Boy climbs on horse

WLOS ABC 13 • 7 months ago   325     56  •  125.9M Views
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I think I can, I think I can...
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Posted 7 months ago in Animals & Pets
Sandra Israel
Sandra Israel7 months ago

Never give up you got the spirit. You have a great horse. Remind me of a lot of myself at that age.

Barbara Pendley
Barbara Pendley7 months ago

That's how I'd do it. Strong and young man. Shake his had for me. Good job

Karen Horsley
Karen Horsley7 months ago

That horse is so patient ❤🐴

Cindy Spencer O'Hara
Cindy Spencer O'Hara7 months ago

what an awesome horse

Anita Labonte
Anita Labonte7 months ago

That’s me short leg Lucy trying to get on a horse

Catherine Hubbard
Catherine Hubbard7 months ago

That’s one great horse! Definitely the one for me!!!!

Sandy Brockington
Sandy Brockington7 months ago

Yeah !!!you did it- you are such an EXCELLANT cowboy- great horse also for being so patient ! God bless you both !!!!!

Ruth Remington
Ruth Remington7 months ago

My brother had a horse that was so tall you had to mount pretty much that way.

Susan Dowdle
Susan Dowdle7 months ago

That horse us worth a million

Schothom Schofield
Schothom Schofield7 months ago

Very inventive. Patient horse. It proves that every problem has a solution.