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WE SEE YOU! Jharrel Jerome just won his first-ever emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actor in 'When They See US.' bit.ly/2V9VuB7
Emmy goes to Gerald First nomination and a graduate of Guardia High School for the Performing Arts a place where if you want fame, you literally pay for classes in sweat bottles are swept Feel like I should just be in the Bronx right now Chilling waiting for my mom's cooking or something but I'm here in front of my inspirations I'm here in front of people. I'm so motivated by and the reason I'm here is because of actors like the people I was in a category with I have to thank my mom who's with me today. My beautiful mother I couldn't damn damn I couldn't do it without her my dad Sierra Mama of course Ava Thank you for giving me this opportunity Netflix my team Perry Emily Jen UTA everybody. Jordan. I know you're out there But most importantly this is for the men that we know as the exonerated five Kevin and Thank you so much It's an honor. It's a blessing

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