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We asked Instagram employees, who are also parents, how exactly they talk to their teens about the social media app. Here's what we learned from them. 馃憠...
I have two sons I have two daughters I have two boys two boys and a girl step son and a step daughter parenting is an awesome responsibility and we know that having conversations about technology and social media with kids can make it a little more challenging We have different tools to control visibility and interactions The key is to understand what those are and then have those conversations with your kids at Instagram. We're committed to continuing our work to foster safe, kind and supportive communities for everyone to enjoy That's why we've made this know how guide for parents We wanna give you an understanding of our safety tools including Controls and how to make your account more private How to help teens manage their time on Instagram to insurance, intentional balanced and meaningful and tips on how to have this conversation with your teens Instagram offers this wonderful place to connect to people from all around the world. Both my daughters use Instagram a lot for sort of celebrating you know important moments. These are the memories that they share with family and friends I think a lot of people just don't understand that there are all these features that are available and where to find them You know a lot of people don't always know that they have the ability to be private on Instagram When kids first started on Instagram they only had one account. It was a private account and the sort of informal rule we had was that they had to know the people who were following them In the comment section you can choose words to filter out that will never show up in your comments feed We're starting to develop a set of tools around time spent These are things that will allow you to understand how much time you're spending in the app itself screen time and time spent on devices is the biggest challenge I think so you get to see how much I'm everyone spending figure out what's right for your family We've actually just released features that help remove bullying and you know hateful comments on our platform One of the things that I love about Instagram is the reporting feature. So if you do see something or bullying behavior, you can report it within within the app I would say that certainly blocking individuals that has come up It's I think that it's great that they know that that's there One of the most important things I like my son to understand is that things that happened online can affect how people feel offline and it's really important for them to take that into account with whatever actions they take online It's not just about monitoring It's really just about making sure that you have trust me of ongoing dialogue for any activity that they do just to have conversations with your kids about you know what they're doing online, what you're doing online what sort of boundaries you draw for yourself and what you think is a healthy way of of sharing with other people I do feel as parents now, we have a responsibility to teach our children to be smart and capable social media Sisters and consumers new apps are being released for teens every single day and it's hard to know what questions you need to ask so you can make the right decisions for you and for your family

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