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Here's a scene from episode 2, but the real thing you need to know is that episode 3 of DAVE FXX is out now on Hulu and you need to see it ASAP!!!!

Posted 4 months ago in TV & Movies

Nikki Richardson 4 months ago

So many people don’t get it. I am loving season 2, it’s showing a side of you that isn’t all fucking rainbows and sunshine. It’s reality, everyone wants to laugh no one wants to think of you being a real person, just a character. Either way keep going. Also everyone “uncomfortable/cringing” at episode 3 are lame. It’s called being comfortable with your sexuality sorry y’all haven’t matured yet or ever. 🤷🏻‍♀️💜

Demitri DG 4 months ago

My god. The beginning of episode three was a treat. I was fucking dying. Still waiting on that bubble though.

Bill Hass 4 months ago

I love ya, LD, but episode 3 was straight garbage except for the final 5 minutes with Dave and Ally. The shit with Benny Blanco is so cringe and I was so over ‘Chuck’ after the first 3 times it was said...and then y’all said it about 600 more times. Hoping the rest of the season is much better.

Carissa Edwards 4 months ago

Season 2 is starting off low so we’re prepared for the high… hopefully? Lol It’s a journey and you’re meant to feel uncomfortable. If you thought you were just getting a basic comedy show you don’t know who LD is.

Val Igolkin 4 months ago

I feel like episode 3 would've been better if they toned down the whole chuck thing, but bro the last five min had me dying I swear 😂😂😂

MB Berns 4 months ago

Ugh. This season is not nearly as good, unfortunately. So cringy... And the awkwardness that WAS relatable is so over the top now that I just am not getting it.

John Anthony Perko IV 4 months ago

They are diving to much into the anguish of success when your awkward and easily persuaded into self doubt. It’s a more cerebral and real life type season. Regardless of its pace I still like listening to lil dicky deliver his lines.

Zadiel Sos Cotto 4 months ago

Every episode I’m cryin laughing man. I can tell this season is going to be good . Lots of lessons to learn as well.

Chris Breslin 4 months ago

Not a hater don’t wanna getyour team all upset but yo this season has been fugazi.. all that pandemic time off for writes.. colder than a North Face

Bob Olson 4 months ago

This season is hard to watch hopefully it’s a build up or something better