World Bipolar Day

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“Asking for help when you are struggling is a sign of strength," said Demi Lovato.

Bipolar disorder is not invincible. Check out these related success...

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Reversing Bipolar 8 months ago

“Reversing Bipolar” …..[my book. Amazon] bipolar&qid=1613666441&s=books&sr=1-2
“Reversing Bipolar” is possible for everyone. It’s not your fault you got so ill. Stress, trauma, abuse overtime and how others treat you all play their part in this illness and also heavy metals, chemicals and environmental toxicities and food sensitivities and many depleted nutrients. Leaky gut and leaky brain need to be fixed with a high nutrient diet plan. Also, the adrenals need to be calmed down and kidneys working better. So Yes, bipolar can be reversed in time and with knowledge. Many people have done this and managed to wean off meds after going on the plan and can remain stable.
What is the plan?... first to support yourself back to health and wellness, this can take anywhere from between 6 and 18 months. Everyone is different and people take their own time. What does it entail? Nutrition, Yoga/breathing and walking. Firstly, the most important thing is detoxification and cleansing our bodies, as many people that suffer with bipolar disorder, have depleted nutrients and toxic loads or either, parasites, yeasts, moulds, bacteria, fungi, infections, viruses and other pathogens. These can all be addressed over time and with natural means that mother nature provides. Fruits and fresh herbs and salads and veg.
Juicing [celery is the best detox] and having leafy greens and red berry smoothies and healthy fats like nut butters is key. This is maybe something you don’t normally do, but this will aid healing quicker. Things to have lots of are salads, raw foods, fruits, lots of fresh herbs, mushrooms, veg and coconut oil and nuts and seeds, if you eat meat then grass-fed lamb or beef. Things to wean off from are dairy, sugar, grains, pasta, bread, pastry, pies etc, eggs, processed foods, coffee, diet coke, alcohol, normal teas, sweeteners, fizzy drinks and all the rubbish must be weaned out of your day to day living over time.
This may sound like a lot to do, but there really are lots of meals to make and drink besides these gut destroying things. You don’t have to do it in day and weaning over time gives the tummy time to adjust. As gut bugs and calming the adrenals is also an important part to healing. The Yoga gets you in touch with your body and breathing and relaxing, try to join a class. Also, the walking is needed. If you are working a job, then maybe to take some time off to heal or reduce hours to give yourself some time for yourself. Weaning off meds after you have been on the plan over a few months, [it’s up to you] but it needs a slow taper as just stopping meds to quickly will make a person relapse, [as you know] also withdrawals can be mistaken for a relapse, so go slow.
My book is full of charts and simple picture recipes so there are many colourful meals and drinks to choose from to restore your health over time. Compassion for yourself and commitment and faith and belief are needed. I believe in you and know you can heal. There are no short cut quick cures, only healing journeys waiting for us to make a start.