so so Yo, what's up Michael Sera Wassup Marty Wassup Belmar It's how you say it What's up Jermaine Hip hop shore I don't know I don't say it. Mister Tim and what's good What's up tension 30 minutes. What's up Scott What's up Bryan What? Adorable baby Jessie That's what that that emoji is You can see that Jesse James has put in I got a big tongue. Yo Yo. What up Carter? How you doing? What's up Eric Kill them all That's the plan baby. Waddup Brendan Braden Braden. I'm sorry Braiden WiFi acting booty today Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh No No no no no finance speaks English I think it was a lot of savings that's being angles. Brother is a World. Mac is the world map a background making a comeback No no, it is not we're gonna have something way better on the background way better on the background that I'm Super excited for you know I got I I have a couple more things. I gotta order but you know I'm excited for it I'm excited You see you gotta see this the used to be. I guess there's some type of painting right here but it's all gonna be covered There's like a black line right here and a black line over here I don't know it used to be there but for cracking inside Y'all you already know what's up Jessie What's up Devon How you doing It's supported by showing up. It is. Yeah Yeah I see your support That's spicy bad. What's up Ben How are you doing 20 -. Five minutes. I'm Bro Gates you know bro Gates of hell You're already know The booty all treating you Well we're alright We're alright Alright What's up Rafael that sounds so weird like when you ask that then I read that out loud that sounds so weird cuz like like some people may not know we're talking about so like yo what's up What's up Tommy? Wassup Daryl What's good What's good What's up Craig Hey is this modern way for everybody? Good to be playing black out another year Hey you know this is what we gotta realize. Well we gotta realize is I realize this is a beta This is not the full game This is not the full game we still got a you know a whole another month a whole another month before this thing comes out a month and more a month in you know a couple a couple of days so you know a lot can change with the game not too too much but a lot can change as far as you know think about the updates that they did the blackout stuff like that within like a couple of days So if they have a whole month to change some stuff we don't really know so I'm hoping that they take everything that they learned from this beta and just make the new When it comes out you know stellar Absolutely immaculate What's up Nick? Good luck and fantasy this week Hey. Good luck buddy Good luck man Good luck What's up Vegas? How you doing man booty heard it from the BBW Whoa Whoa Whoa. Whoa Whoa would you take a hundred dollars an hour to roll duos No I don't take donations to play It's a better able to download now at this So the for the open access beta for the you know the exclusive PlayStation beta This is for the preorder It's only now actually actually I do have a code I do have a code here and you know I'm gonna post it at 1240 - five at 1240 - five. I'm gonna post my code for the beta. It is a P S four exclusive code at 1240 - five You better be in the chat because I'm gonna post a beta code first person to type it in gets it. Okay we're gonna post a code that you're gonna be able to play from you know, September twelfth all the way to the to the sixteenth so That I will be posting that let's go how you doing bro What's up Hey what's up rolling Promise wrapping your hat and that's my dog man Yo. What up George? How you doing Hold on BW Yeah Boneless breaded wings What are you thinking bro I did pre order but it's telling me it's not available That's weird I don't know that's very odd and that's very very odd man The Jersey It's in the other room folded up nicely looking good looking spicy Booty. Okay Hey, it's okay It's all bright It's not the best but it's alright. It's getting better Alright yo what up you go Yeah Boneless breaded wings B W What do what else is it What code the code I'm talking about you know the the code I'm talking about is a is a downloadable code for the beta A downloadable code for the beta Okay where you put the code in wherever you would redeem a code wherever you work you could do Play station four app You can do it actually in the Playstation store on your PlayStation You do all that you do all. That is multiple different places you could put it in. You can do on play Station dot com You do all that Til til tell Mark. Tell big Breasted wings A yeah Hey Yeah. We that's that's another thing today. We're gonna hit 60 K today man we're gonna hit 60 K that is so crazy to me. That's mind blowing to me the famous growing every single day We're on the road You know it's far It's far away It's far away but it's not that far away. We're on the road to A hundred K bro on the road to A hundred K we're about to hit 60 K and then we're we're we're we're looking straight when we hit 60 K we're looking straight at A hundred We're looking at A hundred. If you guys don't know I'm actually getting a tattoo of PUBG somewhere Yeah maybe like right under my eye right here. Two PM BG Hashtag no I'm just saying but I am I am getting a tattoo of a hashtag you know PM BG or just BG somewhere on my on my body so at A hundred K A hundred K on a case so you gotta play competitive modern warfare a hundred and 10 percent Yes nigga. If you don't I'm gonna throw my phone at the Wall Damn huh Are you single yo it depends on you Asking you know what I mean Let's go Thank you mom. I appreciate you bro like posting loan Yeah Yeah Right on my butt I want it I want it somewhere else but I wanna actually somewhere like maybe on my arm maybe on my finger I don't know I don't know I'm on my lip inside Yeah obviously that hurts bro Where can I buy the code Florida just download just just just pre order the game Flooring preorder the game Can you put your headset preset on your page 44 Florida Florida cuz you say your name That's a that's a weird name you got T shirt for sale Yes Yeah There's a link in the description to the merge site Man Merch dot PB Gaming dot com but what it was. I just read in a second ago I was reading a second ago Trans stamp what's that read it Oh yo okay. How do you say it Okay for the mud full of mud Okay. Yeah I don't I don't know why I was reading that weird Yeah For the month Full of mud Alright my my headset is pretty much right out of the box. The only thing I changed is something for you know for for the mic and streaming other than that. That's it That is all I didn't change anything else as far as you know for the as far as the preset yo it was good Rasta we running it up You jumping in the lobby You jumping in Rasta You better be ready You'll hit A hundred K before 2020 Hey, that's the plan man. That's the plan. That's that's a tough feat Imma tell you right now. That's a very very very very tough feet We're gonna have to grind you guys know me the rest of the year. The rest of the year is it's go time baby specially with this game coming out with this game coming out I'm telling you it's Baby, it's time so I'm gonna be putting in the time It doesn't matter if we can we can get the get the fam to to to grow fast enough I know we'll get there eventually We'll get there adventure. It doesn't matter matter of when Alright not if when the facts getting my stream ready? Got you alright Hey text me text me when I mean I'm I'm I'm literally sitting I'm literally sitting on the screen I'm not sitting on the screen just waiting on you know I'm I'm waiting on the press. You know we try so as soon as as soon as this this bad boy hits 10 'clock. I'm gonna be spamming this over and over you know as I possibly can trying to get in so well we'll see alright Imma jump jump into these alerts I don't wanna get too far behind here Imma jump into your alerts and then we'll jump we're we're gonna chill and I'll probably mess with these lights here for the next 15 minutes or so Yo Tanya with the first share in the first comment and she knew him he does you know what can I say What kind of say hey Donny. I love you Ricky with the second chair Ricky and then Cody Vegas with the third share got you We got Tanya Ricky and Cody with the first three shares of the day. We got Jeremy Corey Chris Charlie Anthony Matt Michael Steven Queen B Robert Hillary. Sean Casey. Trey all the shares of how's everyone doing What's good Amanda how you doing the 200 We got Kasey with a share Iraqi with a shared Chris Farrell with the three months three months. Welcome Wayne with the 100 with the first stars of the day, Wayne we got Danny Drew Drew Tyler Jermaine Collin Stephen all over the ship 80 - 580 -. Five. We better be playing in my car today Keep your calendar brother only positive vibes and love a man. Mike. You know I love you dude. Hey. Hey That's why we're playing. That's what we're that's what we're playing today is the the Minecraft beta literally people know. Yeah Awesome with the finish Good freaking morning Nick MTG. Let's get it You know I feel weird after the way. I just read it that way. So I'm gonna read it a different way. Good for you. Good morning Nick and B G fan Let's get it Hey, what's good Man how you doing We got Sam Smith with a share Scott with the four months Chuck Dakota with the shared Josh over the six months. Welcome back We got Brian Emily and Florian Tyler, Tom Kelly Sheila Joshua all with the shares Nathan with the two hundreds of best place to get some good vibes to get through this work day Hey I feel you I feel you on that Hey you know you know we're gonna we're gonna be putting out a positive energy and I'mma tell you yo Christian Craig Timothy Austin Ashton Robert Cody and Kyle this year With a six months shame Jordan Mark Fattiest They say that is Ashley Marshall. Josh Justin Scott all with the shares Eric start with the 270 good afternoon Nick and Penguin fan I don't know why I'm not the big screen baby Bring up the big screen Alright yo Eric good afternoon brother. How you doing with the 200 stars? I love you man I hope you're having a great day. Call them Martin with the three months. Welcome back. Call them. We got Michael with the share Jonathan with the 370 - eight. So I love you bro. Just hopping on go against you in the bed. I hope I I I'm telling us. I hope I do go against you Alright, I'm I'm slaying the fan just like we're Slay in the fam Alright so I'll see you in the lobby make sure you put the PRMG in the law in your in your client I'm gonna have it in mind I'm gonna have it in mind. So I'm just telling you enjoy exclusive PS four time Nick suing the team will be cleaning this lobbies out Oh okay You get your Jeep working man I you know I'm I'm talking to dealership right now about it so I I mean I'm a little bit distraught about it I'll tell you guys more updates about it as I get updates about it but Right now, there's not really too much of an update Yeah Creamier and Garcia with the shares Michael Hunt with the seven months Jessie with a shared Christian with the 1000 and then say if you see sooner magic Green one says come across the feeds and the better this week please be gentle I'll tell you right now. I just told you right there I don't have a gentle side I don't have to sign up It's late time I'm slaying I'm slaying Alright Yo it's Sean Burn with the two months Andy with the shared Carter with the 50 and said someone said Tony was a fake top new you know I ain't gonna lie I was said it and I said it loud and clear Alright Yeah Walter. Thank you for the Nathan with the two hundreds and miss the first 200. So here's 200 more LOL I didn't miss it I didn't miss. I just didn't go through him yet man. Thank you Thank you very much for the 200 and. That's much love man Thank you Thank you Nathan I wish I could send those back to you so that you know that you know cuz I didn't miss him. I didn't miss him. I just haven't got to him yet Is it a new Jeep a hundred and 10 percent Yeah Had 40 - four miles when I had hundred Travis, with a 2000 is that I haven't seen I haven't seen it for awhile. Cheers Hey Travis my man Thank you dude for the 2000 with their big time. Love dude Craig Brown with the seven months. Richard Scott with the three months Manning Andrew Daniel Darrell Michael Marcel All the Shades Daniel J Sessions with a seven -month anniversary. Ron Seth Cruz Jameson Daniel all with the Josh Granger Brownie with the three months. We got Matt with a 2230. The day is great. Looking forward to some modern warfare game play Y'all me too baby me too I'm so excited I love him like I like my body is ready My body is already. My mind is ready I'm ready to just pop off Scott Danny Hey I'm jumping on today I'm dropping a nuke today. I'm calling it right now me and Oakley. If you guys are in the stream last night me and Oakley have a little bet that were were that first person to drop a nuke The other one owes It's a $20 bet so whoever doesn't drop it like whoever drops the first gets a 20 bucks Alright so well It's time it's time to try hard Alright yo Mac and David. Thank you for six months The Del Marie Marie Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary I think I said it right right Yeah Daniel Thank you for the share Daniel Heather Emmanuel Cody Huss Baldo and Garcia Auto Joe and Tristan with the Chez Frank with the 50 Say what's up Nick Let me know It goes also miss the original background hashtag bring back the world Hey, listen, I'm telling you once I get to the real background setup back here you guys are gonna you'll know you understand Alright, you'll understand what's really going down Alright yo Dean. Thank you for the share Frank James Money and Melo with the Chez Cody with the Happy Birthday Nick and families go Cody Hey man Happy birthday to you as well. I like that Ryland David and Brandon with The Shed's Randall Becker with the 90 - five Nick. I don't care if I miss it but what's your stream ads link? I need it real quick. No you don't You don't need it. You don't need I say it's not even in the description but it's if you stream Labs dot com slash picnic Basket Stream Labs dot com slash picnic basket is is the actual is the is the link for it alright. So Bryant with the two months I came back T V six and men Dash is I say it Mandan Alright yo Chris for the 1200 oh baby Yo Chris man Thank you Thank you for the 1200 big time live with that. Thank you brother Thank you so much We got Nathan with the two hundreds and no worries bro Thank you man. Thank you very much. Devonte Terrence with the shares We got Brandy Haynes with the 200 said. So so it hashtag hashtag PMG attached to be too much or a portrait of view L M F A I just came I don't think either are too much I mean I tried to get me to post it really Alright yeah Tony. Thank you for the share of John here with the two hundreds. I love you bro Get the spicy get spicy with the Bank You already know it's time baby You already know what song huh Minutes noble Cody Brandy Tiger Tommy all of the shares and we are actually caught up so good stuff Good stuff right there. Let's get it caught up We're all good now so so yeah Oh yeah It is past 1240 - five. I'm gonna put the bait a coat in forgot dude. I forgot that it's already Alright I'm gonna put this bed a coat in here I'll take it I took bottom right? You took the top one right Alright I took top No that's not it That's not it Oh my gosh Oh hit interacting I mean somebody somebody could get a head start Head start on it I'm about to spend the code man I'm about to spend the code here in just a second and make sure it's right Alright I'm I'm about to spend the code here in just a second I'm about to spend the code Are you guys ready Is that funny? Tommy is that funny Alright, here we go Ready There you go baby There's a coat first person to get it first person to get it right there Who got it I don't know Random bro Are you kidding me What's your plan? We're gonna pick up some of the other boys Rando with the 100 Yeah for sure for sure Randall with the 100 bro the $100 donation on stream labs and says we love watching you bro Here's your hundred K followers bro Keep up the good work and hard work and hope your booty is better Ha ha ha Oh Randall Oh my God Put it in the chat man put it in the chat I don't remember I didn't ask you for your settings again Yeah, I did Oh bro It might be working It is working Yeah. It's working Yup let's get it Turn the music off I've been required Oh my God No Update requires restart saw this updated It's got baby Alright here we go baby Here we go So you have to restart No. No it just it just said it gave me like a resort like thing are you It was like it was like a game set update Oh weird random man You know how I feel about you and amen. You guys are incredible You guys are the best truly truly the best man Let's get it baby It's time Randall I'm just connecting right now Yeah, I'm connecting the online service I'll tell you right now I'm not you know Imma invite you but I'm not trying to get anybody else in real quick like I'm I'm just gonna start the game up You know I mean I'm doing in Yeah Play with an activation account You have an activation account I mean I'm already multiplayer Where you at Okay, I'm gonna invite you said I have to set up a Activision account I'm starting the game brother What's the fuck I'm just kidding Come on getting my game. Hurry I'm coming Do the kill streaks are in the oh my God bro And I'm taking this stuff really quick Why what is it activate like? Where like what do you mean Okay all there is is quick play quick play and headquarters. That's all there is we can play right now That's it What the fuck dude I don't know what you're you're looking at Hey you know you know what we're gonna do real quick when I have to put it in the P and B G You don't have to sign up for anything No bro Saint after sign into an activation account Alright I don't know I don't know what you're doing I don't know why you click on but I didn't click on anything just said sign in or log in I don't know better I mean I don't know I really don't Oh yeah. What is he doing What are you doing Oak I fucking What What What's in on 55 Right Slow down the kicks and natively nearly missing target best for players New to analog It's little You've never set up an individual Do no I don't know how many times I wanna say it No No No chasing Oakley I did not set up an activist an account today or prior to today Alright Why can you not to sign up Yeah. Just restart like just restart your thing Yeah. That's what I'm doing There's no No, I restarted my account This guy This guy over here Yeah. Should I run a game? I was I don't wanna run a game without you There's a run on. I guess I don't know what's going on where you at where you at on the screen. So I press you know join the server Okay so join the service play with an active vision account and does not give me another option that says sign up or log in. I've tried both and nothing worked One not dog can't figure out you can't what you can't You can't make an account real quick I tried bro when I tried it just says what it says Air zero Oh my gosh I am I love you I'm already starting up though Alright I'm sorry I wish I mean I wish I could I know you already know what time it is Oh my gosh The games Oh my God Yeah Reset your game I did Dude I know you did but try it again Alright that's what restart Happy birthday man Let's get it Death match enemy incoming death match I got cold blooded ghost First baby First blood Losing ground focus You never went to your Email or anything I got a I literally like what did I like I would tell you if I had any sort of okay I'm just no I know I know but I'm saying I will tell you if I had any sort of update like you're not playing with me right now, I'm trying to get you in my game as well Come on Telling you this shit Reloading Behind me man How many people in the game Oh my God. There's a lot of people A big map. Yo Imma turn turn the sound up overhead Oh they got a U A V Alright boys What's up overhead Alright, we got as well Deployable cover available like what What is that Enemy overhead behind me behind me Where's the deployable cover It might be like a wallet I think is a barrier Fucking check Anthony Christmas Day colors Oh no I tried to heal that Right there Let's go Alright I'm not moving for the next 20 - Shots boy They've reached the halfway point to get moving And a new missile pay colors The U A V overhead Behind me behind me No one has this is pretty. Alright. This is probably one of the first games that ever that ever like was played. So I no one has anything Reloading Dude it looks like like the metals that are popping up the everything that's probably gonna look so good bro What's up Jake? How you doing So good It feels good too Another guy on the left. Another guy on the left Okay Dude that the famous one birds bro M U A V overhead There's a little bit of a lag spike right there Allies Christmas so lunch But the that's what that popping up on the screen is the best part bro Do you guys see that popping up on the screen L I G R A V overhead No, I'm stunned Oh my God. It's behind me Yo stunned Stunned heavy bro. It's definitely heavy although he got behind me and in front of me. Nice Allied cruise missiles launched by the mini map looks crazy So the mini map is only up The map is definitely only once someone gets a UNLV on your team but I think there's a personal A B and also think yeah it's a personal A B and then there's also a Reloading What is this thing Thermite Okay Two of them Two of them right there What's up Jeremiah servicing is real smooth. It does. It does feel good Definitely feels really good Thank you First laws shaking my head first game first loss Yo Cody and or gum Thank you for the share and then Tim and Cody with the shares Cody with the 50 cent knockout up anymore Not definitely not Steeler. Brandon Tiana Chris Keaton with the chairs Chris Christian Richard with the two months Joshua Randall with the 90 - five Nick. I'm gonna give you the first game as a warm up in the second game. I got 10 bucks each kale and I don't know about that bro I don't I don't know about that Alright Come on bro I don't know about that I did the best of my team though I went 15 and 10 best of my team and yeah I am invite me Oh my God Now you want me about you I have no idea why my account says that name but I'm just gonna run with it dude You're my game Are you my game Oh yeah yeah hi who is this What self bust the mods What is that Yeah I don't know about I don't know Okay. You don't know what you're doing bro I have no idea well but we're in and we're playing and this is me So that's all that matters, right Travis 230 - five percent off a cooler I'm playing off a cooler from my chair and get everything else which is supposed to be in the day I'm going. I'm gonna work now. Here's more stars Travis bro. Thank you man. I hope you have a great day. I appreciate you man. Thank you so much. Okay. Gotta get to level four We gotta get the level four before we can. Actually you know start doing some different things so you gotta get the level four Imma do this It's an ammo box instead of a deployable cover I'm not I'm not too happy about the deployment will cover So these are the field upgrades. Okay so there's a bunch of different ones You know stopping power rounds that's kinda cool Wow extra damage dead silence is now not a perk but it looks to be a field upgrade Tactical insertion trophy system EMP drone Wow Okay John and Gary. Thank you for the shade of John with the Baby You got what I need Yo Nathan and Anthony. Thank you for that I did I did the the the Odd First blood again Get out of my game boy Can I jump up here Oh this is domination baby Control Oh man, I'm trying to close the door This is Liz dude for sure we've got objectives lock. It down are taken from us On station Ready for flying over What is that Baba Got it NWA overhead We're taking Charlie so cool Whoo Slide it all bro Zero beginning Bravo go We've got two objective Look at down Be advised U A V S single securing bravo Whoo baby I'm popping off Oh my God 11 and oh first Death 11 and 00 And I got a chopper I didn't even realize it jumper Let's go Don't even realize my bed You want some boy I got you no longer with us Where's the team bro No way They're all inside. They're they're inside that they're they're inside of the building across and I can't kill him The new heel they have steam shot Let's go baby Get out I'm still in the building This is outlaw for our TV resource Good luck guys Go Chad Go You'll need it Left Position No I missed my shot Stop shooting I got a chubby now Me too Me too Right now Whoo Trumpster I got a chopstick I didn't figure out how to change my name too I can't hear you What hear me Yeah. I got you Why did you say I said I need a I need to figure out how to change my name Yeah. I don't know what you don't know what you did but that's what I'm saying I must be from like a long time ago Yeah, I could have been Yeah Did you sign the end of the juice Create a whole another sound like a sniper class to go and update my activation account and linked it back with my PSN but the reason is that I had with this one I don't know Cruz No Bo Somebody who already has an AK seven for you just do I don't know how he got it but he already has an AK 70 - four you with a Red dot Yeah, so many art team has an A K too Good job Nick Basket Oh I don't know I mean to do that I'm not taking that I don't want a three cabin But I love how the bottom of the chair as soon as he love at the bottom It shows you exactly like what what kill you just got like it shows you exactly Oh okay Alright boy. You're trying to stun me huh Okay flip Whoa So like that's my third kill at the bottom is that's so sick I seriously love that Oh got me. Got me. Got me I will right now Hello Cruise It's like this is just like a predator missile right here Yeah That's exactly what it is It's weird How it comes into play do black kids Bye buddy As everywhere Street So this thermal they go through whatever it's called tank Redone Behind me Name it They got two objectives Keep hearing Enemy U A V on the head It's like Gotta learn brothers This is so much fun Are you not there Three zero We got double team Let's go Back up Yo Adrian. You can get the hell out of my chat By Adrian What's the boy Where's the boy He's right here Why don't you run around the Madison What would stop camping around the map I was holding down a power point popping I'm holding I'm holding this right side like yeah That's what I'm saying That's what I was doing too I'm just holding spawn three zero solid copy beginning fly over enemy U A V overhead taking an alpha alpha hell happened Pooped on Charlie what are you trying to stay up too I'm 55 securing You were running something stupid though You're running like 1313 Yeah, I'm running now feel stuck kinda lowest floor We're gonna lose I mean we're gonna win two fast Hospitals have Alpha No He's in the back. I don't know what he's doing Enemy U A V overhead Yo Kyle You want band too buddy I don't know where I got a problem I got a problem he said Come on Come on Charlie Behind me China learn footsteps and stuff Back up and I'm here and I'm here and that's pretty well but I I didn't I didn't change my things so like it's on a fault. Whatever Huh No I thought we're getting trip cap No Charlie I'm on the team Custom load unlock. Let's go Cross some load out unlocked too We're taking Charlie We hold all the objectives Bravo This is all fun Like a decoy it's like a decoy that goes on the ground That was a nice little Y right there It's like a decoy that goes on the ground. It like shoots Yeah. That's crazy Yeah Oh bro This guy Look at this guy Oh my God This guy has a little It's not 18 plus not 18 plus Alright I'm gonna go 40 - 3940 - three and nine Let's go X or what I need to hit for the hit four I got way more that game can you kill your teammate now Yo John Jay. Thank you guys so much My main thing is much of the rain. We got Bryan with the four months on top of that. Thank you Thunder Rooster for the four months. We got Rich Chris Mark Corey Jordan Jonathan we back baby Jordan Jordan Jordan with the video we bag baby Corey with the share I backed out I backed out. I backed out Imma try to set up a class real quick I'm just gonna start it up real quick Okay I got you All you have to do is put one more quick 40 - three baby I gotta remember that I gotta yo thank you for the 50 said looks sick bro Hey thank you buddy Appreciate you Stevie Brown with the six months Welcome back We got Dustin Melissa. Weather shares awesome with the three months Dennis Michael Brandon with the Shane's Carlos for the four months Randall Randall I'm running the AK this game A K 47 years Death match so that last game was a $10 game Are you serious Yeah He just sent it Random bro That's absolutely man Are you kidding me Randall And he dropped He dropped a hundred earlier God dude It's absolutely amazing brother Absolutely freaking amazing Bad happy for you trying out to APK 70 - four year. Alright. Absolutely pooped on once already. I'm using the the five all my all my classes are preset. All my classes are preset So the NBA is one of the classes UAV overhead You know what I'm pulling out baby You know what I'm pulling out But you got the the pistol sniper No Amber Amber's gonna kill you Randall Amber is literally gonna kill you Maybe I'm not gonna Snip yet She got freaking spunky bill That's cool I know this man Oh my God I literally fall in front of this guy and I got and this guy definitely a little messy Reloading Reloading Oh nice shot Nice shot Nice shot. Nice shot You can fall off of be careful Yeah. For sure What do you eat I took a little tumble Behind me behind me. Nice. Nice. Nice This game is nasty Hard to run through like a whole bunch of people if you're run into Yeah Oh no You can't Yeah It's definitely hard It's definitely hard but we we thought the same thing and and what I did at least In blackouts too or I'm sorry black for the most recent car we thought the same thing cuz like the how much help there was but now now I mean I feel like I could run through people Yeah I go to so far It feels good man. Imma tell you right now. It feels good just now unlocked classes. I think God is unlock classes as well here in just a second So yeah I mean I'm I'm we're gonna back out of this game set up some classes in the gunsmith and then we'll we'll go from there We will go from there We don't know what attachments we have unlocked anything like that. So I would say five is that okay, I thought the map What do you mean There's a clip Okay L I G R A V overheating It's called an allied allied U A V MP five, though still disgusting Yeah Let's go Get four Yeah M U A V overhead La cruise missile launched Oh my God Reloading We're tired right now Bring this back behind me bro I gotta stop him behind the shooting. The guy out there Okay, I'm singing is insane Ross was using it Oh okay Think about that? The AK for you on on single fire Imma try it Whatever you could probably just fat fire as far as what's wrong with it with it like this though What Yeah, what's wrong with it on four out of four I don't know maybe just a little bit more accurate shoot faster. You know it takes like that first in between sometimes a little bit too slow I would rather I would definitely much rather have it Yeah Okay I'm gonna I'm gonna use it so you guys saw me using it right there I'm gonna use it for Yeah I mean and then tell me tell me that I shouldn't be using the auto No way dude Reloading kinda shoot me Oh wow Okay You're reloading yet but let's see on this K 70 - four year It's Pooped on Hey, why did you have a snipe for last The rest of your body is not so we're gonna back out on this game. We got to see you know create some classes real quick yo random dude Jamie with the 1000 hard as a rock Yo Carolina Thank you for the share We got Carolina Carolina Carolina Yeah. Yeah Corey within six months and with the share it's Nick with the three months Arvin Lewis Andrew Craig and Timmy with the shares we got Tommy with the 50 and said get some Hey baby Britt Britt and Mark with the shit Yeah I wanna hear it Don't share it Share this Dream a little bit ago Yeah Before I could do anything. You know Yeah he said another cocksucker Excuse the language You can't take criticism and cries and doesn't get off next stick This thing Hey Rob I'm just kidding I'm just kidding I'm just kidding I'm a hundred and 10 percent Just kidding man Still look so sick dude Alright Well that's gonna be my my first So we got the Ozzie You got the P P 90 the PP 19. The Bison bro the bison's in the game No way Oh my God What the bison bro The bison from Modern Warfare two They don't know if you played monitor too Of course I did I can't remember it now. Modified three modern for three. I'm sorry Three bro Look at the scar The scar looks insane. The FN scar 1717 S Bring it back memories from dude again ah I'm setting up two AR class. I'm gonna set up a my sub class Another MVP MVP five -class Gunsmith Optic probably put that on there Yeah Muzzle might as well work fast fragment fragile fragile wounding bullets called Target healing to be briefly delayed Wow That's Yeah Oh I don't have any margin rifles yet kinda want one play more stun blinds in definitely start slowly as they can move it I mean yeah I'm tired to go. The stone is definitely better I gotta go pee really quick Got my class. It's pretty set up Alright I'm pretty much ready as well. Imma start up in a second Hill Street which is the new con here It's not gonna be It's never it's just Yeah. It's just it's just you hit it there I'm gonna go real quick Alright Alright, we got the AK We got the M four A one We got the MPfive I'm gonna I'm I don't I'm not gonna put anything on this right now. I mean Imma leave this blank for right now so we have the M P 70 P 90 the bison in the Ozzy as our SMG We got the model six that we use that we use that that's a crazy looking shotgun there and then that's also crazy looking shotgun. So there's your shotguns your LMG you got you know your M 91 S A A seven PKM Wow. The PKM Indiana, the MCG Four Wow you got your Marchman rifles. You got the MK car buying which is really nice The car 90 - eight and then the the 14 pretty much and then you got three different sniper rifles. One of which we've already used the dragon of the dragons of Chats. It dragging off his back No the dragon of his bed in the slippers Yeah And that's crazy H DUI looks Super filthy bro. That's the bottom. Yeah No no. The one God is the ASX 50. That's why we've been using. That's what If I can do the game, we go kill sheep to see you don't like anything I did. The topic is pretty dope Pretty nice Definitely pretty nice But I do have stuff online No. No No With Pete 90 with my favorite nineties Nasty Nasty bro Has always been trashed. Are you excited You know you know that's a great question That's a great question to be honest. You know I don't I don't really know I don't really know Alright Well we're gonna we're gonna say we're gonna be excited Alright. Whatever Oh damn Alright did you load what do you mean I didn't load it in with you Oh yeah Okay What's your name I'm just kidding I got you the pop up First self bust. There's a pop up boy Oh good boy What I like we're here That's all that matters right Let's get it The goal is a better play station Yes. Yes it is Yeah. The dragon of the classic. That's why yo Hannah Clovis Seth fill up a smoke dog Shane Dory and Lamar with the shares, Joe said found this on the ground. Enjoy buddy. Thank you Joe you man Trent. Thank you for the shares Davis with the 57. What's good baby baby What's up You haven't on the box with the camera around me of the Christmas reminds me of Christmas I have it on I don't even know what I haven't on It's just regular I think it's just on you hear me still Yeah Capturing defending objectives I I didn't change I didn't change my sound so it's whatever whatever the normal sound is on We got promo bro at all Okay Charlie Oh my God Margaret with it bro is really good Yeah OK It looks like they nerve to APK I think it might be might be different than Charlie I'm talking about the legitimate AK Not the case 70. - four years. I know I know I know I know I think they might have like I done something to it You know since the Bay Yeah. Sitting in the back. What you doing? Buddy Bunch of campers already And then I blacked out in here No man. This is it's a no no This debate too Fall damage Enemy U A V overhead I'll turn my sensitivity 166 Doors doors are Super Super easy to run through You can reload them for pretty fast too Look how hard these dudes are camping in the bag This is literally just chilling in the back I mean they're gonna they're gonna lose. That's fine No problem I'm just gonna click going on the side on that Freedon This power point right here. This building is very fun to hold the better I was just saying yeah Really His name is Mars M, A R S Plus Yeah they've been coming from that building over there I see you You're the Green area Right Yeah Yeah I killed And four employees little weird How many times have you tried to heal up after getting shot two times two times so far You can throw grenades back in Yeah Yeah Yeah Have a good night on the ground and you know it's got a lot of got a lot of time left on it. You're definitely gonna wanna pick that bad boy up and throw it back Koby But gun What gun Oh you got the floor with a Red dye Okay Alright Nice. That's not bad I look pretty nice That have you ever run into the the gas yet Yeah The gas is a real deal Kobe Oh is that a cold-blooded on? What's this guy doing here Oh he does. He does. Okay Wow Friendly overhead Looks like they're spawning heavy objectives Oh my God I literally just shot my teammate I got accident and he screams at me and said same team Damn it It's so much fun bro Dude no way Do you hear that? Chat I heard it bro I heard that I wasn't even like Damn it's so hard to cross that Middle Street. There's a bunch of right now Christmas all the way is it like what 20 percent lobby 1510 probably 20 oh? No I'll be honest I think it might be 15 oh. This is camping Sprinting sprinting. Get you killed bro when you sprint and somebody if somebody is even remotely not Yeah Remotely not sprinting your screw it down Enemy U A V overhead and it may overhead That way farther than I thought I was going through Way farther and I was going to This is I played. This is the first map that I played on so we got we know we know this map then we know the map we played last time I wonder how many maps are actually gonna be in securing bravo You see a flash on his wife's bro Friendly UAV on the head I just got so far in the back Same thing baby This game Okay These guns Oh well, this came Huh Are you How are you doing this one I went to my chopper gunny I can't find anybody that's a problem and the guy that I find are literally sitting in rooms the cameras have any there is no cameras right now that I've seen I got I haven't really looked isn't in seven who has an MVP seven already but That's really what this game is gonna be is just holding holding positions It's gonna be hard to rush in this game Yeah you might be able to rush to a spot but then after that it's just like Claymore. They're Super good bro Oh they're gone so many kills this game at home There you go for chip cap on what we're doing They're already floating around there Friendly U A V overhead We've lost We're taking Charlie Enemy on the head What up Hunter How you doing brother? Thanks for coming over my man What up Lori What's up everybody I'm sorry. I'm really really really focused Yeah. The same Imma do my best all day to keep up on track but I picked it up right there right there unlocked Did really You really don't even see it did you say I'm not really sure how you say her name and thank you for the share. It came with a 50 No message included in that one. Thank you Maybe Chip Darian Christian and Marissa Steve with the seven months Welcome back Jake with the 20 - five and no message included in that one reckless ginger with a share. Jamal. Thank you Jamal and the 70 right after that on top of that with a share thank you Tyler. I gotta read because I was like that that one game one game that I was playing with Well I'm trying to figure out how to put this stuff on you gotta go to the guns man slacked and to where where I got two things on my gun 20 - four hour Definitely not over night. Well, we're definitely gonna be playing for a minute bro. I'll be probably doing a You said you will be Yeah Alright This map this map so we know this something three maps right now Domination capture and defend the operating positions During Middle behind the crate come on bro Charlie about to come right here Dude caught timing bro. The cow timing literally almost got me killed We just train Securing safe Find us in a strong Charlie Secure Oh he picked me bro Marty Yeah Have a great day at work. Brother Doors are weird. Talented Yeah bro Yeah. When you bust it open Yeah Get those positions Enemy U A V overhead security Charlie securing baits We're taking an alpha Secure Why you calling me and I was like it's it's our Dream ring how you can just pick what you wanna do We're loading Wait what you calling the streets hold that you can go around all free with your thumb stick Oh that's a rider in what you want Yeah. Which one you want That was cool Be advised U A V I know it's Max right now Oh no It's a good question They always They always make it go up They always take it up Yeah And they got blown up by a car Thanks for all. That is I got them He called me get I'm not I'm not gonna get me and I'm going bad though So first person to get a new one bucks 20 bucks You wanna up a little bit Alright Lily What Around 30 bucks 30 bucks. Fine 4040 4040 4040 which is double it up double up You better just win as well as all it is It's so hard in that building right there right there Nick Thank you so the one that has like the upstairs the wallpaper Yes MP Fibro the thing is they don't take the Red dot off of it though The Red dye it makes it almost not as good It's way better to be a hundred percent news gonna be tough to get Yeah You're gonna you're gonna have to camp You're not not necessarily can't but you got to hold up a distance I mean we're talking about. You're gonna have to literally hold the position The mini map so the mini mats kinda weird like I'm thinking that I'm I'm I'm I'm looking at this like the blackout four mini map and it's not at all like the the the things that I'm close to I'm thinking or farther away They're actually right next to me Friendly U A V overhead Okay. Well okay I got it. Was the aiming in How was this dude doing here Hit the Jackson looks at it Yeah. It feels good hit. The Texan does feel really good about it Okay Spunkie dope Yeah, I think like half of these people names. I'm not really their names Yeah We love Aiming in on me, man Security halfway there Keep fighting Is there a loading intermission I don't think so alright That's so sick bro But all away Friendly UAV over here Fucking down Kind of our teammates going off Oh there's only four It's going for people. Yeah You Yeah Who me Yeah I think it is actually you your name is something weird and I've never seen it before I like cruise miss all away Friendly U A V over here We're on Charlie Stand by Not that you should be dead right there Contact Friendly overhead You guys spot it bro Oh no I think I know I don't we can't get in like a full lobby that I don't know why Redone I don't think you can call our doors. I need to try it again What's good How you doing You got a few times there. What's his name on our game Thank you Oh you can get over there Get over there Charlie We got this Okay Okay buddy Okay Charlie Hillary Halifax Emmett coming 00 No I tried to try to pick it up in the air when you kill the leaders as King said Yeah, that's not that's not him That's the King size is the man when you kill the person that has the most company out of team Oh there's help us my bro popping off Who's that This lobby lobby So we do a headquarters headquarters my headquarters Wait back out. First stuff out What do you mean What Optic Oh I wish that If I press wanted D Select dog Okay that makes sense I don't want that on there You have to ring How how do you do you said I unlocked the But he got a new car that's crazy how you unlock I don't even put us in the game. I don't know how he's gonna do a game what were the perks about the perks but the whatever is called the camo camo Campus cameras cameras Yo Larry B J K G Sean Albert Chad on Auto Auto Thank you guys all for the shared with the Walker bag. Thank you brother Chase. Thank you for the share I'm Brandon with the 170 - five. It's a game day. Looking forward to watch you play Baby feels good Hunter with the one up and take my money I mean I'm not gonna say no but you keep your money man keep your money Paul two tongue and cabin that you guys as well We have our first talking headquarters is so classic bro I love headquarters Redone Online security We're taking the diet from that one contestant You know when I die What Yeah. I'm not in the game Oh my God Alright Alright Enemy has captured the HQ Hold on Don't back out. Just keep going No Why don't back out if you don't want to I am starting again I just backed out Don't start it Okay Have you ever played with Doctor Disrespect I am not Devon wish wait Let me know if you get into the game please Yeah. Did you invite me You're in my game already says I'm by myself in I can't invite you Let's see if I can join you Burst mode right by me It says you're my came out the hell Are you my game I am now what there is. No hardcore man yo Michael thank you for the share bones with the share hamburger Oh my God. Here we go Hey remember when you were gone I said I'll send you lunch money and I said I was gonna send a doughnut otherwise saving but I wanted everyone to know I'm not mad at Randall Alamo We are just happy. We can do a little something for you My God dude You guys are crazy man How much I love you guys man Yeah. Max was 30 That's when you unlock juggernaut and the throwing knife Hey, can you hear me I can hear you Okay Are you good like are you okay I got you I I feel like something like something is going on with you like and my Internet Yeah You love for the game again You left it up just run it up for a second I figured this out Do a hard reset Imma mode You know research everything Yeah. My stream crash like it's always Wow So let me just do this real quick I'll be back in a minute Alright Alright chat It's me and you baby me and you headquarters defend see how well we can do with this. this AK right here There's A K A security area boobies Hold on hold on personal radar in the air Overhead During the ice I think I fixed it My girlfriend was trying to uplift 300 photos I want what Yeah They take the HQ this corner Closing this restart up the stream Enemy U A V overhead I had it hadn't been that well Yeah Yes Yes I was 110 percent What does went wrong and I often try to pull some stinky stuff turned off your computer and I like open it up and I just saw like the clouds just spinning like oh wow Cheap Are you ready HQ secure Enemy U A V overhead next. Straight up and get ready Alright Russell inviting them to a call He's gonna join the call somebody telling that Yo Ross is gonna have to join Join me I got it's not on my friends list I think he's appearing off line Are you gonna lobby Can you invite me Huh You invite me Enemy U A V overhead Security should be now radar in the air enemy Yeah Somebody It's raining. You're gonna get tired of us would Oh what the hell are you in a game Yeah I'm not I didn't join you bro I said the service bull So you can put a silent while the turnaround Secure Okay Getting ready to move Let's go Last year we Back up back up again so this game is much faster pace than people let on to believe I agree a hundred and 10 percent At the movement seems slow but it's like also fast at the same time you'll run into people really fast I'm married I feel like I feel like the movement. It's kinda different in gun fight I don't know maybe they updated it a little but I feel like from the alpha like from gunfight itself the game mode Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah exactly. Yeah I think so as well It definitely feels a little bit different and don't mind. My name is like I don't know why they make me use my yeah Look at look at look at Oakley's Plus mods like dude that's first of mine for real This is like a count. I used to mod with icon like OG games when they see that that's what it is like you guys made this a long time ago or something Yeah Yeah This is honestly from when I was in high school Give me high Right now, we're going to play We've only played 33 maps right now so They're all cool though Pre-game this this right here is dope Out of the helicopter This is the first game. I think we started like actual No No No. No. No Domination How do you change characters Sounds like fashion So kill me What you've been using You're in a desert right now I think it's nasty Damage is so easy to get so easy Bravo Alright, let's go baby Someone already got a new love. You heard Yeah I heard somebody got a first game first game. Yeah Did it in the game Tonight Freedom Alright we're taking the lead I'm so mad that I actually do that in the air Throwing me off Oh my God I try to put away my grenade I fear you can't put away grenades in this game We're holding too We have the advantage Is the guy name or girl What Done Joy They are playing domination is domination right now Huh Enemy Cruz is coming Alpha Bravo secure We've lost たり なさて I figure out why we don't have to see you Security we're losing control What's up with extreme? He's getting a workout Is there a place with interventions Yeah There you go What's up now and he's running You know stop my girlfriend is 300. Picture. Upload What is she up? Loaded? 300 pictures on like you doing our photography? Stuff Okay Annabelle three do all keeps pooping on me It's the same gun in him We're on stand by Does it automatically reheal you Yes it does I gotta get used to that again but The heel thing same times Enemy hotel check free. Take those points and it's just like you don't have the mini cab so you can't tell when your teammates like behind you're near you Yeah Yeah That's where it's weird about but that's okay It's all part of it That's gonna kill someone How are you getting trouble caps right now That's what I'm saying. We're getting pooped on And there's no intermission either so How freaking cool Enemies halfway there Step it up No Oh my God about jumped off the map in that spot in the directives Keep hitting them During Charlie friendly UAV over here Charlie Secure UAV on station lose. An alpha founder is Super consistent Jaguar That's that's what this bag is for I like enemy U A V over here Jonathan Okay. So you know it's a great question. Are you gonna use stones and modern warfare Yes this is a multi player This is not bad out This is multi player and if you don't use stunts you're you're you're drunk You're literally drunk Completely different things man Alright Alright What's up baby We're on standby Two guys right there in front of you You got one Forget the selfie Oh That's all Somebody said, I killed King Slayer but that was in our game and it was just a bad that was coming up That's where they got a chopper coming in Two guys. Two guys on my excellent I'm trying to figure out how many people actually supposed to be in our lobby right now We've got troops active Friendly U A V Let's call it. Gives you a saved medal Cruise miss all the way Reloading Is this a battle Yeah. We're playing battery out right now Yeah Hold it Boys Defend Houston At Provo This is where you gonna response and the minors who has more points I keep hitting these weird little lights but flags bikes Shoes I haven't got any likes likes like the very first game but I haven't had any sense What's up David? How you doing The enemy holds two objectives Take him back Get inside I'm holding inside Yeah Absolutely destroyed Negative six We're holding Bravo You can enable crossfire disabled Yeah What are you on the ground and shooting though Yeah Yeah. It's like a decoy yo What What? What are you guys playing on for your analysis I turn it off Turn it off I mean I did disabled thing I just like standard Secure The hell Hey I mean look look if you're upset just don't get the game bro You can't see your preorder Great Fortnite back off Horrible day Y'all Maddie, Maddie Cody Bug Travis, Daniel G Robert John All the shares made some of the fitness You can change your name by logging in to Activision so Mason Mason says you guys can change change your name by logging into Activision whatever that means spend your thing for the 1200 I don't see any message with that one man it's like a it's a question Mark. I guess there's an emoji right there but thank you bro Thank you so much Gerard thank you for the share you have that with a share and Joe with the shares Eathan with the two months Welcome back Ethan Jessie Jessica with the three months back by Jessica I get in the field baby. We're getting a feel We're getting a feel Operators Are you you're talking about operators Is that is that what you're talking about Yeah I only have two Not click it Oh okay Oh okay There's a lot more sense You can actually turn cross play off Yeah Yeah. Yeah And then in the settings all the way in the far right It turns it off X Box soon I wanna be a way to like change that completely Oh no Alright Seven No mini map is good for not getting spawn trap People can't stand track to that true Film period This setup I think I finished unlocking stuff mine for Yeah I got it Oh yes, I did I got the 13 I didn't realize I had the 13 Let's go what it unlocks more scopes although the two scopes but as what as you go What do you mean I want you get closer Does it really Okay? Okay that I like that That makes it showed me the reflex in the hollow Two more sites Yeah Oh no Yeah I have a stock on mine now Yeah. You're right You're right as you rank up Okay I got you mainly quickness Reach your device What you know on my My employer. I got a muzzle break. I got a angled foregrip I got an operator operated reflux heavy stock and I got slide of hand on that busy All these attachments play such a big part for real Yeah and how you play this is this is a perk on a gun mainly stun power Yeah DB five MP five It's what's it called It's called fragile fragile fragile wounding. So like if you shoot somebody with the MPfive boards with that on they can't As fast they don't heal as fast That's crazy where we connect into measuring a service. I don't like that Wow That is a there's a disabling rounds for the ego but if you shoot their legs they can't see what Shoot them in the legs There's a personal radar There's a UAV which is for everybody The Tropicana is on 10 kills The thing is pretty good Listen to a game I don't know no it's not good He cancel the matchmaking Yo Tori fine I I finally saw your name yow you can't thank you Thank you. My throat is good right now but as soon as I started talking and everything it's gonna start hurting again and I'm using that story. I love your team headquarters You're amazing 60 -, six and 2020 but I haven't gotten into a 2020 The very first game I was it was a 2020 but I haven't been in one since then What map was it the I think there's only one city map the city map the one that was like a big broken down city not like the dark looking area or like I don't know I don't think I played that must be 2020 exclusive cuz yeah I think it is. Yeah that like when they they put it in the the reveal or whatever that was only map that was 20 to 20 I think so I broke your heart cuz there's no special abilities What do you want? Flame throwers bro Now we don't need that crap You said that these special abilities I'm thinking like specialists that didn't grab slams and shit like that I'm good man specialist This kind of sucks that we can't get a game. How many is about quick I got back This is just what makes the game good You mean the fact that you don't have to deal with all of that stuff streets. Okay but a lot of people camping right now Honestly like The beta version will be free tomorrow I'm playing it right now Yeah Isn't it on the fourteenth The free version There's two days of exclusive and then it goes No. It's tomorrow Okay Yeah Preorder starts today It's real good I thought it was two days of exclusive What it is I thought it started on the thirteenth and the fourteenth 12 to fourteenth exclusive Not positive I was asking I thought it turned back on cross play I mean I'm only playing with PSfour plays It's literally only available. There is no cross play Yeah Yeah Crossway starts with the nineteenth That's why we use the activist Yeah Jeffrey and David and Keegan Tori This isn't anonymous. Jason Kelly, Matt all of the shares Justin I hope you're enjoying As much as we enjoyed watching just that's that's love right there. That's big time. Love it. That's Jessica Thank you for the three months I don't really know I said that but thank you once again I find it I just wanna play my God It's an activation among College I don't know if you find that A lot of beta details 60 -, six on the cave map 60 - six on the Hackett Hackney Yard 60 - six on Grass grade and then 10 B 10 on Grass rate as well. I found Alberta's 30 kilos, so it's not even 20. -. Five. It's 30 kills for the The socks I don't even wanna like back out either cuz I don't at least I think you should back out and start a new hobby I did I've done that like four times Oh I'll try to see if that works Are you able to change it yeah You go go Activision. They got a basic info and scroll down Thank you William Appreciate you brother does it have gorgeous Yeah Is it just a cord that they have hardcore it's just core right now That's cool right now but we're the only thing that we have like I said you know there's team death match there's domination. There's headquarters. That's the only game modes that we have right now. This is a beta beta so we got to remember that oh you could take a nap One of the killers trees go towards it I don't know that's a good question Yeah I wanted to kill Street goes towards the 30 You guys think so I don't know I doubt it as well So far I'm enjoying it man I'm really really enjoy is definitely a different pace It's not as slow pace that people thought it were gonna be. It's definitely you're in you're in fight. You're fighting a lot like it's the mini map is a little weird Not knowing where your teammates are cuz that's what I use a mini map mostly for is where your teammates are. So I know where to not go towards it. I'm not trying to be near my teammates trying to go away so you know that's a little weird but that's that's easy to get used to but other than that man everything feels good. We're just now you know setting up different classes Different things actually what I said I wasn't gonna do like we're in the lobby We're in the lobby so like I'm not trying to Get stuck in the main screen guys in the end It doesn't matter Gunshots Cuz they do not count So it's just gun Street gun straight for the new Yeah. It's just a gunshot Yeah. That sounds good Sounds really good Thank you for the shares Appreciate your colors I have no equipment said that or not Alright, you know where I'm at on the list 30 kills and it is the game. Wow. Okay How do you get the new 30 kills man with your gun 30 kills with a gun Not any coach Anything What's up Rebecca Have you looked at like the killer streaks yet Yeah Yeah. I have briefly that infantry assault vehicle Support Hello as a whole tank That's some Max emergency airdrop bras, though on the in in like the The Barracks, it says 30 By on the the thing I was just reading, it, said 10. Is the max that you can go to innovate right now It definitely goes higher than it has to Yeah, because it says they can lock at 20 White phosphorus. What is that Covered the battlefield with White smoke incinerated canisters that will weaken the enemy and burn any wander too close Wow We had such cooler emblems and the two B two Yeah Just that roll over to the full game. We don't know yet probably not no probably not The field upgrades are pretty cool, though I'm just I don't like it's crazy that they're stopping power and dead silence in that So I think there's no dead songs in any of the crazy that violence is like not a Bird Kill chain Current life earn credit for each killed for other What Wow Okay. So all the all the from reading this is that pretty much All the streaks are gun streak only like you can only get streaks by killing people with your gun Not your other streaks Not point Oh yeah So I think there's a there's a perk though There's a part two Yeah Yeah Your current life earn kill credit for another kill Street Perk too You said yeah The very awesome chain Oh that's that's gonna be sitting right there It doesn't look like we can unlock any more kill shakes other than the ones that they gave us right I think that's all the shakes I'll tell you the best perk one in the game Quick fix players capturing our objectives and holding objectives will increase your health regeneration Oh my God Yeah That's nice I don't think we can unlock that again No No Kill chain Yeah Unlock tracker Well it was fun while it lasted What you guys? What you guys headset on I think it's kept some of my settings from Oh my you're already Yeah when I play tactical into the game Yeah. But he's saying he was already on it when he started the game That's crazy I had to do all my settings I did too Yeah in my music value was off I never turned that off Okay It's kept some of my students for now for that's what it's like a completely different download too That's really weird You see the film grain Yeah Let's say that that was in the beta Yeah Yeah Yeah Oh I didn't even I didn't even realize I didn't even set up my safe area They didn't ask me to do that Yo Go check Go check your contact filters and look at the world motion contacts realtors in general at the bottom World motion blur weapon motion blur You just turn that off Yeah I was gonna say I don't like that They come in They come on enabled Yes, I'm saying Removes blurring of object Why would you want blurry objects on I don't know that's all weapon motion bladder. I mean that that also should probably off dismemberment. We're definitely keeping that on Determines whether a controller keyboard and mouse game In the lobby in the lobby shows him next to like shows like that like what they're using kinda like four it shows an important Marcus down Yeah Like modern warfare classic I don't know I don't know what the classic sounds like classic stuff like for real When you start to play it we can't play right now. Chris, we're trying to play right Come on brother. We'll be playing right now because Are you saying you don't wanna restart I mean we can try I mean I mean I think we should do it We should try everything right now Let me show you. Sorry I can't get back in Oakley If I can't get back in Yes. Right Yeah. If I if I came back in Don't blame it on me. I was just a suggestion. Y'all didn't have to find that you said 500 times That's the only thing I can think to fix it bro cuz everybody else. I just watched seven other streamers. Nobody else is having a problem No one else is everybody else is playing right now Yeah All those dreams. I watched. I watched seven different people. I watched Queen B Y promise. I watched I watched all of their homies right now Yes. Yeah man That's about it Hey I fix it Oh you did Good boy game Let's go What's up Southwest roster. That's dope That's clean bro Oh wow Oh yeah Yeah. We're already We should have started a long time ago I'm the OG That's sick bro How did you get that How did you get this OG Roster like like North Cam What no way this is soon to Activision You gotta do it through Activision like they put numbers after your name but you can take off the you can vote like putting their options to take off the number They will just actually like Activision dot com Yeah Yeah Yeah He's gotta log in What are you going to change yours too The OG OG picnic without one tea Two Domination Wow We've been sitting here Listen to me that first time Nasty Oh my God I gotta sweating so hard Securing trouble Rose have you shot with your teammate yet and like your teammate yell at you like the AI yellow No bro I shot my teammate on accident and he literally screamed at me saying he was his teammate He's like I'mma I forgot what he said God. It was hilarious the actual dialogue alpha And 13 is the hit markers Oh my God and peace particularly it's good Yeah It's just like seven don't know Don't tell me that you know just lazy to guy from a halfway The NDP seven Oh my God How Enemy personal overhead Securing problem It's a helicopter already That's that's I think he captured the problem there we are actually I don't know Enemy personal overhead You're needed at eight Oh yeah, that's what he said he said I got shot I saw the teammate and they literally said same team damn it and just keep running like it was like he was running away from me. So I get faded away a little bit It was hilarious Hearing Thank you Jack God. That's why I love you guys You guys remember I do not Wow You're needed Hey, color problem Overhead The U A V overhead It says I write in the kill feet right under that. You see it Yeah Anyway L Overhead What Yeah Me too bro What a game On the head coach in the Middle East for they're hard to hit too L I G R A V overhead Whoo Bed Ham dude. That dude Brief This guy get behind me But I'm probably stand by Okay They've reached the halfway point La Cruz behind me up top What's up man How you doing UAV overhead You got problem guys L I V overhead What do you think about them? 13 Oh I get very much We lost Full team pushing up behind what the fuck your monkey The Monkey Monkey And the U A V overhead Another cruise missile They cover They have two It takes those objectives I actually wanna get a this and 13 assists Your team at sounds nasty and personal overhead Bravo Is it one hit punch This dude just hit me in the nose One punch There's also taking alpha There's also a parish That one takes the touch points that you can put on your gun like I was looking at the barrel barrel that I could So what are you gonna watch On some sweat right now it's it says like one hit to the nose or whatever Yeah Wow Okay It's like this everywhere Anyways Yeah There's no There's not There's not like a there's no There's no like actual like spawn point like they're always it doesn't matter if they they have that side of the map or what like they cover Yeah. It's weird Assist your team in trouble The enemy has a problem Oh my God Trump I'm I'm so negative man Let's get it baby I gotta be the worst top player in the world I'm right there with you right now Overhead overhead They need to play this game like a butt Imma start I got Yeah. No, that's it That's how I get you literally like cuz I'm rushing around like just just with my gun up in the air like I mean that's why I'm lazy every time I can't break it down Walking around Literally that's all people are doing is walking around holding behind during And the U, A V overhead enemy personal overhead We've got alpha Wow it takes those long shots You're neither that Look at that bro These little premium indoors This is funny Everywhere Looks hard It's different It's different man. The game is definitely just different That's all that's not It's not wouldn't take it hard but it's something different They have to take the enemy on approach Take cover Shut I'm not going outside Fight for this yours I'm not trying to go by Let's go baby. 1620 - five so nothing gets too I had no idea had rockets the what the topic. I don't think What do you mean You sure it's something Oh okay Never mind definitely has some hydro rockets Ryan Christopher Propel gaming Thank you guys all for the shares Brandon with the onset of being a feels like Christmas and everyone else got presents bought me That's why you should know you know switch over to the dark side baby. Switch over the dog side a Tish Sandy John. Thank you guys all for the William with the eight hundred and say yo for the last couple of months I've been going through a huge legal battle I won coming in here. Everyday is one of the is one of the things that brighten my day and made me laugh a lot I wanna I'm craving Keep doing what you do Don't stop grinding man Thank you bro That's big time lava Hey William. Thank you man for real Thank you so much and that's that's that's real man I really and you know shout out to you with your legal battle or whatever we're going through man whatever you're doing That's good stuff man for real much love bro Mike and Liam. Thank you for the shares Shawn thank you for the share on top of that I think we're pretty much caught up there We're back in the connecting to mastering your service We have to restart again Alright baby Yes, sir I don't know what to do Restarting literally Why is it doing that Man, there's no update yet There is zero updates But we we we starting Yeah I restarted what I might I mean I mean you might be might be. I just invite you Cross platform Not yet on the nineteenth. It will be Father I can't get no I can't get a charge. I don't wanna charge it I'm resetting cuz I don't know how am I am? I am you Hello Hello Are you laughing You mean not No Yeah. That's what I'm saying I've restarted I've started This game is already better than blackout facts A hundred percent You know why Cuz I haven't gotten grab slim Yeah bro We got chocolate eyeliner yet I want I want cold blooded One of my classes 20 - five Manage party You can have a max of 20 in your party Yeah. See that Be the hottest support the game ever forever That's the damn bro Oh my God That's it Alright Come on man. Just don't don't don't do this to us again. Let's just get in multiple games. Please alright I'm putting all game and grab it I'm sweating can you put sites on the guns and they all designed Yeah. You put signs on the guns. Yeah So like for this guy right here specifically I have you know I have a muzzle flash my optic so you got different optics here that you can use I'm personally using just a reflex site right now I might put on Imma put on the hollow actually see what it looks like I'm not I'm not used to it Yes. Imma put that on Look at the mouse and keyboards come You see him down there Justin Yeah Wow What a bum bro You gotta know we got you We got you bro Yeah. That's crazy That's awesome bro That's so I love you're able to tell What's up Let's go. Good man shows Oh are you talking about You're talking about the huh You say my dad or dad dad dad How you doing baby So cool We just hop out They come attack Shotgun looks nice to you too That's the mouse and keyboard on elite No I don't There's nothing Bob me come on man Come on man Like people still have like when they're when they're falling on the ground, they still sound like they're like moving around like they're walking around When they're like dying by falling to the ground you have lost the lead L I G R A V overhead enemy personal overhead Yeah, this is the radar that there is. There's a radar Safe Wagging my God M U A V overhead overhead Through the random name walk right on Oh he's got a lax I've been having a crazy Now we gotta kill DeltaForce Ain't no Got the keyboard No He's out He's right by B upon the crate Yeah I'm literally getting around corners Nothing can keep on using Yeah So fast bro He just got me He got his helicopter We don't Let me down The Claymore Delta Force We have reached the halfway point Get moving You know check this out Y'all check this out dude This kid is not taken death Do you think does No, it doesn't even show your desk? Does it How do you read the board Enemy personal overhead Yeah no it doesn't show your dad or whatever but it donate It doesn't make any sense That kid is pooping on me is gay. Sir is getting to the overhead Which is there Okay Justin. Okay Do that kid literally. Just destroyed me gangster Behind me L I G R A V overhead That guy should be dead every time Should be done every time They pushed everything Overhead enemy personal overhead As a personal is only two kills bro with hard line on Highland on Yeah Yeah If you haven't if you're having issues with your sound is restart the stream The overhead enemy personal overhead The dude prefired me He legit just pre part of you Okay No he saw me. That makes a little bit more sense L I V overhead Anthony Cruise Missile Hey color And the U A V overhead We're playing this team right now but we're falling behind three groups Alright, I'm putting so many bullets into people bro Try the mountain fell off That's cool Return soon Yo Greg and Mason. Thank you for the shares Tim and excellent. Thank you for the shares Cody with the two months back Matt with 12040 games. You might get through a list right Hey for real for real for real Ryan and Steve No Yeah Yeah. We're all caught up We're caught up I got this been there for so long That's it That's the thing people are literally just sitting up in in in areas that are just chilling chilling in certain areas is not moving But the thing is with the sprint sprint I mean that's pretty much all you can all you can do You can't do much other than that You know what I mean Trying to figure out what I like bro I'm really liking the important anyone why anything on it Yeah, I have Mazak break. I got angled foregrip. I got slide of hand. I got operator reflex sight and heavy stock on it I wish I showed you the aim bro like the radical that you're using on the scopes You know what I'm saying Your vision pulses when enemies outside of your view C U that's kinda cool I got Spidey sense Something like that Increase the charge of field upgrades faster Let's see that did the 350 - seven Let's try again with one shot your hardcore mode and this thing is gonna be so toxic Oh bro. It's gonna be instantaneous It's not like it's just gonna be you're gonna be sitting around It's gonna be aiming around corners the entire time Hey Oh yeah. We gotta see we're connecting to matchmaking service again I don't know I don't know what to do We have to restart again Maybe if we just leave the lobby go back to like when you press X to go to multi player Okay Yeah I just like try it from that You know, instead of restarting the I kinda love it Alright. You just did ඔබතුමා You have to reset That's going all the way back on the main screen Go back in quick play Nothing works What's up Joseph? How you doing Yeah. A little bit Kelly Yeah What's not peeing? I don't know how to check no way to check I guess we start again I'm not trying to do this every game There's there's gotta be like people are definitely getting in games over and over She's multiplayer Robert this multiplayer Is it fun Absolutely Get in with Ross and we talk about Are you just joining? We've been in for the past hour You guys invite me You gotta invite me and see that works Are you inviting him? Russia I invite him I got it Are we joining Joining getting with John just I couldn't I couldn't do it I couldn't join Oakley Hey, what the hell What job you're open to your dashboard is no just I'm going to press on triangle There's one or just going down the play station friends and anybody and I'll invite your neck like I did here we go a lot faster Join Yeah for sure It doesn't look like anyone gonna be dropping a new tune. We've only played the 2020 like couple of times and that's definitely where it's gonna be at once we put it then we play twice I've only been at once that one big map bro What that was 60 - six. Yeah 60 - six though. Maybe maybe maybe that was I think that was bigger I Let's go in the game. Let's go I haven't seen a rank higher than 10 though so that might be a little bit upsetting Next week, it goes up to 30 next week at us Activist I can see if I can But you got to log in with your play station I Edit the classes in game Okay so my nation capturing the whole jeep Enemy has alpha Hold it Command is ours Maintain pressure L I U A V overhead No Why is it people Thomas how you doing We're taking Bravo Come out Enemy overhead That was bond bro One down M U A V overhead enemies taking place There is no sponsor. What do you mean The sponsors they need Screwed in the same spot over here The savior that was the guy overhead It takes those objects You'll look right at it That's crazy We're taking travel Allied cruise missile launch Killed myself in one person so it's cool We are losing three take those points There's two people sitting in the building bro Hey, cover Problem It was pretty dope Yeah. For sure M U A V overhead security Steps up in that corner UAV overhead Enemy personal forehead Okay Laying down right there These guys just camping in the room bro Dude with the the 13 He's he's he's literally like look at a door Thank you Overhead move in I can't find like a like an area on the map even like hold down there. There's always somebody behind me down below I spawn and die How about holding like the power point It's the second time I've dying cruise missile They cover a sister Charlie U A V overhead Attack those positions we're falling behind Changing back Enemy personal over You're sitting in that corner Shooting problem man behind me They've reached the halfway point Got problem M U A V overhead He's back up with problem Good timing is unbelievable right? What I aim out literally That's like the third time in a row right there Aiming for more than three seconds and then as soon as I aim out I got overhead stop Look at that Monkeys Lagging So we're not seeing a mini map and domination. There's a little wind It's definitely a little weird Click through Brother flashes deadly bro That thing is mean how I keep forgetting that reason The overhead We're taking Charlie Holding Charlie Enemy personal overhead Got me up. Top man Assist your team at Sea Overhead we are losing three takes those points Enemy personal way that overhead It seems hard to get a going unless you sit and came in area Yeah that's all I mean that's that's that's what this map This game is gonna be a lot like there's gonna be a lot of like I was telling in the Reloading that sound in the alpha There's not gonna be any sprinting They're gonna be very little sprinting. It's gonna be a lot of screaming around corners Just got shit on so hard. Excuse my language was missile launched enough of this five to 200 Holy shit Oh my God Yo Dustin Sammy with the four months. Welcome back Brad West is that guy level 11 Yeah. I don't know it definitely is level 11. Yeah I'm not getting any progress Come out Yeah. I'm not either I'm not definitely not get any progress So God is not even these are not These are not all the way there it is What the I'm running this whole beer Yeah You're gonna have to you gotta have to everybody's running. you won't be able to do that You have to run the the main class There's one thing we'll be able to use which is really unfortunate It was this This is 1010 I think so yeah Yeah. This is this is the map This is Yeah Yeah Okay Alright I'm setting up Camp City right now Yup This can be 10 Yeah I'm using the the ghost class. That's all I'm gonna use the entire rest of the beta It's only one that is gonna be possible I got snipe No way. I got sniped That's the slowest night Change your max Closing No Friendly U A V over here Oh shit I can't fire Hello cruise. Miss all away No he's pretty on the Wall Gameplay nigga I'm liking it really like Hello Cruise. Miss all away On the left on the left From the fire now there's no friendly fire right now In the game of buying Friendly USB overhead You gotta keep fighting Top in the window bro I'm just chilling up there He is not talking like you guys just sitting here. Just I'm sorry I'm sorry. It's so hard right now Yeah Yeah Okay. I gotta go I was taught involved right now Is it coffee I'm not playing this game I'm done Do you wanna play like that I'm playing right now Probably off with that feeling bro Hello Cruise. Miss O yeah. Yeah. Cuz Sandra for sure on how to use the rockets No I've been seeing us nasty, though Friendly Joints Happened just camping in there sitting behind the counter Are you about to win This is a team a hundred 10 people through A hundred I don't know Let's go Yo Jonas and Thomas. Thank you for the shares Mike is it Mick Mick Mick Light Magic Mike. Thank you for the thank you for the Ray brother Appreciate you bro Did you guys have to do like when you sign that you have to do an account like registration I know I already had Activision account so yeah, I have one too for some reason You should have one loaded I mean loaded right up Poppy you guys are loading. Train myself I don't have a password I don't know why are you doing That is loud Do you hear that bro Oh my God What is this You're out He's not even sure he's in our party in my party Yeah Yeah In the screen though in the screen but when you press triangle go over, it doesn't I backed out I can't it's so loud I can't figure out how to deal with it Then we should reach out to the lobby There's a registering Nick has you that sound is coming from you on my train I don't know where I'm at right now Like the main screen Yeah Back out and just start a new hobby that she was loud bro Yeah That's where we come from I think he joined of change our party Yeah Join up but I'm gonna change it to private You guys are running game 13 oh. My God. He joined. He didn't hear me Yeah. I'm here Yeah This is gonna give you that option There's no way to like go over and like actually like You can't even like click on them or kick them anything No I don't know I don't hear it anymore. You guys hear it Oh yeah I'll definitely hear it but I mean Yeah I don't know who this is disrespectful just joining up Then joins up with the loudest Mike in the world Yeah Oh my God I can't down There you go You know I invite only How do you do that How do you? How do you do that Party go to party already settings At a party I don't have an option and press party where you can join up on me Oh yeah Thanks already in here I'll invite you if I can find you Oh yeah Yo, what up? It's Nate Yeah Just people playing on my shit You gotta go You gotta go on the you gotta go to Activision dot com and fill out all the information. That's how you change your name You said it doesn't work when it says connecting the matchmaking services Yeah I got I got to restart them What the hell. He's a buff guy with the tank top bro It was good Why is it doing that Dude They didn't do it Back up a roster Yeah, I'm restarting I don't see the thing is like when I was when I log in like it doesn't I gotta ask me when I try to get my profile. What do you guys What do you guys go when you went too go to own Activision Yeah quick profile Go to basic info When it does it when I does that for me it literally Yeah so like I don't have that like you know I could see friends list in the game is zero like open. My PlayStation dashboard Give me Say activation Princess zero or play station I don't know if I'm password Yeah, I don't like when I click profile it takes me tuck, it says your profile is missing required information and it says first last name, community name and then retired password which would be the password that I logged in with It's not working It's weird Right now Yeah. I know Hold on I can't I can't see chat right now I'm trying to figure this out Oh no I create party was an accident It doesn't let me say forgot password That's what I'm saying I would've already done Did that My children. How do you invite somebody from the dashboard right now Triangle and then for the play station bathroom I don't know I don't even know you could do that I don't think you gain I've never been able to do that when I first came in the game it feels my play station network friends and Activision friends zero Yeah There's open your it's open so I just joined It's open Yeah Opened it Yeah I guess you have to be the the the leader to change the actual I guess you have to be when you say when you're you're saying your press trying when you go over to party and you press square Fresh triangle over the party has to be you have to be there though Yeah Yeah Yeah I wanna know how the hell that guy was 11 If you have to drop a nuke actually it's called what the fuck nigga is in here Oh my God bro Are you kidding me Vote Sorry that was good bro Domination capture and defense. The objectives We must control the field Back Taking problem Lost Alpha Bro Securing problems It's got problem Securing aid We got I'm saying that good bro I got this perk where I can have two of them No, there's not a giveaway code or a print code to the bed and problem We have taken the lead We lost problem You gonna shoot through doors Leg dude Is he having me has the lead Back For fly over move in Good We're taking problem Oh he's up to You got a double cab with a clay bar Okay we have taken security How do you strong bro How do you spell your Street You hold it You hold it and then you just move your thumb Yeah my bad you you hold your your hold right on the D Pad overhead and then you just scroll with your left foot or your right thumb stick Okay La overhead Fuel burning piece of life Where is the 15 - dollar beta codes in or they didn't give that off and they didn't give up either? It's a pre order beta Or if you like I think there was like actual exclusive To objectives lost Move-in we captured Charlie Enemy sticking That guy got me up top Okay bro Okay Okay Puds there over here A lot of fake straight through 14 That makes two advantage is ours Reloading No Oh my God. That hurts Yeah bro It's strong Super strong L I G R A V overhead reloading Alpha UB is ready for that way Shepard arriving cruise missiles ready to launch This is fucking field We've got Why can I not see anybody bro Alright got it on I need backup with Alpha Yo, what's up Dan How you doing Josh They're more than likely not an accident shit. They're not gonna do that. They've never done that so They're the hollow is pretty legit bro Mahalo is pretty really good I've been using this one side I'll tell you what it is but I've been asked It's like a psychic crosshairs that makes tool No I got em Let's go Hey, you should be you should be forest It's really fun man. It's really really fun. It's different It's different It's gonna take you a second to get used to but it's fun Fire crews lunch Assist your team at Sea Charlie Anthony U A V overhead back L I G R A V overhead Security Charlie It's back up Level I gotta believe shooting at me What are you doing bro Cruise missile They cover There is no light sponsor There is no like actual He's gonna be ready to kill it every every move I lagging bro It's kicking me off Let's go baby Pretty much. Buy the game in the bed. Exactly Do you want the banana So the first you know four or five days by the game The game they got a top Secure Literally like there's no back up You're faded And me a problem. Go Tango down Well I'm trying to bite attacks. Those positions were falling behind enemy UB overhead would've taken Charlie See that right there with zero Cents zero Center there Oh my God Damn Take a poop bro Alright. Peace Objectives lost in reloading Bro I've literally been killed by the predator missile or whatever it's called literally four times this game Security please tell me that's not the game Okay. Never mind Never mind Never mind Okay He shot me through that I thought I thought that was a decent type of thing I swear I bought freaked out problem that I'm telling you bro It's coming Anthony has Charlie Losing pedal What's coming Losing beef Those positions were falling behind Charlie Stand by What a trip set bro Wow Charlie secure Go baby There you go Come on I get outgun by everything Every single day Look at GKS And I was doing a dumb ass matchmaking service thing Right now What does it say I'm getting no matchmaking right now They won't do it We won't do it You see the pull out the homie started in the PBGC group No I didn't say it What is it How long can you watch more Modern warfare game play without being bored Don't get all but here I'm not playing the game as bad One hour two to five hours infinity and beyond Is it doing that thing? You're getting faster Yeah What if we got a party of 10 bro would be the only play we have to get into the game right now We're on the back out We're gonna restart So anointed mom You think hop so hop coming Come on Don't be like okay What's wrong with two K Mike when you cross play usually the game doesn't allow you to communicate with your probably not How's it going on This is the new one about to come out now. This is the one from 2007. I believe yeah Seven anywhere in the jeep man What's up Hello Hello Yeah It sounds like across from him It does Can you block a doorway with the barricade no He doesn't let you plant it directly in front of the door That will be okay Hang on. Is that better right there Yo what's up Chad How you doing bro Oh it says for 2020 That's good That's good sizes six Alright Carl Carl Yeah I'm enjoying man It's definitely different It's different but it's really fun Really, really fun I want them to already want them to up the the the rank I need them to up the rank already Join You know I can't join See me huh I'm gonna get in and then let me do it I just said you won How does it feel? It feels amazing It really does feel great I mean that's the highest game was the 30 mom Yeah. I hit a dirty bombs last game too I gotta give up quite a hand for FMJ Amen Yo MP seven 's fire It was Malin 20 - eight. I don't know All my friend not mine Well let me check my friend if this person Can you kick him if you go to the party No Alright yo Oh which one are you using the aim O P Reflex site with a scout combat Oh yeah which which reflex using using the the aim O P or the scalp I'm using probably You say yeah Yeah Have you hit me like produces greater stone on target as well Now I'm good on that Yes, she like heavy hitter is a perk and produces greater stone on targets and then there's another one that does something with them on the barrels Really liking the thirteenth You're liking it bro Yeah You got a lot of light a lot of lot aim up is pretty good too I like that too I still not hear you that. Well mom I hear him He's a nice guy Yeah. I'll turn I'll turn them up on my Yeah. Turn it Yeah. Yeah Yeah Can we start it I was feeling that guy Oh no. There it is Yeah. It does happen ever you go in to search We're having lots of problems getting back in the game after a game Yeah, we played one game and then we can't get into another game really Yeah We have to literally close app The problem is getting back Yeah. I met your mic Is that what is that better for you guys I'm Mike me bro That's not Mullin guy bro This is what I'm talking about bro Somehow we don't address it in the chat that if you're in this game, you need to leave Imma see if he's on my friend list. Let me see No he's on my mind It's who can be five is good Yeah If you click on his name Only if you're host, I believe no it was lot the lock for the love for you too Love the entry I love the intro Yeah. The intro is definitely sick I love it Death match enemy threats in the weapons. Hot Cave He's in there mom One down In Cape and Cape I can't wait to play the realist realistic mode Is it gonna be in the beta I don't know But the campaign is gonna be nice I think so too I think the campaign is gonna be insane they're all campaigning. Cave dude They're all camped in case It takes my spot over Go baby Changing Max Take that double Hey is it glitch for you guys like the post you can hear sometimes I don't know I don't know I mean I hear it's pretty well I just have a problem here in I my teammates and this soldier I got right here I appreciate you Thank you Save me I don't know the game this weekend. No but you can play PlayStation plug up your mouse and keyboard They're hard scoping like a mother. Dude I hate how you can say that's all people do in this game bro They literally they literally just sit on one spot and then amen very rarely see people right I got you Attention Guys in the left side of our spot I don't understand that we can find in the same bro but I don't know why but this guy We've got control I love the way he holds him 13 to your whole hand is wrapped around the barrel Yeah. Wait until you get the bottom grip Can you pick this game? Yeah. You can do this man. You can do this mental or auto pink There you go up to a Wall and Mexico does it Yeah What the hell are you shooting that enemy bro You got on Also, the pulse is pretty good so whenever you get aim from somewhere else so you can't see him you're like vision like this like that That part is I get honestly worth it because I feel like they kill time is pretty fast so like it's like if you you get paid from behind, you're still gonna get shot You know what I mean like you're gonna die before you can even turn on Seven Oh yeah The literally one Bird One verse. You're dead You hit that burst Yeah I don't have a doctor whatever that Aimed in Coming up See that guy right there. What was that You like it better than black Albro Lawrence as most ignorant question you could ever ask You got it brother Yeah Fire Enemy U A V overhead Like aside Enemy U A V overhead Got a snipe 20 - 13 people in that one building You can't just not on these maps She got stuck by your name bro That's cool I need a silencer on this Today Inside the building inside the building right there and yeah Okay Okay. Okay but button is a turn to a wild pigs I don't know it depends on what what your while you're laying on your butt all this Wow Technician by that little barrier Nice. Open Y'all gonna chop Yeah It's beautiful My 30 bomb almost got 21 kill off taken control When they lose, you're still beautiful Marco love you UAV Station Two guys is aiming the enemy right there Like I just discovered that when they shoot the Red At the direction they say bro sir Buh bye I got just realize that what they like the at the top The Red diamonds is where they shoot in French The Red diamonds Oh okay Thank you Thank you the intern brother What is that? A person No I think it's just I think it's just it's like your mini map type of thing The mini map replacement shit me you got right to your left behind that Wall Everything enemy behind 70 - 470 - Four. We need 170 - 470 - Pop it off You're enjoying that 1313 is fire. I heard that's a literally use it I mean I'm just trying to What is on your gun Yes Oh yeah. Yeah I got you got you got the four times high brid Yeah, it's actually pretty dirty You know Starbucks cool coffee is absolutely amazing Coffee. Smells amazing right now I just can't wait to know the mechanics the way I wanna Yeah Right Those coffee means you got I haven't tried it yet Yo wait Where did I miss this I get to kill in this awarding Yo wait When do that Wait Where did I miss this Danielle Oh my God Yo have you all executed somebody yet Danielle with the fourth thousand no but the 4000 stars and said you were here to bring hope and enrichment for others so that they are inspired to greater Heights with your vision of a better world Ernie Jason Zoe Zalenski Thanks for being amazing everyday This is my biggest star job ever Oh my God. Your reaction and humbleness yesterday to the guest was an inspirational prostitute Yo 10 Yo oh my God Yo oh yeah Keeps doing this match. Freaking thing for us I literally would not put us into the game I joined on me. If you want to this plane hop on right now He's he's gonna touch it I can join up on me or if you want to you know Danielle for real oh my God. I don't know how I missed this but thank you Thank you so much for the big time. Love that's crazy right there for real Thank you Danielle That's wow Wow Erik 100 Nick Tracy, Dan and Christian with the Steven with the seven March with the five months Josh Erika and Chuck with the shares. Thank you guys I gotta open Yehey I I you know I'm a little bit worried. I got a $40 bet I gotta you know Imma Imma figure it out You know I'll be right there You invite or I did Better I just joined I didn't even get to end like she got find you Why is it not let me scroll down my friend's list Oh I need to put options How do I put the party in a private go Triangle one Square Alright, there we go Yeah, I was in love with like two minutes while trying to find her damn game People say that my character looks like me I don't know about that but Yeah What does it say at the top mom This is connected in the matchmaking We're gonna restart my goodness I don't know what to do Should we just start the game or yeah. That's the only way to fix it Alright that's sucks bro Let me text capture quite save almost done my goal Michael so they're dead silence is not a perk but it's like a I'll show you in a second and team link I'm not sure I'm not sure on that I'm not sure Look at the DX A new game. Yes Because America That's why I really think something just came out of my mouth like a piece of came out of my mouth updated It's an updated game and then it went to the lobby now Who we going on No matter what you try. You know you didn't reach that last time That's why I didn't work I can't join you Oh yeah Hang on Are there many mats? No there's not a mini map unless you get a Unless you get a I got a personal regular I don't like the D collection I don't know where that is went So are you guys so in your screen? Are you guys up front and then we're in the back Yeah Yeah. Yeah. I'm on the front That's pretty cool I don't know where it went I don't know where we stand One of you going on here I said but you mentioned Danielle Yeah. I just I actually just talked about Daniel Yo thank you seriously. That message included with it was amazing as well Yo Daniel Ferrell. Thank you so much. That's big time over the 4000 4000 stars Danielle for real Thank you so much It means the world right there Oh my God How did you get the entire game early? It doesn't drop until our cover How you like a new battery out so cool. I can't believe it wasn't hurt Yeah. The Christian did hurt but it's okay yeah Thank you for the share Alright, make sure you guys You guys are in here with me right in here Okay Good Is the is the one is that automatic or semi one The one that you would hope you're using sorry in 13 in 13 months It's automatic Okay That bad boy is but the end four but has a fire higher rate just doesn't fire higher rate was that you know I mean I'm gonna go straight up the Middle towards the objectives It was like the whole team bro They're all jumping around corners. Brought it We got one another one Overhead Let's go Yeah Okay. That's part of my spa It's great That's all coming from you guys Charlie he said Yeah. That's my bro You just might be in here not in this in this game but in the alphabet it's the same thing. It's just not a sniper The master we have right now. I'm outside the maps at all We're holding Alpha So like there needs to be like, are you sure you wanna clear? So I got actually cleared all my my attachments switch Everybody has oh my God Yeah Yeah I think I did Yes. Right here That's why that's why I'm not using the I don't use the sites on on MP five right now Bottom. Little enemy We're taking Bravo I like the that's nice Fire Let's go through this. Got me I gotta get beat boys Oh I didn't even realize I forgot. You can edit in game Yeah and also thing was like if you get shot by somebody or like you can copy their loadout It's made line You saw that right Yeah Gonna go back side B I'm calling my attack helicopter The enemy Yeah, they're all be there literally obvious ones up. Top up top in the little area walkway We got one more. Come on the bottom right now Looking forward So on Two, bottom up Now one outside. There you go I got really hurt back there in the main building blue building in the back I don't like this. Go I love it One bottom B We're holding out What is going on I got boxing Is it right here Securing bronze The sound on this thing up Yeah True Lock it down it's gonna be you're gonna be right over in the air security for all of us They're on A in front door Hold it on point defense Alright let you let them have see so begin Swan Camp a little bit It doesn't work like that Yeah I don't know if you guys ever heard of that Not in this game They're we're talking about in this game It's so hard bro Yeah Sponsors completely around them Above you above you Bobby Wow Call them Hmm Taken control Okay Okay Went above right Play with the doc Yeah. Let me let me just set them up Jeremy Texting Reloading securing Bravo I'm five and 15 personal radar in the air Enemy U A V Yeah We have the involve going to be behind me on top security Bravo back outside You gotta be really good for Tom It's gonna be Super slow Super competitive I don't know where he is by using that and building you just ran out of how many came down to the top tonight Wow guys came upstairs with a damn got on the back side in the parking lot That's coming up I really like how they don't move You don't like that I don't I never liked the halftime It goes like this are a stationary call out. You know personal right now in the air Wait what we're gonna have to remove Oh I just no. I'm not moved but like halftime Appreciate that Overhead We lost No alpha Man Coming around Back up Let me see that guy That makes no sense I got first shot Okay. So okay. That makes a little bit He's literally one down and connect them to Charlie Alright I'm with you Those conditions will dominate I'll go toe to toe morning Find out what's up another one coming around the corner here Friendly U A V overhead one day. I'll be speaking on Thursday Stop and see I got U B when it comes back Getting on right right in the air Two of them are pushing as we speak I'm going I'm going. I'm going Losing weight One time A eight eight 80 -, one Back on They're pushing hard from left side Friendly U A V enemy. Personal right There you go The enemy holds two objects and take him back He's going for a seat Alright okay I'm gonna be with you in just a second camp and B two. Go on Seaside We need a short cut it out changing mags Flash flash Oh the spider got me You have it three times When I wanna be with It got it somehow bro They're all on me right now captured Charlie They're going to either We're on top right now Ammo box right here for somebody We got one guy going to He's done You're not on your face I like how you get people They had a solid team. I feel like they're all in the party They have those guys that you hit a level of the modern 11 crazy man might just be a glitch bro that was 11 in match Yeah it's kinda like that was I was just on the phone I was just on the phone and you know it's kinda sad. What What? Just Yeah, I think you hit 11 in the match when we back out to the lobby here 10 I don't I don't know they literally just tell me that they have no update They they have no update on my car. They have yet the what's wrong with the car is something is is I don't know like they literally said something something that's wrong with the fact that you should at least give us that it's so it's so technical that they don't have a specialist to be able to work on it So I don't know man I I that's that's obviously and then I didn't I didn't buy this Ended warranty so they have to look out the they have to look at the car first and diagnose the car It's gonna be something longer than for them to give me a list to be or like a vehicle to drive a loaner vehicle to like oh that's that's a hundred percent That's sad That's definitely sad That's what we have to do right now I don't know if we're gonna be playing parties I figured out I don't know if we're gonna be playing parties It wasn't that it wasn't doing this when we had two people I think that might be part of it Let's try it real quick. So that's what actually is going on This is silly just to have to close my app every year Yeah, I'm not I'm not doing anymore Jonathan thank you for the for the share with the six months Corey with Corey and Kevin Yeah Yeah Yeah I'm I'm I'm not I'm not doing this every time. I'm testing that for sure baby Nick Alright, let me let me go on I just started Now doesn't not that I know of It just didn't turn on Exhibit is playing headquarters right now I think it's fine with supporters too Let me see if I have sex prepared Good job Living it It up Alright Russell Let's see No you might Yeah Oh yeah. Just invite me Went after party with me right now Yeah Right there Okay That that honestly pisses me off so bad bro That's ridiculous. See when I do that so you you you you disappear when you do it When I hit play like quick match you like you'd disappear I'm not any lobby That's why Okay I'll close that breakfast Domination captured defend the forward operate enemy U A V overhead enemy This game so fast just join the game halfway through personal radar in the air that was Tammy And 13 hits Dude we're on Standby Enemy U A V Overhead Incoming tight cover Wow I'm stuck on the way Just download the update for some reason Lucy Charlie Yeah you should set up here Set up for your class Personal radar. They're not radar double radar Secure Bravo go enemy personal radar in the air Securing Charlie Enemy holds all objective. Three tech securing sir Thank you Securing Charlie Secure Cruz incoming tight cover Behold Overhead Why did you come to be Yes Hello Cruise mess. All away Charlie Friendly U over here U A V overhead We have to be involved We've lost Alpha Shouldn't enjoying there you go Headquarters love it Enemy Enemy cruise missile incoming tight cover that got him over here Enemy Cruz Comic Con I wonder how they're gonna do like across the classroom P C in the lobby So right in the air Okay I wonder if We put a U A V Cruz go for launch Not me Robert I'll be made in Social The game is called search Now it's a different game It was one that they showcase revive your teammates Really Dude Enemy cruise missile enemy U A V overhead right on target They're flasher flesh Enemy personal radar in the air Enemy Cruz incoming killed Got killed by the flash bro I'm enjoying it man I'm enjoying it Enemy U A V overhead We need to stay in games We gotta get ready Responders table. I didn't know you could do that There we go That's different What that's not different that's headquarters if your team has the headquarters captured and then you die you don't respond though Oh yeah I remember that so after enemy U A V overhead enemy personal radar in the air That's where you got that guy I don't know where we're taking bravo Behind me Nice Good cop There's a haggling or watch our bond I'm just gonna snipe for saying bro I'll take her off And then I got a really watch I was a head around almost to you right now for killing Alpha Bravo It seems like this I think it's like the third time out here in the open online on a teammate of me You might spot on like your enemy U A V overhead Who is shooting at me Dude Just raining bullets flying Enemy personal radar in the air The flesh in there The flesh Yeah there's one at the West side No way that guys over on the right side just as the perfect angle We got Look at down right there right there He's coming He's coming to us right now I'm gonna honor Jay Lane Ducey, Michael Mimi and Michael with those 200 Hey man I'm an ASC master certified technician. I own my own shop. Unfortunately don't know how to work on their vehicles. I'm pretty sad It's pretty sad I know I'm over the higher if it comes to it man, I can help you out with the Jeep Keep in mind Thank you man that means a lot bro for real dude Thank you very very much U G Trent Daniels with the five months talking about Trump Wow Female Yeah, put us right back in another match You must be high He's gonna crash the crap out of me Nice break What are you gonna have a question for you Yeah. We'll see you Chris Alright I'mma wait H Q to a flash. It was the best biker you've gone today 4040 - three or 40 saw things 40. - three 40. -, three and eight, 40. - 340 Lost Alpha We captured We're taking problems I keep getting killed by these guys came from little corners Did this about this game is gonna be like right here that right there What what this guy is doing right here That's what this game is gonna be right there I'm shocked There's gonna be sitting sitting like this This game is gonna be What's your personal Taking fire about your hair and the overhead Securing Alpha Level the 10 Yeah for day for today for day one level 10 is the maximum Overhead We have two objectives say look I'm telling you every single kill that I'm gonna die by it is all this is literally just people coming in. You know what I mean It's not every condo not at all not at all overhead Clothes Overhead Right whenever again. I I die This is You got a headpiece Oh dude The whisper guys doing pretty good right there Yeah, we got a lockdown inspector next week I'm back to my employees We're here we are here. We're here. We're here You're either at eight H The flesh They came up from that window Hey what up Mike How you doing buddy Yeah They're gonna get it Voting It's not gonna stop shooting They have 23 Side Oh, that guy is jump shot Hey how's it Bro Oh they're doing they're doing it Yeah They're literally just sitting in the back seat in the back They're not moving. This crash had been And the U A V overhead Yeah Yeah I mean there's a lot of camping overhead Well, I'm just saying I'm just sleeping Where I'm Charlie Stand by Gunshots Got ambition box right here behind the bodies L I G R A V overhead Allied cruise missiles launched Damn dude. Like yeah they can just show you gonna say that Joey B is ready for fly over somebody with a a Diggle one time. I saw the cruise missile ready to launch We're halfway there Keep going what in my back. He came around the corner This is fucking good We're taking actually no way Everything has Charlie Flash upstairs I don't play on PC The fact that you jump around already don't want this game Why you can't talk around the shoe About a fuel resorting to supply that is chilling Yeah, literally he's almost got a trip set because they're all lined up bro You know what I'm saying The HQ It's upstairs Yes I wish you got a headquarters after they come down We're taking problem They can't camp as hard There's more tactical It's more tactical play outside before Camden We're talking about this game or rainbow poop Anthony Cruise missile pay cover Enemy personal overhead during the U. A V overhead objective move in They confirm better for this shit No No no problem Nothing burn Everything's I'm going to the point I was we lost Bravo And then buy Come on. Try the NDP seven Let me sounds pretty good though You have lost the lead To objectives lost move in Look at you you're poop My favorite part is definitely in for What he kill me with a rock they got a they got a chopper I realize that I think the guy but I was secure You never know you can fly around with it either You just sit I know you could fly around either How do you play around with it Yeah Shot down that you did not returning to life Careful grenades up there Objectives takes a surf gonna pull out a sniper in the corner I'm enjoying it I'm really enjoying it back We come out here Hey, Congress M U A V overhead enemy. Personal overhead Okay What my teammate bro Oh my God. You're so bad He was even stunned him too and he didn't get the kill Oh you're bad I'm addicted to you The All this is it's just premium site That's all you can do 5555 Die die that's Super cool MP seven just smacking from across the whole map bro This guy is literally just laying on the floor 1919 let's go Okay I don't get that Okay I think they made it so that you play with only a high-ranking people Brand new car bro Wow They though Okay Nomination captured on hold Alright, let me back out of my bed Huh I even back out That's next. One. Fast Enemy has alpha Imma Imma really give the AK right a good chance I keep like dropping us trash right now Imma say it used to be good like I won the game First job but right now. The crazy like Man I didn't just don't you love Heartstone overhead One thing I don't I don't like right now is you can your teammates get in your way? A lot You can bump into each other And they kill time to kill time on the seem like it's worth it You drop shot in the leg. Holy ass There's only three maps on that I need more maps. I'm bored of the bed after three hours There's two be too right this dude That's what a beta is like people expect you to get the whole game It's a beta brother Needed at Sea they said they're releasing more maps for the beta This is day one This is literally day 12 hours in and people are complaining about not having more maps like that's crazy It's a beta reloading not worried about How was that It's working I mean personally Go there you get pooped on by them Everyone seems to be the best one Yeah Majority people For fly over I'm trying to I'm trying to actually control this AK right now. It's actually smacking you think so I mean I mean I'm I'm using it right now I mean I'm just saying give it a good chance Ready to launch UAV overhead This guy is so ugly Keep trying to drop a comment For the enforce is too good bro Watch this Look at that bro You ain't down 12 and one Absolutely And the new cruise missile take cover Again Another one on the Hill That's the one We're already got a new guy for sure bro Here we go 30 cows armor right It was it really comma Yes No way got already That's crazy First game he got in He got the reason he has the most product wins the hot point point Get moving Yeah Three rings Three rings That's crazy I didn't know this caramel How do you look around? Corners? You go up to it You hold on the corner And for me it's circle but I don't know what it is for people that are on a regular button that'll be your right steak of your own. A regular bottle Me too me too man It's gonna be good like I said right now You know that's for you We're fighting bud fucking While he's absolutely right here Got the reload How can you bring it up You're gonna give up Yo, are you all playing together We're not gonna be able to find a shooting problem you're playing with anybody in in more than you know, three people or two people kicked you out of the game You have to restart your app and the cash water Yeah Like like the garbage at the bottom Push it Let's talk about where I live LGBT people We left the dogs out And the U A V overheads Darlings of life Yeah 40. -. Three. Steal your Good job What do you think Yeah for you in my own 40 Barrier Russell Hey cover What I really get ahead Bro he literally shot me literally once Red guy that killed you Yeah My second time and play Playing against my mommy Crazy Pretty cool that you can downside why you still lady for fly over Now behind me man I agree Jason for sure man I was in this one. There is no score tickets to Kill Street Buy your guns It doesn't stack on top of the other doesn't stack on from your other other enemy U A V overhead streaks Yeah, I pull out that piece. Seven bro Hey boy I don't think I'll ever again like any game period Bye It's like call Duty or just some games in general any game period We have check out takes a five year that that sir bro yo Courtney Tommy Gun Nathan's Dickie Dustin all of the shares duster dusty all the shares. Thank you guys Stand up and show up for a minute Who's on your spots? So right now I cannot you Cannot play you Cannot If you're in a if you're in a lobby with more than two people if you're in a lobby more than two people then the cars blow up on it you can't I get kicks you out of the lobby after that and then you can't you can't play like you you you have to research your app to be able to get into a lobby again So if you play with two people that you play with two people then you know You're able to get into a lobby back to back to back Oh wow I got came right behind me Background noise I didn't know I thought you both were adults only game No went pass that one pass the game I just told you as a matter of how do you change your load up Next year gonna literally says Edit match You gotta say come back This is I do to hit me with a thermos bro He looks stuck me in the leg of the thermo Kill me What In any personal way that overhead there you go That's guys actually got Using the ghost class M U A V overhead His name is just killed The pressure on the 13 Everywhere. Left. Side Whatever shooting me Give me your overhead like he He was talking about like a blackout like slide like a long time Enemy cruise missile they covered Bro L I U A V overhead Overhead How are they gonna raise the class that has freaking cold blooded You can't allow him It's only five The class I'll drop 40 with You have reached the halfway point. Wow No problem with that is it doesn't have enough It's got 20. - Five bullets. Yeah. No, I'm talking And the overhead the overhead Anthony Christmas Day color Get out of my spot And the U A V overhead Can you turn off spring I think so yeah You got in in the half a You wanna headquarters right now and the V overhead I cannot get up here One is going inside On the pros Overhead Can you sing I don't know yet Yeah you can but it depends on your like this is the first game that depends on the caliber of the weapon Anthony Anthony personal overhead They hit hard good We will remember this guys Wait Alright some kills not counting I definitely got more than eight kilos I'm thinking Bill Bro I definitely got more than eight kilos right now Yeah. You can walk right there You know it's right there and it says I got eight kills Wow that Red dude is just hitting me one time and I'm dead If rubbing alcohol fixes outside. Boo boo they're drinking alcohol fixes inside. Boo boo Chris No Lost Alpha assist. Your team has been domination I don't know if they're gonna bring the bring the two bed. Two bath I don't know Holding Charlie we U A V O Enemy first overhead Hey, color I thought the things to my L I G R A B overhead How's you sure Alright Executing problem Oh there's candy Alright Oh Enemy personal overhead Vote Correct and the U A V overhead Maybe two is gone The only time to be too is here was here during the alpha cover It'll be back Yeah. That'll be back during the Bedding Yeah Yeah Yeah Okay You know August my in the Bay right now. Dude it's used the ghost class You're gonna do best No Joshua if you Marcus I mean if I got a hit Mark, I'd be pretty upset with the game with my birthday Everything else and I get it but no I haven't gotten one yet Court We just traded traded I traded five times a day but I literally that's in became bro training's in the game Enemy personal overhead Behind you coming up We captured problem Try to jump shot LGBT overhead And the U A V overhead Or We get hit markers Take cover registered I guess They've reached the odd sucks though bro I got all kinds of range. I don't know what you're talking about That's my first tip market and that's 14 13 L I U A V overhead this chair Overhead We have no objective How you shoot the Rockets Good to have your overhead You go through Today, up at the 30 Overhead This messed up like counting counting counting messed up I have way more than 19 cows takes those objectives Security Securing a U, A D overhead Lovely Alright and then of course yeah I got it I got it right there Yeah. I got I hit last game It just depends on how Well you're doing a game and the U A V overhead But definitely Seaside is the best side This side sucks when you're on side sides are really bad We gotta try to flat They're all beats They have 23. Take overhead They're coming in from the stairs Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I gotta run over cruise missile They cover They're they're in there and they're in there UAV overhead Government beginning flyover Anthony Cruise missile They cover security Wow Random grenade dude That's cool Just wanted to talk about Losing Without the fuel returning to resupply M U A V overhead Charlie I don't know I can't get up from over 10 Yeah. I can't either Well I'm troubled by Captured problem coming from from to be Alright Oh my God La Shepherd Gunner arriving now The letter is aiming Her name is Minecraft. No wonder Oh my God Amen Good morning U A V overhead and any personal overhead L A V overhead There is fun They're they're firing is good bro As soon as I turned away That's what happened to me starting to get the hang of it a little bit more for sure I like the I like the enforce iron side the best so I like it The Red dot Yeah Reporter Dave man Yo River. Thank you for the three months Jess and Jake. Thank you for the shares Mario going outside. What are you coming to I don't know maybe one day yo Jesse Thank you for the Jerry with the back to back to back It was the 200 to the 100 100 Claymore says keep grinding and he says for the lobby show last night with another 100 and nothing after that. Thank you bro Thank you so much. What's the best best got in the game so far you know personally I think Personally, I think whatever it's called the The M 441 I think is the the best gun right now but the problem is everybody is using underneath You know personal U A V S and U A V s like it's just I get I can't they're they're just camping up there you can't You can't make it You can't have a person. You gotta be in it right baby Hey, can I did it Oh why why is that Why mess with every setting it for me I got it I don't understand Go today we just traded nice Oh but the important but the problem is everybody is using these personal A V S U A V S so like it's people the only class the only class is this class that has goats so you can only go as number two or number two perk and you can only you know you can you can only unlock it when you reach level 13 and obviously you know level level 30 Is is not reachable right now with the Max will be in 12 Can you put on guns Yeah Yeah. Absolutely Right through 11 high so far Nice Yeah Nice cube location That's kinda win loss not in the band Not the better but there will be in the in the main game Friendly U A V overhead Enemy personal radar in the air Wow, that guy was just camping in the corner right there. That's school funny. I literally just killed somebody get a move on We're taking the enemy I got the name is God We got our game named God named named Okay. Yeah Well that happened I mean we're dead Once you die you know Where bro They shutdown recruit this field compared to getting ready different like no problem It's crazy to August is a nice month Wassup That's crazy Yeah Yeah it's like a 556 Just like that Absolutely Htwo accident moved to secure Get over there Are you gonna put on stand when you are competitive that I bet you're standing disabled I'm moving I'm moving in All the way in the back in the cave Look at that You're so good I promise you The battery I was knocking for you ever told you that this guy has gotten so many kills me what his play more like I've traded two or three times in this game I choose to cure Almost done already I just traded Wow There's crazy location Alright, brother. Thank you Definitely not gonna bought a new car Imma say a blackout for why do you feel like you're not gonna be good at it Imma have to I'm probably gonna take a break soon A little German. I wish Versus radar in the air Behind the wild behind us he came behind us Enemy U A V overhead They're me back. Any old school maps. Chris is the better brother It's the Beta We have three maps and that's it I like how the Thermo literally like a throw in this literally like it has the same like radical as a throwing knife I can't believe I stopped keeping shot in the back I guess the only way I die if I get shot in the back Like every other car Enemy U A V overhead First Go Is that a real question You got a real question Be advised U A V There you go Friendly UAV action and I'm not I'm not being a dick Logan. I'm being I'm being honest is that is that a real question You actually trolling me I guess I would say you're telling me Although you name God and high though because there's Activision through the Activision cuz I like where this is gonna be cross platform. You gotta set up an account through Activision or whatever I don't exactly know how it works. I'll be honest like Oakley's Oakley's name and Ross's name. We're all something that they have set up from a long time ago so I don't know exactly how it works but it's true That's their activision username is what it what is actually you're saying it's a lie You see their Activision username as I could Oh my God Enemy personal radar in the air Half way there Our team is just standing around with their fingers up their butt dude Yup Hey all dad Yeah. There's only one guy left Oh my God This guy is just camping HQ secure Next up and take get ready Oh it's cool that you can switch guns during game You should Oh Get a move on the friendly U A V over here We got a U A What is that you shoppers Thank you God forcement He's down He's down. We traded yo Bruce. Thank you for the share. Mario again about 50 minutes time with 20 - five. Thank you for spending your free stars on me man. I appreciate you. This is hardcore now that's Shutdown recruits enemy accuracy or whatever his neighbors Thanks God The Please dude this is like I wish we could all play together We can all put together to be an entire different game like friendly U A V overhead Go to reload Enemy cruise missile incoming HQ three Get a move on Enemy U A V overhead We gonna hang it is 40 Running out and be fine Behind you guys behind you guys Are you interested No we can't play with more than two people on a on a squad right now or it kicks us out of the lobby Go We've lost the execute You have a missile coming in Top office Enemy Alright Behind us bro I seriously I keep getting killed from behind every single time for J Take the ice Finally enemy overhead Enemy they got me H Q Jaguar three, zero solid beginning There you go Rusty Here we go Kauai could care less about that bum He's a nobody I wish I could say it was an assist Nobody none of our squash You know Yo brother. Thank you for the share man Oh yeah. And I didn't use my chopper immediately cuz it's headquarters. I've already used it while they were recently with fewer response, it would have been a waste I like this I like this I like like this like a battlefield MW three temperature God is a beast I'm going back to my sniper rifle You could start up there but it's broken निकाल दे करती गई अब सात फेरे Huh Yeah. It's fun It's good Huh You go I'm trying to capture of defense headquarters as they come align Some carry over more They took a lot for me HQ move to secure They're capturing the HPV 90 more than someone Okay Yeah Richard. We'll see you man It's all remember so there's no there's no complication Reloading The overhead I can't wait for the C Four for headquarters Building right there Why I've got my first hit marker with the Sunburst Helen You just don't heal yourself Okay secured Alright Yeah It's not. It's not in the bed It's not in a band of that Nice That was a real question earlier Dude I'm I'm I'm very very confused on that question man. I was like I don't I don't know did you only play games that were score streets only like like don't like is that is that why you're asking because you're like why What is what is score matter if If you only get You don't you don't get kill streaks from your score. Is that is that what you're I think I think you're gathering reloading HQ active move to secure They're capturing the HQ of Personal I like the game. It's all right I mean it's fun Got a lot more to learn It's a different game Cool though Feels good Very different, though No, that was not Joseph Reloading LA Cruise missiles take cover Anybody wanna help me Catholic HQ contestants are they still? Of course this is Kill Streaks Yeah, I've only played B 04 and goes back in the day I think those are actually the enemy Yeah Let's go. Just like the first game. They introduced Gore streaks instead of I think I think it was I think it was that it was right there I thought it was okay I don't know No, I'm saying what was the first game we introduce it Oh We're disabling H Q I got a disabled everybody yet Bro We have taken the H Q I keep breaking with 10 seconds Get to the next step It took so long to pull out my gun I was standing on top for five seconds before he actually pulled out my gun Screen Get the move on What up Jay was the first girl I'm not saying Kill Street I said. Score streets scores streets first to introduce scores Okay. That's what I thought The guy on top of the high piece they have taken the HQ jaipur its the hand we point get moving so he said you because quarter would be we figured in these ladies we was among the work that three is to fix this you can get a new of poetry a is a cute story So I was kinda like what Scores Street system used and call Duty. Black Ops Two advanced warfare. Black Ops Three Infinite Warfare World War 24 seconds Okay. Yes Yeah. No, it's different Oh my God It was it was actually black ops too Blackout suit was the first one to introduce it but I said don't don't ever call me again. Okay I didn't know if you would know about fun time Look at him Overhead overhead Oh wow. They straight up Totally disregarding the headquarters every time and going elsewhere Petty No fat enough HQ Active move to secure the U A V overhead I just got a four -piece H We're taking the HQ I get killed Oh my God Our teammates aren't even stay alive down below You're watching all just got a million from the back Oh my God That was In another words copy of Biting Me from New York and no, they're not copying 15 seconds. Get ready to move I got to go I got the Be careful Seven is nasty Back to my card four days five is disgusting but it's got a range on it too There's a laser mounted that barricade What do I like the barricade Mountain Oh yeah HQ screen get the whole box Yo waddup M U A V overhead Oh my God like our teammates are like Just had their thumbs up I don't like they can't update the graphic That makes no sense La cruise missile launch. We are getting blasted bro Yeah, we are We're getting we're gonna absolutely pooped on to 20 - four to 120 - eight H Q. Women 140, - five to zero, bro. It was until that last one there was like a hundred and 20. There's a bad guy right there My gosh careful only sucks is because they introduced You can clip ourselves He's waiting for me to move This is the mix of median bro No game can never be itself They always has to be something else One guy in the back seat I was gonna say just let him have it. Do this This is a blood bath Locations secured I like how you can still kill em like they still go down and everything under the big game is right now a game he always has always been there Yeah He's a big boy Where is the Where is it Where is it from from enemy His life UC cake Of the HQ moving constantly from behind baby The overhead The thing the door thing is really weird and when you're sprinting like the doors at the hip box with the door Yeah Just open it Yeah Yeah You hear that Oh whoa What was that like Whoa The door Yeah, I can imagine the guy just camping in her room and you just pass the door He's like oh no What was that Like What bro Overhead They made the door open so aggressively too We traded bro Oh my God. Look at this guy contestant They're capturing the HQ of That's what I'm saying. It's like the most aggressive thing ever. Where's your ADS setup I have no clue bro HQ shutdown that's only for rifle scopes and Markman so one time Let's get to the next stage Reloading bro reloading is is crazy too It takes a second to reload be five to take the hot second overhead HQ is Green It's a move on nice cruise missile they covered Oh what the hell Group tomorrow will be different. Yeah but the standard standard is 11 but the thing is like I was saying is this is for Marksman scopes and rifle rifle scope. So this was like for snipers and then back at the the marksman which is like the like the tactical rifles of this game Well control you're using I mean if you're talking about what button layout I am tactical Tactical man bro Entertaining with tech with tax suppressor Yeah I have that actually I have the exact class on a pressure I have a laser on The problem is it's like I was saying is like you have to use the pre-set class that has everything on it because or the one that has the Ghost on it The one that has goes on because you're just constantly getting getting killed You keep building the there's always somebody that has things on U A V five attachments I'm in building right now Stop shopping it capture of defense to secure my point and 1313 is not it man. The best going right now is in the important that's kinda right here Actually I can change the game HQ Alright, there's one guy. Gotta come up top They found him army behind me Your big pool game in the shot You know what I actually have it This guy. I don't whatever he has The M U A V overhead We are losing crowd focus Down the bottom Yeah Wanna become so dirty with this deal Overhead smashes dog That's ready to go They got two guys up man. Let's let's try this I'm done We have a personal ready for escort We need right now Okay Can you help find a PCA Let me know dude Get ready Remove soon I know it is random me through this Yeah Move out You got a trip set off Yeah. That is a really cool thing You can overhead You can use the you can change all your weapons attachments and everything in game. That's really dope HQ Active move to secure and take cover это мой брат Enemy HQ move in the shooting at each other There's always two people were laughing our game really Oh wow Three. Now they're coming in now I got my food over here back They have taken Why did they not slide I seriously I guess not letting me like slide it off I can you can you jump slide I don't know if you can jump slide I can't jump I gotta stop dumb sliding I tried it I mean it's just it's not Yeah This is like a slow He lands in Yeah Yeah Exactly Well, you can't slide. Jump slide. Jump the best too Oh excuse me Jump out of the slide No fly. Jump slide Jump Yeah That's what you both said the same thing I literally just said that Oh my God Hold on me too Get ready And the overhead House New HQtwo action Move out Yeah Yeah. Yeah. For sure it's Hey, color Go to gun well just depending on what you're trying to do right now The best gun is this gonna have in my hand the problem is everybody has you A V S so like you're always on the radar 90 - nine percent of the time so the only way that you can use that has the most on it is this going here and it's pretty good actually enjoy Max We're taking the H Q Okay I wonder what they're gonna do with the skin I'm not trying to go outside They've been The enemy has captured the HQ Movement, speed or recoil Yeah M U A V overhead I think that's really cool. Yeah. I mean too I mean it's like the substitution of of a mini map pretty much our custom available in Nevada Absolutely not While you're outside loan, you can still enter the mag You think what like let's say you're shooting right and you want to reload down side like can you like so shoot and switch inside the Get ready Take cover Get to the next stage We have a personal radar ready for escort V is ready for fly over This is fucking Kobe You actually can't Yeah Online We're taking the H Q Personal Overhead What are you You're gonna die today about tomorrow It's crazy but you can lean to shoot Yeah Have you had a shot yet We've secured overhead on their body He was gonna preach defense H U M U A B You dig in the agent 10 seconds Good What's up Joe How you doing about H two active move out they're inside too inside the literally like camping and building the top of the building while it's a headquarters L I G R A V overhead TV of course it is Securing the HQ I just need to stop trying to capture the point by myself Sorry, I mean right now we have secured the HQ stay alive Can you create a class in this No You can't overhead You gotta use what they give you Legs It's too disabled computer bro That makes zero sense That's what I that's That's why I'm still trying to figure out how that makes any sense that was crazy With that Destroyed their claim more in there Security fucking for you guys One minute to remain Our window is closing quickly Upstairs top in the back left Okay Overhead personal destroyed We've lost coverage Changing back By now Enemy of the H Q. Move in you probably be cruise missiles Hey cover I'm standing in the corner down there buddy I can't fridge Let me sprint Take cover Alright enough of this full back I just ate the chicken and rice so fast I'm Super hungry right now bro Some Japanese fried chicken poison sauce and some White rice Sound like kids menu What I was around the corner It's simple question I mean I could eat Yeah Are you talking to me? That way I gotta feed you little baby Okay Finally, we have a guy that takes that taken out U A V s Well what can we get healthy It is windy Day again Alright don't even think about it Wow What day we captured chopped Don't worry about it Oakley Am I talking to you I I I must control the field What are you saying 630 Three That work for you any personal overhead losing Beach It's really drop shot Dude what up Chad in the back Oh no No That is not popping Well guys, I wanna say one shot They have two objectives Ugh We're still left hanging Hang on Yeah Yeah Good job Sure that I like that it literally shows you like personal overhead I know what they called I got like a a reflection like when you you see a sniper off in the distance. It shows you like a reflection Yeah Kinda defeats the purpose of it That's the Max level in Beta right now Thomas Though I put that up, it will probably go to 30 over the next few days But that will be the best Reloading Copy that load out and just gave me them for you Alright, let's see this How do you copy Okay I literally did not give me any of these stuff that They just got sniped too so it's cool just quick from overhead UAV overhead is in the background The cruise missile they cover shooting problem And the U A V overhead Alright Cool Bottom bottom. Bottom Go on top right now This one This one There you go One coming out to the right Yeah, I'm done Ah We're taking problem he says. You're 11 Definitely says I'm thin he says 10 A V overhead We captured problem The enemy personal overhead How can you see me perfectly? But I can't see you at all Like that they'd be lag bro I've been having such bad service I don't think it's I think it's your brother Oh wait Nothing Everything is perfect now Take you back Changing back The highway point get moving How many times they're gonna get killed by random What's up Dan Hello Timmy Alright man Alright problem M U A V overhead You'll need patience right now. Just freaking out And mid problem go I was going to shoot Enemy personal overhead Got it So Hold on and salt It's about 10 people probably they got like always personal overhead this time. We feel as good as I did on the outfit. You know the same day There's so many head peaks in this like crazy Crazy bro Back Okay, I got a four piece one spot if I was if I was a developer bro I would be so toxic I would know every single spot that was the best I just got shot with seven different angles I guess I guess that's what we're doing now huh Okay One guy A couple of games. You guys It's so slow too He really thinks it's like the best thing to do M U A V overhead What's going on Crofton How was I going bad We have a personal client Enemy personal overhead I want more perks bro One They're inside the other side bomb First of all they're calling Right when I spawn that's great. Thank you so much I'd rather rather have ghost right now and then they're gone It's crazy bro Messing with all your we're falling behind three groups Can you see him Got turned on dude Multiple people shooting at me. Okay Can you only use your sprint One time per life Is that what it is like unless you have double time double time Ah Yo it's Steve with The Share Michael Malo Melo with a 100 back to bag and says nice happy back bro Thank you man Thank you so much I appreciate you. Buh bye Justin and thank you for the shares Kenneth happy birthday Happy birthday to you bro That's right there you Hey Yeah, I'm going to I'm going to second Man that was fast that they disabled I wish I could just play 2420 every time I wish I could play 20 verse 20. Literally every time Yeah I got it I don't know why death match Yes, they come back You got you definitely got more than one screen charging back He had to me has the lead Reloading we have control custom Oh my God. You're such a you're so lucky Lucas, I wish I knew bro I wish I knew my band know your why would you be back overhead Yeah man I've been drinking water all day Okay Enemy personal way that overhead M U A V overhead L I U A V overhead What did they say? They were gonna go Monday you're talking dog to win it goes to you know like whenever you can go to 30 - Oh what's that I know it's 10 right now but they're gonna let it like go up on the personal I don't know I'll probably do that tomorrow That's where we're gonna be level 10. This whole time Enemy personal overhead That's trash Yeah. That's Okay Hey Some of you Oh my God Okay everybody What's up too Alright Exactly. Well, thank you man It's different next weekend You can go to 30 make sense I think he's kinda dumb La Cruise missile launch How did this guy get too much This guy is the ultimate Russia He's like the best Amanda's hours Maintain pressure L U A V overhead We got a new look La color arriving now Enemy overhead This kid is crazy. How bad people can't Huh Enemy personal overhead How you doing Nick Am I doing Yeah Dylan how are you doing Alright I literally wish I could put cold-blooded on so bad and then on a different class Yeah Fire Come on up up Oh my God No we're not in the same lobby. We can't it doesn't let you party up with more than two people and getting to another game so you can only have two people in the lobby together right now. So I hope you're praying together Rasa and Marble playing together Allies overhead Changing bags We are winning increase the lead This game is so dumb sometimes I got it. I got it Who is it We can I can hear somebody's game play in the background I said that earlier See who it is Who is Mike is that better Is that better Yeah Sorry about that it was drop a new kit It's really hard to be honest Let me start trying to figure out how like how he did it bro I wanna watch the clip really bad Yeah Everybody is also like starting to learn the game Yeah Match enemy incoming weapons. Ready We have taken the lead If people would just call names like Red Kill High Road Are you doing 20? - four hour Absolutely. Not not even like the slide. Yeah for sure We got left side See if I can find in the sky Allied cruise missile launch L I G R A V overhead That's the second time I've been killed but this kid is just came from the hedge I take pride in out now. You can slide. This is not as prominent Reloading What impresses me Bro Forgot, what do you call on people like about the dash to save the overhead for a misery loves company On a head peek right there. That's not cool We're halfway there Keep going We have a personal or any for escort It would have been Ready for flyover Go Nice Welcome to arriving now Alright Hello Out of fuel that guys U A V overhead The Bro how are you not We have this but this is going Cruise missile launch I just went on a merciless mercilessly right there Yo Tommy two months man. Welcome back rising for rising cuz Ryan That's Ryan Thank you for the Sherman Jake Jake with the Fitness from Jade Gallagher You're sick bro Thank you Thank you bro I like your last name just take out the jeep It's actually my last name except without the G brother Well nice little Street right there at the end Tom is only there's only three right now but they'll drop more over the next couple of days. I've been running the Cold-blooded classic No Actually that game. I was running the I was around him. Whatever it's called 13 He's doing the work All the good stuff on it There's just so many things that you can equipped in Don't be like what's the problem you got your plays and the Panthers in box Okay how do you get a 3030 kills man with your gun What up Jacob? How you doing bro I got as a monster but I was I was popping off with this guy right here He's gonna work Neither of his arm and it's really hard bro It's really hard to 30 kills bro It's kinda stuff What is that that spot you What is that called domination captured on the whole Jeep actives securing Sea They're holding Charlie We lost alpha We have control costs like I spun one of these guys It's crazy Flashbacks the exactly bro Changing back We have a personal security back fucking for your personal coverage There's people we've lost coverage Is laid back They're battery out dozen Don't ever ask me that again It's a better brother. No, this is not about a real about 20 -. Five I was I was told it was 30. I don't know assist you. I have no clue. 20. -. Five was in the bass. What's up? Bless out What are you using Ms, 13 It's kinda whatever fuck I can't see that What is this guy doing out those objectives So you have lost the lead Securing a man Alpha Losing Charlie When I got better every time he has this up. What does he had No he has employed one battle every single time I missed shots I got first shot There's not. There's not a there's not a chance that unless she gets all head shots on me when she didn't have time overhead Now the advantage is our enemy Charlie go Securing problem You're neither that alpha Reloading enemy U A V overhead We lost alpha or taking problem Stand by the trouble with the no Not right now They haven't said anything Okay You're losing control but holding Charlie We have control custom I feel like oh no absolutely not at all spread. It is a gift and a curse in this game Absolutely Yeah. For real Anybody had 30 - eight I think three game dog. What do you mean Securing a I'm enjoying the fans enjoying it Up next two points are hours gives them and me proud We lost a problem They kill County. It has to be screwed up Yeah. That's what I'm saying They definitely Look at her kills to the So I have way more than nine hours I promise you That's all Yo so when you destroy that's kinda crazy when you destroy the the little ammo crates it blows up Take cover Do you know that when you do the ammo overhead when you destroy it blows up How are you Yeah No, I get legit blows up like I've wondered why I've gotten two random kills. I don't know where and that's why the V overhead Fucking through from personal We have two objectives That is where half way there keep going No reload Personal destroyed Enemy overhead But I feel Paul, do you want man Let me know if you want a band Paul let me know Bush enemy personal I need backup and shot They have two It takes those objectives Well, I agree I agree. I think that's why a lot of people are are are hating on. The game is because positions were falling behind They're securing seats afraid of of playing in the other game besides The battle Yeah What OG God was originally about We have a personal escort Yeah, exactly what Kevin said exactly What I'm trying to say Objectives lost move in We're taking alpha So though you have lost the lead LG V overhead it Securing seat That's what I'm saying Justin I think he's gonna bring back a lot of I know I'm gonna be playing competitive Imma be playing Super Super competitive in this game bro People are crying about the game. It just came out This shit goes hard Hey you know Jamaica man Jamaica Jamaica Yeah dramatic bro yeah I I think so as well and the thing is like people you can't judge this can't judge the game off of this right now. We're playing three map I mean we had the whole We could see a bunch of the guns. We definitely cannot use all the guns like there's it's just trash exactly exactly Boom roasted Exactly like literally not bad like it's different different Yeah Exactly Yeah. Yeah Yeah Charlie M U A V overhead I like at the maps aren't the normal for the land maps I agree That's what I'm saying. This is the first game that they've done that we are losing three takes those points we're fighting for Oh my God Securing Charlie and the U A V overhead so weak Any personal Maybe I need to put like attachments on it M U A V overhead Alright tacos are caging It's crazy It's in for is literally like everybody is down Everyone knows it Yeah. That's the problem but everybody is like they're all just sitting in the corner like like that's right but I mean Charlie that's what this game is gonna be cruise missiles they cover secure In the U A V overhead we lost Charlie where I'm trying to stand by that kinda find out the heavy barrel is fire too It's so it's so disappointing Not this Cruz launched Yeah, the laser on the floor is looking nice overhead Gather reload you ain't down that makes two U A V overhead Yeah, they probably do a wrinkle We have faith I remember when he changed it to that Yeah he changed when you change your P S O N like what? Like a month ago or two months ago Yeah I like your intro song. Dude That's fire Appreciate it Wow You guys are right by the important people just sitting there dude Oh yeah Oh yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah There's a lightweight damage range show that personal real quick and on the side of the damage range You could have some more you rank it up so the more like you can change on the gun like the magazine and all that Yeah. There's so many things but you just don't have enough You're only five spots You know yeah There's like there's like eight places you can put attachments You better start changing some stuff I haven't been changing my class every game. See what's the best bro This this new book literally right next to me is the new Command here My goddamn We have a personal personal I'm getting my butt rammed right now, dude Hold it How do I get to the top two days I don't even see a badge on you at all bro What game modes are available domination team death, match and headquarters and then the 20 versus the lobby plus nomination is pending U A V overhead This is fucking feel good copy Fucking what From the SFR FR great I'll be using that bro I would literally be using that and just sitting in the back corner Not moving It's a one burst Radar depleted We're calling to base Okay Overhead I wonder if that's really hard Good shot We have a personal radar throne ready for escort Now I decided now Halfway there Keep going Shitting me Amazing UAB is waiting for Ugly as I enjoy the sound, the sound sounds great sound definitely is nice So like when you're leaning it's not really a lean Your whole body is still around the you can still see your whole body Wow Enemy cruise missile Overhead Probably cuz I'm moving fast overhead Are you using the controller Yeah. Yeah Yeah Well I said do you want the seller that from Ethree Do you want that You don't want it No. I thought it was actually about to make Let's get this on when I had that I bought And he gave me my Whatever it is, I want mild and however many we get I want mild and whatever it's called It's better Oh is that Tyler tell him I said shut up but give me give me like give me a salad Yeah Yeah, I can see the overhead I mean yeah What was that Why was that running You get 20 - Five bro I I gotta get dad a couple of months Made a whole Bowl of popcorn giant yourself Don't matter so soft all that fresh No but he he puts like a whole thing of salt But the bottom on it too Come on huh Yeah of course he did Of course I came down then I smelled it I came down here and take it away Oh my God Do it away but he already destroyed the whole thing What's up Scott? How you doing bro I'll take the control I'm gonna give it away man Okay so I hear Ross and I know who has to play. We're playing with mom mom Dogs gaming Is that your old roommate No Yeah Sophia. I appreciate you right back at you They're all running groups. Yeah Mom mad. Thank you for the shares Jacob. Thank you for the share brand new with a five months Welcome back Brandon then we got Amber with the PSA Nick doesn't work for Infinity Ward LOL He knows as much as we do monitor forever. Have a B R L O I love you smile. We love you hashtag support the steamer and the game Yeah I mean I don't I'm not really behind that support this theory about the game thing is what it is It is what it is but hey I love you You know what I mean I love you commendation Detective I'm holding Charlie Commander wasn't that so bad bro What do you mean? You have it No but like in my own You know whatever you want Yeah I want that I want the extended mag on it Yes That's one thing I wanted that I wanted to get the barrel Vote Alright guys bro That's right How's got pooped on dude? It's gonna have the hearts go overhead This is God chilling. Wassup Austin. How's the game bro I mean I'm I'm really enjoying it man. That's dope like this is a bait and you know just like the alpha you just leaves you wanting more That's all it is Security is gonna be fire Changing back Securing beef Pooped on me L I U A V overhead No way you let you walk right in the door behind him. You idiot What up Carlos How you doing Brandon Gay bro Whatchu doing Brandon Charles picnic that I'm not gonna tell you that I'm sorry about that Charlie go Right now Like why would you do that? Cuz I wanna know how we lost Hey covered We have a personal or ready for escort and the overhead Colby fucking for you Oh he's gonna he's gonna be out On my way to get there we are losing takes on points Security stop camping This is fucking 30 first of all securing problem Enemy overhead It's got problem French fries Yeah Yeah Yeah What we have a personal actually. What other What other things that they have overhead Ready for fly over Appetizer later wedges Mac and cheese We got Mac and cheese Okay, buddy Cheese curds Gibson salsa There's some These sticks I don't really want anything with a massive pickles Pretzel twist Big Yeah Let's do it I thought you're talking about Okay You come on I got a flash Oh okay Okay There you go Changing back pretzel and I like the way better than blackouts for I do I I just know it's gonna be good That's all I know that's why I'm excited I don't care for the overhead corn dogs French fries I don't wanna eat them in front of him but I'm going to cruise missiles Hey cover you know what's nice job Make sure you get I killed the same day That's hilarious Lunch Case Imma tell you right now but whatever that was from fat I think it was good. The variant pretzel or whatever we're halfway there Keep going Nothing was going Cheers You don't remember it like that It looks like a big thick overhead Alpha Losing Help us stand by We are losing three take points We capture Alpha They said he wants to be out of poop. I really did I wanna have done away with You know I was thinking that the weather's good but there's no way like I don't but that's okay They do That brings like competitive Like headshots for certain they have to cover that doesn't make any sense I should not die about what's he hits on the same platform. I am and he hit all the way against the Wall Alpha Russell got another team that don't care about it. Jack I hate that I'm thinking on top Fucking dude You're calling his face That's Cod Timing has gotten me so badly in that same spot Every time God timing right when I stopped overhead I hate that you know they're camping Hot spots for us to be careful And me and go Are you gonna die Overhead Bro overhead stand by how many times I literally just been killed with the same God. This premium I don't think he's left his He would not left his His is Charlie Secure scope Alright, when I switch Go on God bless you One guy with my teammates Steven you're needed at Sea Lost Charlie Again with the jump shot Cruise missiles take cover I'm gonna show that U A V Yup Hotspots It's far as far as the sculpting bro You hit any of your shots without your dad I would say you run that if I if it was not They have 23 And the U A V overdue up top to bottom of beef boosting alpha I did I did for sure This game is really weird again How's This is all this game is right here Sitting here in the amen Different areas Anthony Cruise Missile take cover L I G R A V overhead overhead we captured I'm getting like no joke bro This is this one guy has been sitting there they've been sitting windows You can take them You're better than than all weather just rock it though I had my controller vibration on bro that busy day. Cover it up L I G R A V overall. This dude is literally camped in that window right on the face and see I can't I can't get my Spread out of every single time sprint I died to OMG return to base put that on the window Huh I'll put that on the window of my car yes check-in shell okay gabi naman We got your book I'm not going to those 715 Yeah Oh yeah At least at least bro bro Would it salads salads and they took him like I didn't leave until five minutes after already really liking my info One set up right now What is it? What is it The muzzle break with a combo hollow site with the lightweight star and the angled four grip and slide of hand We got a real regret I did not A pretty good last game with his right The vibration really helped me out a lot though it turned it up after that Yeah I love this We're here. Boys 11 below Yeah All our team left roster Death Match I came is fun bro They come attack Home That's a bad guy in the car You love it That's all it is It's gotta be this 9090 - nine point nine percent of the game is gonna The enemy personal This is the type of that type of game This is what is that type of game you feel like you are you die fast Well also block up. Four was the the highest health that I called duty game has ever had. So it's kinda hard to relate to that For many years Right there Okay. Here you go in here down Oh yeah. You're done You're like that's probably holding the lane That's what I'm saying What's up John Let's go Dustin There's three maps of rotation right now We have a personal Spawn Shepherd on approach Are you serious Literally sit in my phone I don't think you know how to rock it Whoo How do you see me Look up Okay He got me bro I was gonna get mine We're fighting blight fungus personally called May cover Yeah Actually Mike somebody shoots it like shoots it. It blows up like it actually blows up and it's like they're standing close to it Don't hurt them Personal No. David not even close bro not even like the slightest bit close huh You haven't done enemy personal overhead Yeah I'd be pretty mad if I just joined the game It has 20 Enemy personal overhead Let's go Back Angel Four group it says 11 Say you bastard Oh this is 20 oh. This one is about to get hot Oh wow I didn't realize freedom barking room since I realized How's this guy in the building We got Batman in here His name is Batman We got God in They're killing us Pick yourselves up It's fun. Crazy That was fun. It's different Very different bliss Sloppy Always came out on Evergreen. I disagree. You fill up completely We have a personal throne ready for escorts completed they calling to base Of course, when I kill someone Oh my God. I got a four piece would have made you know flip it That guy shot me in the face No it doesn't work They're really cool UAV So it's just maybe on this so easy to get but I mean I wanna say that too The big one. The big one If you can if you think you can figure out a way to put a 50 - five inch on that Wall that'll that'll fold out to be perfect right there you gotta say It's just gonna like huh Yeah And there's things aren't cheap either Reload Which one they don't camp on every game every game besides this game 50 cow to the face shot That's great Don't don't get me wrong Every single game like that you're gonna have the the lobbies where people are just canvas Of course I don't know every single game we're gonna have the lobbies are people that is just the way those those those specific people flat right but majority of the time it is called duty has been and always has been a running gun fast-paced style game since the beginning So I don't know Which game every game besides this game this game is a very, very This is fucking beginning flyover Reloading Different class Jake when everybody is using this gun, this is the best gun You know what I mean is out of fuel returning to supply Oh thank you Thank you for the love. Thank you Back When the boy Why is your people everywhere bro Okay this is fucking pretty personal completed They calling to base Running kind of a different set of time Reloading What's the best employee Wow Marcus sucks We're halfway there Keep going We have a personal radar copy for you on route for personal radar coverage All night Beginning I'm gonna be Central definitely Am I lying Sergio Studio Shawn next level. Thank you guys. Appreciate Nikki with 100 Meg. What's good How you doing How you doing? How you doing? How you doing overhead through the whole PS four away. I would as well What's up How you doing brother How you doing baby? I ain't doing that way How do you get a nuke? You get 30 codes with your gun 30 kills with a gun in a row That's what you do How do you lean around corner? So for me personally if you go up to the corner and it says circle to mount but if you if you play on the regular it'll be like you go to a corner like this right and you aim in and then you will be if you put on this regular you know button layout it'll be clicked down on the right stick Click down on the right sticker. How you do it for me I play on on tactical So it's circle circle actually go around the corner Why are you camping in the back You pussy Yeah Without dying Are you enjoying it I am Do you present right there Alright Let's bring in there We have a personal razor throw ready for talking to you on right now overhead V is for fly over One Where is it everybody The back パーセントを島 俺れじ 中十 時やね エミア ナイス 上で ナイスド スパ ドルスパ ーンチで 足 が早 れ るぞと ええ 朝 さ がや です As our guys just not wanting to play the objective or you just gonna sit back Nick I did a lot where it's lightweight suppressor under Barrel magazine grip There's still Alright Pretty much. A laser beam for what What What is your What is your underground or your barrel Yeah I did I did under barrel vertical grip and then my barrel is a silencer Your barrel Your barrel. There's there's two different things No No bro You gotta tell me how this game Yeah I can do it I forgot I just did all all grips pretty much trying to stabilize the gun as much as I can substituted for you know a couple like a side Did you do a real rear grip Yeah Tim Death Match did all the grapes The pistol grip is the one in the rear grip Yeah I do no no pork. I did extended mag You get a lot more ammo to when you what about Okay Okay i think it was not the start well ah is ah live to start start we have never happened in the president Okay Hey, what's gonna happen? Quite people who are not gonna get it cuz they don't They say not gonna have a better than people think they're probably gonna release a battery People gonna get it It sucks and that's when that's when we come in and pop up overhead The head I think some nasty Why in the same game I wonder why you can't play I don't know I don't know bro They wouldn't let us start games bro put this into another live. We can play one game together. We can all get in the lobby right We can all get in the lobby with each other and then we play one game and then it doesn't let us get into another game without resetting our app I'm coming I'm coming. I'm coming behind you as well Come on Come on Bro Quick hand dog You're seriously a little bud How long is the beta forever Forever It's Google down for maintenance Okay Yeah Yeah I love it Hey Haven I love it What up Billy Great Okay This thing is a laser beam bro and it works it works When you reach the right around the corner like yeah that's what I thought That's what I've been doing every component So much Yup They're all on one face in moving Oh that's the plan. Chris That's definitely the plan Thank you It's not on that Okay No Not even no Miller I ain't that out of Whack brother Alright Ross. When you come here See watch up the flags left overhead I've always found in the same spot like 30 times Dirty reloading Thank God They're all on the back I was decent UAV D. Think don't make me explain what exactly the same picture that I sent you last night They explain to you There's the picture I sent you guys. Nice If he should to do fascinating overhead trying to be like you Come back after this and we should try to squat up there you go down. This gonna be wet then don't buy it trash at it Watch other people squatted up Just try it out Maybe they fixed it Hopefully Oh my God bro Suck my pain UB is ready for flying This is fucking The point We're falling behind three groups Supply Y'all wanna close up now I was done with her game Alright Personal They're calling Do you like the new graded yet This is the Bay But You know people like to create What are we gotta we gotta put up for I'm just closing out just to reset it. You know, just in case if they did something give it a fresh start Gotta be safe I want this to work Just try it Okay Only takes away He's hosting Just turn on me I can't there's mom You already You already quit your game Okay You gotta come back right now Favorite gun right now. I don't have a favorite gun probably that 13 to join you I just didn't want me to join that We've got Alright we're playing headquarters. We're playing quit play Whatever you wanna do Favorite setup so far Oh You made me mess it all up That's how you create a different I've three fours bro I've just been messing around with him. You know I really like that setup Squad right there This is not staying connected to the match maker service and we should be able to it will be after this game to see if it is What is your best guess is the best going right now so far There's only one cyber we have right now in this job It's the same one from the the model or the the alpha same play You know somebody's head Probably not Oliver Alright boys probably not at least for the first couple of months or month or so whatever the better right now, I'm about to go to 10 We're on standby Alpha Two guys, right? I'm talking about both the exact spot I was in We've lost say he got beat How do you move And I don't know what it is Alright Somebody right in front Everybody, there I'm going right now We got Jack Fuck it down Reloading going through your legs Clean it up I'm on right now Big guy There's no single hit fire hit. Fire is definitely if I is a lot better Yeah. It's good It's really good progress overhead We've got to objective Look at that Don't need it at night Losing Alpha right in the air Double time literally. Just double tap the thumb One portion less It's hot It's hot Hello Cruise messed all away Up top Nick on top Oh yeah On the cafe Backseat Friendly U A V overhead They would like more kids in the air They burn drop Oh that's cool Cool We got two U A V s bro It all used before there's gonna be careful in the building Enemy U A V crazy Yo let's go But we got it pretty hard The guy camping across the Street in the window right now I don't even know that was a window right there They're any good shotguns. I haven't used any shotguns but I mean I don't I don't see an actual shock. I'm being good right now The maps are requiring anything in the Middle Middle of beating the building Bring the UAV overhead Okay Cross mud from U High somebody up in your building with you I got him Yeah You got him Okay Right here Get faster He just came and help me He doesn't think yeah In the air Oh my God Sounds like did you almost killed that guy God bro I saw you was gonna give me coffee Jaguar three zero route for personal radar coverage Dude dude just sitting up there They're literally all sitting in the back there That's why it's 130. - six is 60 - nine 's cuz they literally just sitting in Three zero personal rate We're holding on point defense No way What up? Blame bro What's up John I don't know it's my personal best is 40 I'm not got anywhere near that since it's crazy The first game None of us No one 's broken third. I got like 40 - 51 again. Yeah I got it. Oh yeah. I got a minute ago. Yeah. I It's very difficult to be consistent though most definitely I don't know why but I always place the door to my goal Holding on point defense Fire Changing bags This is all funny. How the two random this game have gone Yeah, I do it Why it just got 80 It was crazy though Alright here comes the test That's like a three It's not working now. I'm telling you right now. It's not working Can you hear me My mutant Am I meeting Hello No No, this is not working It's the same thing it's been saying every single time he doesn't want us in the game We did that though There's a Captain Tanya It's captain Let me invite you guys again or what That's why I don't know I mean Tell me Tell me all the time. What your your weapon Your muscle you know you don't have a muzzle What's your barrel now by your muscle is a lightweight suppressor Oh Wait on a barrel is a vertical grid extended mag rear grip pistol and then Lightweight stock What is that Just stop Okay Lightweight stock. Okay. Wow Wow Okay Alright Alright Thing looks cool It looks really cool Change It's got a fast reload. Anyways, I wanna change that I was no bro Yeah We got everybody in here Now Shot man. Thank you for the chair Ron. Thank you for the share with the share creative native. Thank you for the share can Trill Control. Thank you for the the share as well Brian with 500 said just because my man Thank you so much Brian appreciate your Brian Cook we got Eric and Billy with the shares. I have no clue if I said Billy or not but thank you Thank you guys for the shares Walk searching for a match 90 point 90 MS being as well as I see it man There you go Get out of here cuz next weekend and catch that level. Dirty Yeah I think they wanna get my MP five stack too just so I have like running gun Enemy Me My God I'm going to them. Okay Straight Friendly UAV How you feeling about I'm enjoying it I'm enjoying a lot Brand new man Brian over here over here Changing mags UAV overhead Claremore Laser right Yeah. I'm using it Don't let you have like one more round Put aside on it Dude You really like it Bringing the U A V overhead I like cruise miss all the way Man he done Took that killed my rocket bro Alright guys Abby These guys right now With a pistol No there's one more back there No way bro I literally cleared out that the whole time do that Chinese leader His name Oh my God Laser with empty five Oh you think that save dog Yeah You got to get here you go friendly Got a personal radar for one more second Three you gotta dab throw away Another brother I like to respond behind this a lot better than this I got one. There you go Over here Alright thank you Tyson Bro I'm playing with those two dogs gaming Jaguar three zero personal radar Sniper Oh he has like a different scope on it. That's like an eight-car that's actually kinda dope Enemy U A V overhead monitor. Do I have the picture? Look at the House and sounds better. It doesn't work like again my friend you again And we got a baby No I do not Camper over there Get it girl I know Well Thank you You can think okay boy for this class. You just gave us bro cuz it's a it's a bangs dog This came in in the back far left building back far left window building I see his elbow Show me your elbow boy We're crushing the state and for everyone it looks like a beast. It is bro I'm telling you this is the best gun MP five is pretty good too. The big game and back in the game Cardi Yeah I wish I could tell you guys what was wrong with my jeep. I have no clue I have no clue at this point. I have zero clue as long as my Jeep and tell me they can't give me a loaner It's a it's a complete mess that did I don't wanna talk about it to be honest Jack Deep man. Thank you for the share Brian with the two months Matt with the four months Foods What's up Dallas How are you doing Alright Russell, what do you say to do Who's that bro Who is it No Yeah We got the same thing that's been through it all back party up again That's the same thing. What No what is what is what I'm trying to say he said that all the way out to the main menu Every party up Back me all the way all that time I think I go all the way like I think we got you guys at the main the main menu right now and we've tried them I'm at the moment You don't know No but like I know that I know that I'm saying we tried that big tea Amy I wish this whole thing bro Well I don't know I mean it's impossible. You gonna do a game unless we can't do it with more than two people Who is this and 13 is alright. This is not as good as they are for No, that's all good. It's got It's all good brother I'm not I wasn't being toxic about it Something like that I think for the six months. Welcome back I'm restarting to happen. I'm Let me check their Twitter do Why is there? No music and like the starting screen Huh And they took Raven out People are saying admin admin Please add many map Alright buddy right They take one thing and change that insane There's no map is horrible trash maps People suck something somebody played It just means that you're horrible but it up Yeah That's the max gun level that's gotta be my employees. Got me This time was paint Now you can get a sniper scope of 30 - One My employee One is 30 right now. What that means This is one of the bad cards with me map it They have such a destroy all I will show you what is that even mean like what What is the what's the point in saying that Yes, the beginning the beginning of six months Tuesday. So it's really been five months five I mean four or five months A full five months somebody goes trying about no many maps if you wanna if you wanna map using U A V earn it Yeah. You knew I don't know bro That's weird That's weird dog There you go Let's see the clue Huh Is this sick drinking He wasn't on it What do you see on the right Switch You know what I'm saying What did you see it Tag me tag me or like send it to me and DMs liked it friendly U A V overhead reach so sick in the air You can't send it to me in the just go to my real quick You don't know how to end it now that that's why I was. I knew that Y'all on a party cruise coming up I'm sorry. I don't know what's up Chad right now. I'm going hard I like Cruz missed all the way Friendly U A V overhead Victory nuke in the game bro bro Over here What's up Charlie Christmas all the way That's crazy. That karma gotta do the first game That's supposed to crazy game He had a lot more time than we did playing this game too as well, right I mean he put it I think I don't even know he may have played one or two times before, but not actually in his own setup I mean I mean I know it definitely by the alpha but I don't know if he was a part of the The deal where they all played Yeah Talking about In the air over here Go to personal radar It all started a game with them to get into a game of U A V on station He literally just driving by you and then he joined up and I just started I'm about to get off in a minute I don't care I got food in it What did you get in here Thursday is the wings on Wednesday. So then there's Thursday Alright Tuesday wings I don't know what it is It's like I don't I don't know what you get off but Thursdays is a bonus We get it's like 60 cent bonus 60 cent pipe it up Oh sorry. I didn't mean it Do they make a T A yes they do but you won't be able to get on We're on Enemy U A V overhead I'm ready for that That's why they've done the whole game Oh my God. It just stopped Enemy personal radar in the air Every time I get once the rank up you hear that you hear that There is a link up incoming tight cover The cruise missile comes against me right there I'm on like a sixth Street Jaguar three zero personal recalling Enemy U A V overhead Hopefully they fix the squad What game mode did they get that in I have made the 2020 Alright can be 10 whatever it is We got new friends now but he's got a new in our in our group Alright They're not working around here Winning over here The borderland Thanks. I don't know I've been thinking of copying that fall out game The BMR This goes on this game. Yeah, but you can't unlock it until April 13. There's only one preset class that hasn't That gave him something to think about good work Not zero update doesn't zero I don't know I literally don't know it's good Adam. It's really good man. I appreciate you do Thank you very much if you are planning on starting him but the game starts in 30 minutes Yeah I don't know I don't I don't trust them I don't trust after watching him You know I don't know We'll see you saw that you are you checking in on me Huh You checking in on me? Huh No Look at that. The League League subjection I need to look at I mean look at my wrist There you go Sorry The box Who am I running with we're Nick right picnic right now but we were we were wondering but apparently the the group group and then I have I have him in my other League I don't know if I start him or or Imma birthday it was pretty good man You know what I'm doing it Just because I'm starting by the water doesn't go Russell wasn't playing I better have dropping cam over versus the box Russell over the New Orleans No Death match the enemy My question Peace Stretching a claymore What's more This is Jaguar Friendly U A V over here Bingo Definitely wasn't finish But in this match up I'm taking it That's what I like doing Alone For her, your does in there eating French fries I wanna tell you right now It's not funny You know I'm saying is he really though Huh You got a friend Hello Cruise. Miss all away Right now Friendly This is Nick Huh I didn't hear this I said this is carnage right here bro Yeah bro They're gonna bed on three Zero personal radar Yeah Yeah I mean projection projections are guesses Yeah. I mean oh my God I mean well since I started having in two different leagues I might as well throw live or die You better hide taking building personal ready for escort I got the guy in the room Enemy U A V overhead Bro Behind me Jaguar three zero solid beginning. Fly over Coming up For personal radar coverage Neither Ready for escort Trash Yeah I heard neither that's the first thing I read He's both I called up the pinging packages yesterday and you're right here Package they like What do you say You gotta wait I can't be there Tuesday No I couldn't be there Oh my God. That's sniper in the back Thank you ever We'll see Saw that one coming Oh okay You know I appreciate the enemy of coverage I feel like I'm shoot like I'm just like like a A C R dog Alright man I feel like people know that Oh we got a YouTube I wanna know why you like having lag spikes every second Try again. Sniper In the air there's names adviser sometimes cruise missile comic take cover Huh You got everybody playing can push higher Attention legs What is that The choice He said He said very nice very nice so we provide it Sniper back there. He's got me like three times over It's just feeling like he's not like he's He's playing We have a sniper that's sitting Good job dude Personal driver Ready for us Zero N Route for personal radar coverage Within this Keep it twice Friendly signed to really get a hang of the the leaning back Good work Galen actually works really well too You're a laser with it Yeah actually goes up to yo Brian. Thank you for the 106 other than that. The car trouble Hey man Much love Hey I love you man Alright. You know I'm outta here right now Imma show you guys over the Oakley and yeah that's it. So Imma see you guys over to Oakley and I will I'll talk to you guys I'll talk to you guys soon man Alright Oh yeah We are where we I don't know if I'm gonna hop back on tonight we'll see you got two more I highly doubt it if not we'll be back in the morning early and we'll we'll go from there Okay I love you guys man Thank you guys for hanging out all the comments and shares everything you guys are the best I will see you guys in the AM if not maybe tonight maybe I don't know my name is Patrick. This is Peggy Bassett game and we out baby

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