Florida girl, 11, fights off attempted kidnapping

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TERRIFYING: Frightening video shows an 11-year-old girl in Florida fighting off a man armed with a knife who tried to kidnap her as she waited for her...

Posted 5 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

Betty Serrano 5 months ago

Brave Girl so glad she fought back and got away🙏

Ron Lapworth 5 months ago

Teach your kids if this happens to them to drop to the ground, kick, punch,scream and fight for their lives if they can’t run away! It is very hard for the attacker to pick up or drag someone on their back following these directions. I have 3 black belt children and 1 grandkid in training!

Antonia Brown 5 months ago

Where were the neighbors? I see something like that at least will yell at him and call the police.

Diane Espino 5 months ago

School should provide adult supervision at bus stops, knowing children are left there alone. Now and days children, can’t be left unsupervised!! Sad world we live in!!!

Susan Babb 5 months ago

Life in prison teach your Kids to scream kick what carry a sound barrier around their neck I understand they are so scared 😨 But it might be the last time you'll see them I wouldn't send them alone at the bus stop have a Chapporon

Brittany Gar See Ya 5 months ago

Why does the video start after the car is parked? Why does it look like the kid didn’t even fight off this guy? Why did the guy dropped her and not take her after he clearly tried to... #ProjectMockingbird ?

Lee Taft Johnson 5 months ago

Brave little girl! So glad for the outcome!
I HOPE this was filmed by a security camera, because if a person was doing the film, why didn’t he/she help the child??