On This Day The Legend of Korra Premiered

The Legend of Korra • 10 months ago   37.1K     627  •  986.5K Views
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exactly what the world needed

Posted 10 months ago in TV & Movies
Michelle Perry
Michelle Perry10 months ago

I would’ve loved Korra more if it weren’t for her attitude and she didn’t “break” the avatar cycle. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Kendall Hackney
Kendall Hackney10 months ago

This intro was so hyped!! I love seeing Kyoshi (my favorite incarnation of the Avatar) every chance I get. Interesting seeing her bend without the fans (I know she doesn't need them but I know they help too).

I hope that if there's ever a sequel to Korra, they keep up with the all avatar intro (though given what happened in the show, I can see how it might be a little difficult to show any version before Korra lol but I wouldn't look to hard into it if it's this epic).

Igor Trawinski
Igor Trawinski10 months ago

I remember being at uni when it started, living in student halls. Was so hyped, never would have thought It would be so good, but it was. Could relate to Korra a lot more than Aang, but I love them both regardless.
Such an iconic show with so much character development. ❤️

Luckens Briseus
Luckens Briseus10 months ago

Now this makes me feel old😂. I had moved up to college and I remember watching this on Saturdays before work.can believe it's been 9 years.

Salvador Vidaurri
Salvador Vidaurri10 months ago

I’ll always be grateful that this wasn’t just a miniseries, Bryke breathed enough life into it to create 3 additional seasons with my favorite fantasy universe

Sifat Yusuf
Sifat Yusuf10 months ago

A worthy successor and an amazing show in it's own right. This is up there with Steven Universe Future.

AJ De Leon
AJ De Leon10 months ago

After having watched AtLA from day one, watching it every week and discussing it endlessly with friends afterwards, I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry the first time I saw this intro

Matthew Vermeulen
Matthew Vermeulen10 months ago

i love this show its honestly my favorite and want to watch it again but after my last binge i joined a few fb fan groups and they all came across as so toxic its slightly put me off to rewatching it

Gerard Riley
Gerard Riley9 months ago

That Series was okay wasn't as good as Avatar: The Last Airbender. I hated the way it ended, I really wanted Bolin and Korra as a couple at the end of season 1 not Mako he shouldnt deserve her at all

Brina Johnson
Brina Johnson10 months ago

I was so mad that I went through all of highschool without a New Avatar. I graduated in 2011. I watched ATLA when I was 9 as it aired. I wish it had the popularity then