Father who went viral for trying to distract children during Gaza bombings dies

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Ahmad Mansi, a Palestinian father who recently went viral after posting videos of him trying to keep his children calm during an aerial bombardment, has...

Posted 7 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

Paul Giloi 7 months ago

What a wonderful man, but what a sad situation. So many innocent children suffering this terrible trauma.

Maria Z Stepanovic 7 months ago

Sad story unfortunately it’s the innocent people on the ground that end up being collateral damage. Poor guy rip

John Caine 7 months ago

Shocking so sad, and all you hear from the west is Israel has a right to defend itself from Palestinian attacks, have to condemn these horrible inhumane atrocities more

Jasen Nixon 7 months ago

i don't care what belief they are,just God please protect them ,please end this.no man woman or child should go though this.

Wasay Memon 7 months ago

Now who’ll give hug to his beautiful daughters at the time of fighter jet passing by? May Allah protect his family & give them patience to bear the loss.

Haseena Seylani 7 months ago

May Allah swt have mercy on you and protect you and your beautiful children and those that are suffering. May Allah unit the humanity against oppression and evil of worngdoers.

Rene Bondoc 7 months ago

Unfortunately, numerous Americans and Europeans are happy about human misery which they have profited for so many centuries.

Owais Khan 7 months ago

This is just sickening to watch. The part where the daughter stops playing with the toys and hugs her father out of fear broke my heart. What is wrong with humanity in this world. I hope one day we get to see the Israeli government indicted for war crimes it committed against the Palestinian people.

Muhammed Fuzail Khan 7 months ago

God bless the jewish brothers and sisters who are true to their faith and opppose the merciless war crimes of #terroristzionistapartheidisrael.

This is the root cause of the issues which is zionism and everything else which zionism equates to like extremism, murder of children and unborn children like Pharaoh did, brainwashing and propaganda by hasbara and zionist controlled media, apartheid, colonisation, genocide, occupation, deception, divide and conquer, economic slavery, transgressions of war by destroying hospitals, schools, cutting off medical and essentials supplies.

This is not a jew vs muslim issue, as jews and muslims are brothers of the same father Abraham(peace be upon him), through Isaac and Ishmael (peace be upon them) and both faiths have the same traditions (like prohibition of usury, fasting, sabbath, circumcision, kosher, belief in oneness of God and many more commonalities), noting that both christian and muslim arabs are also semites.

The fight for Humanity is the resistance against zionism and other extremisms enforced by those who just wanna see the world burn and make big profits thereof.

Haseena Seylani 7 months ago

I just don't understand why we are all just watching innocent people being killed while the evil leaders are cheering up. Have we lost our humanity