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"I'd really like a government who can look at us as a human... I understand that the government wants to make sure the right people come here, but how...

Posted 6 months ago in Politics

Kate Jackson 6 months ago

Seems to me like you are a model citizen and I apologise for the way our government treats good people like you.

Mary Barron 6 months ago

What an an appalling comment. We are a nation of immigrants. Welcome to our country we are richer because of our diversity.

Tom Bradbury 6 months ago

People should be allowed to stay on strength of character. NOT on how much money or skills they have. Many good solid citizens have been sent back to where they come from for the wrong reasons! This country is still massive and underdeveloped. Give these people a chance to do well instead of importing cheap temporary slaves. Stop pandering to the greed driven LNP IPA. The best people are the ones you train yourself. Outsourcing to private companies is a disgrace when we can train residents through government agencies. At the moment the HYENAS are feasting.

Coralie Dillano 6 months ago

We love it when people come here and appreciate but the ones who abuse our Country make everyone look the same every day or so there are problems ,mostly in South West Sydney ,pity people of the same faith did not stand up to the wrongdoers and help us all.

Barry Angell 6 months ago

It’s just my opinion and not a Racist one ,But overpopulation is not the answer as we have seen overseas.
What we need is stability.

Gaye Meadows 6 months ago

Our government is holding us back in so many ways - we are dragging a huge weight behind us 🙁

Jacques Rohen 6 months ago

It is not only the amount of education or skills that people have which mattered to me as an employer. When hiring new people it was ATTITUDE that was most important. If a person has the right attitude they can be trained and educated in record time and they will be your most loyal and productive employee. This should also be applied to Australian citizenship applications!

Brian Harrison 6 months ago

Comparing this guy with George Christensen I know who I’d rather see in detention.

Ashley Ryan Power 6 months ago

Corporations are never sorry.

Liz Gillard 6 months ago

This is a migrant who deserves to be here. He is not on welfare but providing jobs for other Australians. Congratulations and welcome to our beautiful country2☕🍰🧁