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Watching #AmericanFactory, I thought a lot about my dad. That blustery Midwestern weather, the shift workers in their uniforms—it’s what he lived every...
Why did you pick our film? There's A million films out there. You let people tell their own story. I hope it sparks curiosity. Gosh, this You guys could do whatever you want Why did you decide to do what you're doing one way of looking at what we've both been doing for the last 20 years Maybe most of our careers. Once we left law was to tell stories if you wanna be in relationships with people and connect with them and work together with them you have to know their story. You have to know that that's you have exactly what we do It's like okay, there's something going on here like this big plant is about to close looks bad for our community. Let's let's just not define what the story is. Let's just go in there Find people to With we wanna give voice to people who don't appear on screen working people their stories, their struggles, their hopes equally compelling to superheroes that was first scenes of those folks on the floor in their uniforms That was my background that was my father and that was reflected in this this film Yeah, we all have a sacred story and I said right a story that gives us meaning and purpose and how we organize our lives If you know someone if you talk to them face to face, if you can forge a connection, you may not agree with them on everything But there's some common ground to be found and you can move forward together and one of the many things I love about this project is that it's not an editorial I mean truly let people speak for themselves. We wanted to make sure that if they saw the movie they would say, okay. Yeah. That is my perspective. What I was struck by was they exhibited a lot more trust than I would have expected Once you get that kind of trust You don't betray it people Trust us with their story and that's a huge responsibility but we feel so lucky and with your help these stories will reach the world A good story is a good story if it's a documentary like yours or if it's a scripted story that helps people understand something they didn't understand before we wanna we wanna see if we can give voice to and higher ground is a reflection of both of us So that means that you know our platform is A little bit like everything just like the world is a little bit of everything We want people to be able to get outside of themselves and experience and understand the lives of somebody else which is what a good story does it helps all of us feel some sort of solidarity with each other

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