Cops Charged For Assaulting 73-Year-Old Woman With Dementia

The Young Turks • 8 months ago   677     142  •  419.8K Views
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Cops Charged For Assaulting 73-Year-Old Woman With Dementia

Posted 8 months ago in Crime & Tragedy
Geo Jensen
Geo Jensen8 months ago

Reminder: the officers later cackling in glee while watching video footage of an obvious injury of a frail elderly woman suffering from dementia are what pass for "good cops" in the United States.

Mio Gabrilo
Mio Gabrilo8 months ago

Where are the police to arrest these criminals?

Monte Bolden
Monte Bolden8 months ago

Retraining retraining retraining if cops can't recognize that some people in this world may have a mental illness it's hard to tell but maybe they need to ask that question do they take pills do you take any type of medication do you have any type of symptoms 73-year-old white woman and I feel her pain if you want to put that uniform on you need to remember you're supposed to protect and serve not punish and pillage think about it

Angel Rivera
Angel Rivera8 months ago

Animals in police uniform

Ther Schu
Ther Schu8 months ago

Watching this makes me sick to my stomach. I could tell this woman had issues. I hope these officers are SHUNNED by every human they come in contact with. Will they just go out and get hired at another police station???

Saunders Crowe
Saunders Crowe8 months ago

Beat to hell out these officers then fire them for their inhuman services.

Charles Kehrer
Charles Kehrer8 months ago

Nothing but fat porkers.Jail for them!See how tough they are in the prison.

Gail Davis
Gail Davis8 months ago

Charge his ass I wish that was his mama

Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia8 months ago


Darrell Richard Hansen
Darrell Richard Hansen8 months ago

Soros funded Young Jerks victories for 2020. Let's see how many will be inspired by the Soros Young Jerks in 2021.